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In 3SM, we are lucky to have 3 adults working in our room!  We have our teacher, Miss Mottram, and 2 teaching assistants.  Their names are Miss Bryan and Mrs Pasco.

We have 27 children in our class who all try hard to do their best.  We are all new to Westgate but are already starting to feel 'at home', making kind and caring new friends.  

We have been learning about Westgate's values and trying hard to show them each and every day!




Each day, 2 hard working children are rewarded with a Star Bear certificate and 1 child receives a Maths Magician certificate.  These children have made the adults in 3SM very proud whilst doing their learning! 

Our new timetable for Term 5

Our new Topic Learning Journey!

Our Science Learning Journey about Rocks

Our knowledge organiser about Rocks

Term 5:  Week 3



In P.S.H.E., we have started to think about rules.  We thought about:

What are rules?

Why do we have rules?

What rules are the same at home and at school?

What rules are different if you are at school compared with at home?

Who makes rules?

Then, we enjoyed designing posters to highlight some of Westgate's rules to show to the Year 2 children.

Posters about some of Westgate's rules

Term 5:  Weeks 1 and 2 



We began this term by looking at our new 'Picture This' image.  We loved the picture, describing it as inspirational, colourful, imaginative and creative!  We discussed questions, using our inference skills to find out about the piece of Art.  Then, we found out the facts about the image.  It was from a book by Colin Thompson called 'Tower to the Sun'.  We enjoyed recreating the image using printing for the background and then collage and drawing in ink for the detail.

We have been practising our painting skills this week.  We learned how to look after the brushes and how to choose the correct brush to make different sorts of marks.


Term 5:  Week 1


Science:  Rocks

Rocks, rocks and more rocks!  Today, we were scientists!  We examined lots of rocks using a hand lens and got to know a special one, looking at its physical features.

How big was it?

What colours was it?

What was its texture?

What shape was it?
Was it hard or flaky?

Was it rounded, jagged or square shaped?  

Then, we compared our rock with others that our friends had.

Finally, we classified rocks into groups using simple physical features.

We found out that beneath land and sea is a layer of rock called the Earth's crust.  We are going to find out how rocks are made and all about fossils later in our Science learning. 

Getting to know our special rocks!

TImetable for Term 4

Topic Learning Journey Term 4

Knowledge Organiser for our PLACE topic

Knowledge Organiser for our PLACE topic - Part 2

Term 4:  Week 4


Reading:  PC SLIMER

This week, we were learning how to EXPLAIN what words mean.  There were some very tricky words in the text that we were reading called 'The Accidental Prime Minister'.  Do you know what these words mean?  Can you explain?

*snivelling                             *yelped                                  *dumb-struck

*perplexed                           *hasty                                    *inconspicuous

We realised that using a dictionary would help us!  We practised using alphabetical ordering to find the guide words at the top of the pages.  Then, we found some of the words from the book and looked for the definitions so that we could explain their meanings. 

Playing at 'Lucky Dip' to find the correct letters in the dictionary! It was really good fun!

Term 4:  Week 3


English: Our visit to Rand Farm Park

Full of excitement, we went on our first coach journey from Westgate to Rand Farm!  Everyone was looking forward to finding out about the farm, ready for writing a story about Margot's adventures there.  

Everyone had favourite parts of the day...  Highlights were the bumpy tractor ride, feeding the hungry lambs and gently holding the fluffy chicks!  The soft, calm rabbits were very popular - as were the noisy pigs and the energetic goats!  Play time was great!  The weather was kind!  We would love to visit again soon!

So much fun was had at Rand Farm! Take a look at some of it!

Term 4:  Week 3


English:  Meeting our very own Lincolnshire Puppy!

What a treat we had today!  Margot, a gorgeous bundle of fun puppy, came along to meet us with her owner, Miss Bryan! 

Before she arrived, we prepared questions to ask about her, remembering to use capital letters and full stops, of course!  Then, we loved watching Margot as she got to know us all!  Her tail wagged, her nose twitched and she was so eager to be stroked!  

We are going to write a story all about Margot going to Rand Farm and being mischievous! 

Margot, a mischievous Lincolnshire puppy!

Term 4:  Week 2


World Book Day

We had lots of fun on World Book Day, coming to school dressed as a book character or in our PJs!  

We enjoyed doing several book quizzes and when the hooter was sounded, we had to DROP EVERYTHING AND READ!

