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In 3HB, Mrs Hodson-Burr and Mrs Bailey share the teaching. We have Mrs Russell and Miss Ford as our fantastic teaching assistants.


We are very excited for the year ahead and are really looking forward to working with you.


In 3HB, PE is on a Tuesday and Outdoor Games is on a Thursday. Children can come to school in their PE kit on these days.

Happy New Year!


Term 3 will be driven by a new topic. This is a 'PLACE' topic, with geography a key focus. In Year 3, our topic is called:

'The Wonders of Where We Live'



Geography Knowledge Organisers



The term started with a Launch Day for the new topic - The Wonders of Where we Live

The day was split into 4 sessions:

1: Lincolnshire Landscapes

2: Postcards from Skegness

3:Lincolnshire Food Tasting

4: The Red Arrows

We worked on a variety of skills throughout the day, earning housestars, as we met the school values, and really finding out what does make Lincolnshire wonderful!!

The highlight of the day, in 3HB, was the 'Pipers Crisp Tasting'.  Everyone really enjoyed the crisps. We also discovered that many of us could be Postcard designers!

A few pictures are included to share our day.

What an exciting start to Term 2 we have had!

Centurion Agrippa

Each Year 3 class had a full day interactive workshop with Centurion Agrippa.

The day included:

Battle Formations and Tactics, The Roman Marching Pack, Roman Board Games,

The Romanisation of Britain and Archaeological Digs. 

We had a fantastic day.


This term, in ICT, we are learning coding.

We use the coding programme : SCRATCH

We have learned 4 important words so far and have had great fun putting our coding skills into practise. Ask us about our music bands or how to make conversations.







SCRATCH is free to download and use on different devices. Check with a grown up first, (ask permission), and this link will take you to the join up page for Scratch. It is the same as we use in school.

Our Topic for Terms 1 and 2 is a History based topic, called 'The Past'.

Our topic focuses on The Iron Age, including The Celts, before lots of exciting work finding out all about The Romans, including The Romans in Lincoln!!



We started the term with a 'Picture This ' piece of work. We looked at a picture, linked to our topic work. We asked questions about the image, and found out some facts,  before creating a piece of art work in a similar style.

The picture was in a MOSAIC STYLE

Look at our fabulous work, that shows off our new skills in making mosaics!!



After learning about timelines, we began to study the Iron Age period of time. We learned how the Celts were introduced to Iron, and how useful it was to them.

Watch the clip to see for yourselves:

Life in Iron Age Britain | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. Iron, druids and hill-forts are central to this animated tale exploring the life of a family in Iron Age Britain. Part four of a...

Meet Marcia the Celt!

We were very lucky to have a special, virtual visit from a real life Celt! She taught us lots about the way Celt people live.

Ask us why the 3 F's are so important to the Celts!!

Look at our amazing drawings of a Celtic Hill Fort. They show the important features.