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We have 27 wonderful children in 3AC. In our class, Miss Chapman is our class teacher and Miss Sexton is our teaching assistant. We hope that you enjoy our class page! 

Thank you for taking the time to follow our Year 3 journey!

Below is our class timetable for Term Three: 




The Wonders of Where We Live - Knowledge Organiser


In our Art lesson today, we used man-made and natural materials to print and make a picture. We used materials like broccoli, corks, pasta, cotton buds, potatoes and apples. It was so much fun! 


Below are some pictures of us creating our masterpieces! 

English - Instructions


We have started a new unit in English this week all about - instructions! We started this unit by practising how we give instructions. The teacher gave us some simple instructions and we had to listen really carefully to create the image our teacher described! We had lots of fun and couldn't believe how differently some pictures looked at the end of the instructions, even though we all got the same instructions! Then, we looked at some of the features that are included in instruction texts. We learnt that they normally always have a 'what you need' section, bullet points and numbers, a title and imperative verbs, plus lots more. Next week, we will look at writing instructions to make chocolate cornflake cakes for our very own Great British Westgate Bake-Off! Miss Chapman is very excited to help out by eating all leftover chocolate! laugh


Here are some pictures of us showing amazing teamwork to highlight the features:



During our Art lessons so far this term, we have been recreating an image by Leonid Afremov using the printing skills we have learnt. We used pallet knives and cotton buds to create the colourful sky. We had so much fun getting messy with all paints!


This is the picture we've been recreating:



Here are some pictures of us completing our art:

Reading - Fluency 

Today in our fluency reading lesson, we practised our 5P's by creating a story for a wordless picture book! We first watched the video for the book 'Chalk by Bill Thomson.' Then, in pairs we showed amazing teamwork to create a story and dialogue for the 3 characters in the story. We had lots of fun making up our stories! 3AC can't wait to look at our next wordless picture book! 


If you'd like to watch the video the link is below:




We had great fun in indoor PE this week!  First, we learnt different jumping and landing skills and then used what we leant to create a stepping stones crossing. We then had good fun playing the floor is lava! 


Our Tour of Lindum Colonia

We've had a very exciting week so far! On Monday, we went on our first trip in Year 3! Mr Halfyard very kindly took us on a wonderful tour of uphill Lincoln to visit the Roman landmarks that we can still see around our beautiful city! We went to visit what was left of the four Roman gates (Eastgate, Westgate, Southgate and Nova Porta). We also learnt that Lincoln used to be called 'Lindum Colonia' and the settlement was built on a hill, so the Romans could see enemies approaching and to protect themselves from flooding. 

Roman School Afternoon

In Topic, we have been making scrolls as part of our learning about Roman Schools. We got out the saws and used them to cut the wood to the right size for our scroll. We then designed what will go inside our scroll. Some children wrote Roman numerals, some created a poster to recruit soldiers to join the war and some drew an ideal soldier! 


See below for some pictures of us in action! 

Life of a Roman Soldier

Last week, we were visited by Centurion Agrippa! We had a wonderful time and learned so many new facts! First, we found out about Roman soldiers' weapons and uniform. Can you remember what a gladius and a pilum is? 


Then during a teamwork sorting activity, we found out about what the Romans did for the Celts. We couldn't believe how many things the Romans introduced to our country! Did you know they introduced carrots, stinging nettles and the sewage system! 


Later, we were visited by Boudicca and Caratacus. We loved doing some role-play and debating as a class whether the Romans should be allowed to come to Britain or not! 


In the afternoon, we completed lots of exciting activities! We carried out an archaeological dig in the classroom, sieving the soil to reveal the treasures. We found brooches, buckles, rings and even a cannonball! 


After that, we got into our battle formations! We practised our loudest Celt war cries and used our shields to block the enemy! We learnt that the well-trained Romans marched in a wedge formation and a testudo formation to protect each other. Then we learnt how to carry our swords and shields correctly! 


To finish our amazing day, we learnt how to play two Roman board games. This was great fun! What an amazing day we had! 




Wow! What an amazing first term we've had! We've already done lots of learning and settled in fantastically at a new school!

To celebrate the end of term 1, we decided to create French number biscuits. We practised saying the French numbers we've learnt this term whilst making tasty biscuits to take home and share (or eat all to ourselves smiley) Thank you for a wonderful term 1. Hope everyone has a lovely half term! See you in a week! 

Miss Chapman 

Obstacle Course Challenge! 

We had an amazing indoor PE lesson this week! Miss Chapman set the children in 3AC the challenge of working in teams to design their own obstacle course. They could use whatever equipment they wanted for their course and can make their challenges whatever they like.

3AC had some amazing obstacle course ideas and some children even linked it to the sports they play outside of school! Well done 3AC!  

Happy Lincolnshire Day! 

In our Art lesson on Friday, we used sketching pencils to recreate Newport Arch in Lincoln which was a Roman gate near our school. The children in 3AC tried really hard to add all the little details and blend to create shadows. Take a look at some of the fantastic sketches the children produced! 

Ça Va?



This week in French we learnt how to ask how others are and different responses we could say. We really enjoyed working together to say different phrases to each other in French! smiley



Our PC SLIMER Reading Book

Today, we did our first PC SLIMER reading lesson in Year 3! PC SLIMER stands for all the skills we need to know in order to be successful readers. We started the lesson by reading the first chapter of 'I Was There...Boudica's Army.' 3AC were amazing at recalling the main characters in the book! Our task was to RETRIEVE information about what the characters look like and draw them. We are excited to see what happens next!