We read a book called 'The Lincolnshire Puppy' and discovered that the setting for the rhyming story was near to our school!  We had a competition to see who could design a new book cover for the story or write a book review.  There were some amazing entries!  We also enjoyed looking at a special picture book, where we read a story that had no words!  It was called Flotsam and the author was David Wiesner. 

World Book Day Outfits!

Term 4:  Week 1



We have been learning about STATISTICS this week.  We have found out how to represent data - or information - in a range of different ways:

*Tally charts


*Bar charts


We have practised drawing our own tally charts, pictograms, bar charts and tables and have learned how to interpret those made by others. 

Very important:  Don't forget to look at the key when looking at pictograms!

Remember to 'hang the numbers on the washing line' when drawing bar charts!  

Working on Bar Charts!

Term 3:  Week 6


Topic:  Orienteering

A super way to finish our term with 3SM working together in their teams to learn some basic orienteering skills.  The Synergy coach came to work with us.  He brought some Funny Faces - maps showing how to use different coloured equipment to make a range of faces.  Our job was to take turns to read the map of the face, to select the correctly coloured piece of equipment and to place it in the perfect position in the hoop.  It was great fun!  We improved our map reading skills and encouraged each other with positive comments along the way! 

Orienteering Teamwork - Making Funny Faces!

Term 3:  Week 4


Art:  Printing

We all had a great time printing using a range of man-made and natural materials. 

There were 2 challenges.  The first was to design a symmetrical pattern print, making it interesting by using contrasting colours and textures.  The second challenge was to print an image of the windmill on Mill Road.  Most of us worked with such care, thought and precision on the first challenge that we did not reach the second!  We all showed a huge sense of pride in our printing achievements today! 

Printing using man-made and natural materials. Can you see how some of our designs are symmetrical?

Term 3:  Week 4


English:  Writing Instructions

Our unit in English for the last two weeks has been all about writing instructions!  Today, some of us made Crispy Cakes so that we could all make notes in order to produce a recipe for someone else to follow!  We had to make sure we wrote in chronological order, with time adverbials and bossy, imperative verbs.  We all had a tasty treat to remind us of our learning! 

Chocolate Crispy Cakes made with care and enjoyment!

Term 3:  Week 4


PSHE:  Healthy Lifestyle

We have had a fascinating discussion about how to have a balanced lifestyle!  There are so many ingredients that help us to feel healthy in our bodies (physically) and in our minds (mentally).

Here are some of them:

Eating a healthy diet

Getting exercise

Meeting friends and families

Not too much screen time!

Drinking plenty of water

Getting enough sleep


Doing something that you enjoy every day

Believing in yourself!  

Do you try to include each of these things in your daily routine?

Our Balanced Lifestyle Posters

Term 3:  Week 4


Topic:  Topic

We have been practising our mapwork skills this week.  We have learned about settlements...villages, towns and cities.  We looked on different maps showing Lincoln and parts of Lincolnshire to see what we could discover.  We looked at the use of colour and symbols and then we located some of Lincolnshire's towns on a map.  We did lots of Teamwork and Miss Mottram said we showed lots of Self-Belief!  She was amazed with the accuracy of our work!  

Investigating Maps!

Term 3:  Week 3



We have been learning about multiplication all week!  We have learned how to use multiplication grids to help us and we have also used lots of pictorial representations, like bar models, place value charts and part whole models.  We have begun to use the short formal method to multiply 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. 

We are learning the X6 multiplication facts for Home Learning.


Look at what 3SM's Maths Magicians have been doing this week!

Investigating where we live, using TEAMWORK skills to help!

Term 3:  Week 2


Topic:  Where do we live?

We enjoyed using maps, atlases, globes and Google Earth to investigate EXACTLY where we lived.  We made up a PLACE POEM to help...adding actions!


We all live on a PLANET called EARTH.

We all live on a CONTINENT called EUROPE.

We all live in a GROUP OF COUNTRIES called the UNITED KINGDOM

We all live in a COUNTRY called ENGLAND.

We all live in a COUNTY called LINCOLNSHIRE.

We all live in a CITY called LINCOLN.


Can you make up your own actions and learn our poem?

Term 3:  Week 2


Science:  Who is Mrs Gren?

Mrs Gren has been helping us to decide what things are:


*Once alive

*Never alive

We have been using the Mrs Gren vocabulary to explain our decisions.

M - Movement

R - Respiration (breathing)

S - Sensitivity


G - Growth

R - Reproductions (able to make more of its own kind)

E - Excrete (getting rid of waste materials)

N - Nutrition (food)

Take a look at our Science Learning Journey for this term's focus:  Animals including Humans.

