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In our class, Miss Robinson is the class teacher. We hope that you enjoy looking at our learning and photographs of some of the exciting things we have been getting up to in class. 


Thank you for taking the time to look at our class page! 

Term 3 - Week 3

In English, we started our new unit on Instructions. To begin our learning journey, we learnt more about what instructions were by practising following and giving instructions. We then read different examples of instructions to practise our oracy skills, before completing a feature finding activity of the texts. Take a look at our photo pages and Learning Journey below:

We completed our Picture This artwork by adding the skyline of London to our final pieces. Take a look at our display with all of the wonderful paintings! 

Term 3 - Week 2

In art, we began this term with our Picture This lessons, where we recreate an image linked to our Topic. This is the image we are focusing on this term:



We started our images by creating the colourful background. Some of us used a pallet knife to do our painting, just like the artist Leonid Afremov did to create the original, and some of us used cotton buds. Take a look at us creating our masterpieces! 

Term 3 - Week 1 


On our first day back, we did a whole day of different activities to introduce our new topic: The Wonders of Where we Live!



We looked a pictures of different types of landscapes. With a partner, we looked at each image and decided whether it was in Lincolnshire or not.


We found out about the coastal Lincolnshire town of Skegness. After learning some facts, we then created a postcard, which a visitor could send home to tell their family about their trip to the seaside!


We found out about the amazing Red Arrows! After this, we then created our own planes by practising our colouring and cutting skills. 


We finished the day by tasting three local foods and discussing which ones were our favourites! We tried: Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, Pipers Crisps and Plum Bread. Take a look at the information we found out about each of the products below. 

Term 2 - Week 6

As part of our topic learning about the Rotten Romans, we made our own Roman artefacts! Firstly, we practised our sewing skills by creating a Roman bulla. This is a bag, worn around the neck, which children used to wear for luck. Secondly, we did some sawing to make part of a scroll. The Romans used scrolls to write on and then they were able to roll them up and keep what was written inside hidden! Take a look at the photos of us with our final products:

Term 2 - Week 5 

In Maths, we have been revising our 2 times table. We have done lots of different activities, including playing matching games and board games to apply our skills. Take a look at us in action:

Term 2 - Week 4

To continue our topic learning, we went on a Roman Walk around the uphill area of Lincoln to find remains from the past. The places we visited included Newport Arch, the remains of the old East Gate and Steep Hill to see what is left of the magnificent South Gate. See the photos of us on our trip below:

Term 2 - Week 3

In computing, we have been learning how to do coding using Scratch. We have been learning new vocabulary, including algorithm, stage and sprite. It has been so much fun learning a new skill!

Term 2 - Week 2

As part of our topic learning, we were very lucky to have a visit from a Roman! We learnt lots about the life of a Roman soldier including, how they dressed and what they ate. As well as this, we took part in a real Roman vs Celt battle! We learnt about the formations which the Roman army used to defeat their enemies. In the classroom, we became archaeologists and dug for ancient remains from the Roman times. Then, we discussed what the Romans brought to Britain and we found out it was quite a lot! To finish the day, we played some Roman board games, like the Roman soldiers would have done to pass the time. We had such a fun day!

Term 2 - Week 1

We began a new unit in English on newspaper reports. To start our learning journey, we completed a feature finding activity, where we read different examples of newspaper reports and then highlighted the features that you would find with this particular type of text.

Term 1 - Week 7

In PE this week, we got to create our own games! We used different equipment to make our own fun! Some of us made obstacle courses, some of us played dodge ball and some of us challenged each other to how high we could bounce the ball! Take a look at some of our lesson below:

Term 1 - Week 5 and 6

In English, we have been writing a persuasive speech. The purpose of our writing is to convince the Celts to join Boudicca's army. Take a look at some of the brilliant work we have been doing!


Term 1 - Week 3

All of year 3 got a special treat on Friday! We all got to do some javelin with Coach James. It was great fun! Take a look at us in action...

Term 1 - Week 2

We started a new English unit this week about diary entries. In the first lesson, we did a feature finding activity where we were highlighting examples of diary entries to show when they had used a feature. Take a look at us in action...

Term 1 - Week 1

We are thinking about our feelings this term. Today we created a display of happy faces to help us when we might be feeling a little down. Take a look at the photos below of our final faces...