Science Learning Journey: Animals including Humans

Science Knowledge Organiser: Animals including Humans

Science Knowledge Organiser: Animals including Humans: Part 2

Term 3:  Week 1


Topic Launch Day!

Our first day back saw us taking part in 4 exciting activities, leading us into our PLACE topic!  
This term, out topic is called 'THE WONDERS OF WHERE WE LIVE'.  We will be finding out all about why Lincolnshire is such a wonderful place to live and we will be using lots of geography skills in our learning.

Today, we:  Tasted lovely Lincolnshire foods

              Made a 3D Red Arrow

              Designed a postcard from Skegness

              Puzzled about Lincolnshire landscapes

Take a look at our Learning Journey and Knowledge Organiser for a taste of what is to come!



Topic launch day!

Topic Learning Journey: The Wonders of Where we Live!

Timetable for 2022

Term 2:  Week 7


A busy week of all sorts!

This week, we had lots of fun as Christmas became nearer and nearer!  

We made Christmas cards, using chalk pastels to create a snowy scene!  We made Christmas tree decorations by winding wool and adding beads.  Making a snowman biscuit was a delicious challenge!  Saying goodbye to Mr Halfyard who retired from Westgate after 32 years was sad but we had a mini-party and Mr Halfyard shared stories of his teaching life with us!  

Our Christmas party was super fun and EVERYONE won a prize!  

A busy week of all sorts!

Term 2:  Week 6


Christmas Jumper Day!

We all wore our Christmas jumpers on Friday to raise money for the Save the Children charity!  This charity helps people in lots of different parts of the world - where there is war, or hunger or poverty (people are poor).  We felt lucky to wear our cosy Christmas jumpers and support the charity!  

What a great collection of jumpers!

Term 2:  Week 5


Science:  Which materials are magnetic and which are non-magnetic?

We all enjoyed investigating with the magnets!  We used lots of scientific vocabulary, like this:

north pole

south pole



magnetic force

push away

pull towards

We learned that a magnetic force can push or pull something without even touching!


Investigating in Science!

Term 2:  Week 5


Look at what we have made!

We have all been busy using our creative skills! 

For our scrolls, we used rulers to measure the wooden dowel and then a saw to cut it in half.  Then we drew out a strip at either end of the sugar paper so we knew where to put the glue.  We chose how to illustrate the inside of our scroll, using a Roman theme, of course!

For our bullas, we had to thread needles and make knots!  Then, we stitched small stitches round the edge of a circle shape!  We couldn't believe that a flat circle could turn into a 3D pouch with a gentle pull on the ends of the thread!  Finally, we thought of a wish that a Roman child might make and put it inside the bulla.


Term 2:  Week 4


Lindum Colonia visit

This week, we have been writing a non-chronological report about Roman Lincoln.  To prepare for this, we went on a fascinating walk around the Bailgate area, led by Mr Halfyard who is an expert on history!  We learned lots of things about when the Romans came to Lincoln...

Did you know that:

...the Roman city was a rectangle shape and had thick, stone walls round it to protect it?

...Newport Arch used to be called Nova Porta and that there used to be three arches in the structure?

...Ermine Street used to go from London to York, passing below Nova Porta?

...our school was built on the site of the Roman barracks?

...unwanted babies used to be left by the West Gate of the city? the forum (market place), wee was collected to be used to clean clothes and soften leather?


Pictures of our Roman Walk

Term 2:  Week 3


Thinking of others others through 'Odd Socks Day' and BBC Children in Need

This week, many of us chose to wear odd socks!  The reason was that it was Anti-Bullying Week.  In Anti-Bullying Week, we found out that it is important to celebrate being different and that we should all be kind to each other!  

In PSHE, we watched a film about a collection of birds!  They bullied a newcomer to their 'wire' in many different ways.  

On Friday, we enjoyed our non-uniform day, many of us wearing brightly coloured clothes and donating money for this.  Some of us baked Pudsey cakes, some bought Pudsey items at playtime and some donated coins.  A delicious end to the day was the chance to buy Pudsey cakes!

Happy to help others on Pudsey Day!

Remembrance Day visits

Term 2:  Week 2


Remembrance Day

Some of our class chose to make a piece of poppy art, in preparation for Remembrance Day.  On the 11th November, we had a special assembly led by Mr Halfyard.  He told us about Westgate boys who had died in the war and about several local people who died as they went about their everyday business.

Did you know that Westgate children helped with the war effort?  They collected money to help look after horses injured in the battles.  They also sent money to help soldiers who were blinded in the fighting.  They even sent money to help to build a new warship to protect our country at sea!

We learned about a brave pilot called Dudley Snooke.  He knew that his plane was going to crash near our school!  He bravely told the rest of the crew to bail out with their parachutes but he stayed on-board to steer it away from Westgate!  Very sadly, he died - but he saved the lives of others. 


Who are these characters from the past?

Term 2:  Week 1


Topic Enrichment Day:  A visit by Agrippa, a Roman Soldier

What a fascinating and action packed day was enjoyed!  So much learning to do - with so many activities!

We began by learning about soldiers' weapons, such as the gladius (sword), scutum (shield) and the javelin (pilum).  Do you know why Roman shields were red?  We do!  Do you know how to spot a centurion?  We do!  Do you know what the standard bearer led the army with?  We do!

Then we had enormous fun, re-enacting battles between the Celts and Romans.  With swords and shields, helmets and slingshots, we learned to march in Roman formations - the tortoise and the wedge.  We attacked - but very safely!

Then we learned about a soldier's backpack - which was as heavy as one of us and contained pans, a blanket, water, tools, food and lots more!

After lunch, we learned how to play 2 Roman boardgames! 

Then we worked in teams, helping our leaders to sort our cards into columns - what the Romans brought to Britain - and what was already here when they arrived!  We were amazed to discover how many things the Romans brought to Britain!  

Next, Boudicca and Caraticus needed help!  They wanted to know whether to make friends with the Romans or battle with them!  We advised them of the 'fors' and 'againsts' - and they decided to work with the  Romans to improve their lives!

Finally, we became archaeologists; excitedly seiving, brushing, investigating, wondering, imagining...  What were the artefacts?  Which period of history were they from?

A wonderful day!  Great learning!  


Thank you so much to a talented member of the local community who has given every year 3 child at Westgate a beautiful, hand-knitted poppy. We have been learning about why people wear poppies in November and have worn our poppies to show respect for those who have died fighting in the wars.

Term 1:  Week 6


French Treat!

We have been very busy working on trying to get our name labels on the Recognition Window this term!  We try each day to work on our Westgate values or other qualities that we like to see in our classroom, such as kindness or friendliness.

As everyone's name went on the Recognition Window for being kind this week, we earned a special French treat on the last day of term!  We practised counting in French as we iced biscuits, counting the biscuits and Smarties...un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq.  We played a number guessing game in French too!  

You may notice we had a non-uniform day also!  We were raising money for a charity called Winston's Wish...which supports children and their families after the death of someone special.  


Look at our tasty treats!

Term 1:  Week 6



3SM have worked really hard in Maths once again this week.  Some of us have focussed on our counting skills and greater than and less than.  Some of us have learned how to subtract using the column method, setting our learning our beautifully in our books!  It was such a challenge for the adults to choose the Maths Magicians on each day as everybody showed such excellence, self-belief and positivity!




What a lot of maths skills have been practised this week!

Term 1:  Week 6



This term, we have been learning about ONLINE SAFETY.  We have learned some very important information.

1.   We must protect ourselves by not speaking to strangers online.

2.   We must not reveal information about our names, families, school or where we live.

3.  We should tell a trusted adult about anything that worries or scares us that we see online.

This week, we made a box from a template.  We are going to post into it things that we want to keep safe - things that we don't want to share online.

Working on our boxes, ready to post information that we don't want to share online

Term 1:  Week 5



We have continued to build up our skills when using the shading pencils!  We experimented and tried to use lots of different lines, tones and patterns. We also practised using our rulers to draw straight lines using our 'crocodile claws'!

Term 1:  Week 5


Topic and English and Reading!

What fun we have had learning about Boudicca, the Queen of the Iceni tribe, this week!  We found out an incredible amount of information during our English lessons and collected lots of adjectives to describe both courageous Boudicca and her hated enemies, the powerful Romans!  We read a very powerful WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) - a persuasive speech from Boudicca to other Celts - begging them to join her in her battle against the evil, cheating Romans!  We learned about features of persuasive writing.

Soon, we shall be writing our own persuasive speeches!  We have a Celt in our class who dare not fight...  We need to persuade that Celt that she wants to join Boudicca!

We enjoyed writing commands yesterday and then used our oracy and fluency skills in a drama lesson, commanding others!  We were very passionate and bossy when delivering our commands!  

In Topic, we sequenced or illustrated Boudicca's life story and in Reading, we read a text about her and retrieved information.

Finding out about a historical person, the Queen of the Iceni, Boudicca!

Term 1:  Week 4



Unfortunately, it was wet and windy when it should have been our Games lesson this week!  So, instead, we had fun doing yoga!  We used an exciting Cosmic Kids yoga session which was inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog!  Jamie helped us to stretch, twist and balance as we tried to develop our flexibility and balance. 

Inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog!

Term 1:  Week 3



In one of our mindfulness times, we enjoyed thinking about what makes us happy... What brings a smile to our faces on a difficult day?  What can we think about to make us feel really good?  Here are some of our ideas. 



Topic:  History

We have been using a range of sources to find out about where Celts lived.  We used film clips, an artist's impression, a poster, a books and lots of slides.

We found out that Celts liked to live in hillforts so that they could see their enemies approaching!  They lived in roundhouses, protected by wooden or stone fences with a gateway and watchtower.  Each roundhouse would have a fire in the middle to heat it and provide light and food would be cooked over it.  There were no windows in the roundhouses and very little furniture.  The walls were made of wattle and daub and roofs were thatched.  

Labelled sketches of hill forts

Topic Learning Journey


This week, in Art, we enjoyed using our sketchbook for the first time!  We experimented using different shading pencils, finding our what the different names meant.

We discovered that the B names were on soft pencils.  Their shade was a dark grey or black.

We learned that the H pencils were harder so their shade was lighter grey.

We enjoyed drawing patterns and lines and comparing the effects the different pencils could make!

Experimenting with the shading pencils


We all tried really hard to show off our skills in our Writing Journey book today!  We had lots of skills to try to include - but we all showed our Positivity and Self-Belief whilst writing a diary entry, pretending to be Marcia the Celt.

When we had finished, we read our writing aloud to a partner whilst checking that our sentences all made sense.

The adults were very impressed with our efforts! 

Proudly sharing our writing skills

Meeting one of our Sports Coaches!

We were introduced to one of Westgate's coaches on Friday.  We loved learning the technique for throwing javelins!  We first of all tried to throw the javelin as far as we could - then we had the challenge of aiming for a target! A great treat at the end of a busy week in 3SM! 

Javelin fun!

Term 1:  Week 2


Topic:  History

This week, we began learning about the Celts, the people who lived in England before the Romans invaded. How lucky we were that Marcia the Celt was able to tell us about her life through the power of modern technology!  We were fascinated!

Did you know:

*Celts were farmers and fighters?  They painted woad on their chests, stuck their hair up, screamed as loudly as they could and even fought naked to scare the enemies away!

*Skeletons and skulls were used to warn trespassers to not try to approach!

*Celts wove their own cloth, usually striped or checked.

*Celts slept on the floor, perhaps with straw and an animal skin to keep them warm and with bugs for company.

We worked in teams to discuss what we could remember and record it in pictures and words.


Learning Journey for Diary Entries

English:  Writing Diary Entries

We have been finding out all about the features of a diary.  We have been practising how to use first person pronouns and how to spell contractions which make writing more informal or chatty. We are going to write a diary entry of our own, pretending to be Marcia the Celt!  We want people in the future to know how she may have spent her time. 

How to Write a Diary Entry for Kids

An explainer video for children - how to write a diary entry

Term 1:  Week 1

Our first week in our new school!  We all looked very smart in our Westgate uniforms!  We all wore special smiles as we found out the names of our new class mates!



In P.S.H.E., we thought about our feelings as we began our time at Westgate Academy!  We discovered there were many feelings being felt - a few butterflies were little worries, and some butterflies were excited feelings!  We enjoyed being creative, making happy faces!  





We practised some of our SPAG skills using the book called 'Dinosaur Starts School'.  We learned about 4 sentence types and how to use the correct punctuation.  We learned about nouns and adjectives too!  We had fun writing lots of questions for the dinosaur to answer!  


Art:  Picture This

We enjoyed looking at a picture and being art detectives - trying to work things out about it.

How was it made?

When was it made?

What words did it make us think of?

Where was it made?

We thought of what we wanted to to find out about the picture.

We found out that the picture was actually a Roman mosaic made approximately 2000 years ago!  The mosaic maker would have used hundreds and hundreds of tesserae to make the design!

Then we used foam pieces to make our own patterns.