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We are a super Year 4 class and our fantastic teachers are Mrs Farr and Mrs Drew. Mrs Farr usually teaches us on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and half a day on Thursday, then Mrs Drew usually teaches us for half a day on Thursday and all day Friday. We are also lucky to have Miss McIntyre working in our classroom everyday!


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Year 4 Curriculum Coverage for Term 1 and Term 2; TERRIBLE TUDORS

Year 4 Curriculum Coverage Terms 3 and 4 - Exploring Europe; Geography Topic

4FD Timetable Term 3

4FD. This is us!

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Exploring Europe - Geography Topic

For our new Topic launch - Exploring Europe - we have spent today in Denmark. This is the country our class will be championing this term. Please ask us what’s special about Denmark.

As part of our lesson, we spent time making Lego models to represent Denmark. Here are some of our masterpieces.

After learning about Denmark, we learnt about the other European countries that the other Year 4 classes are all going to be championing this term too. 

First we visited Italy and we were set the challenge of creating Italy using pasta and then recording 5 facts we had learnt about this country. Here is how we got on:


Next, we visited Spain and learnt all about the different festivals they have throughout the year. We worked in groups to become experts on one of the festivals and then we presented our findings to the rest of the class. The most popular festival many of us wanted to visit was La Tomatina where you get to throw tomatoes at each other! Sounds fun, but very messy!

Finally, we visited Sweden. We listened to and appraised music by 3 famous Swedish bands/singers (Abba, Avicci and Robyn), we read a story about Greta Thunberg, sampled some Swedish foods such a meatballs, sylt lingon and bread, oat biscuits with chocolate and sweets and then we learnt Swedish greetings in 3 minutes! Sweden kept us very busy indeed!

In Topic this week, we have played Top Trumps to learn about the different countries of Europe. We drew a card, found it in the atlas, picked a category and played against each other. Once we’d finished, we completed a sheet finding the main European countries. To complete the lesson, we looked at different flags and tried to name the country they belong to. 

European Top Trumps!

English - Persuasion

The second unit of the new term is PERSUASION. During the unit, we will be investigating persuasive techniques to enable us to write (and deliver) a persuasive speech to the Dragons’ Den experts.
We will invent our own chocolate product linked to Denmark - our country of choice.

This week, we have looked at existing chocolate packages and evaluated their effectiveness. Tomorrow we get to try the chocolate products themselves!

Expanded noun phrases before and after the noun.

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Whilst trying the chocolate products, we wrote lots of very descriptive expanded noun phrases. We recapped how to describe nouns using adjectives and the word ‘with’ to help our reader fully understand what we are writing about.


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English - Explanation Text

To kick start the term’s English work, we have flashed back to our Science learning from last term. We have worked hard to recall how the digestive system works. Then, we have used this knowledge to write explanation texts all about digestion in the human body. Take a look at these WAGOLLs.

Picture This

As part of our Topic learning, we looked at a painting of the Eiffel Tower by George Seurat. We learnt about Pointillism that he used to create the painting and then we recreated parts of it ourselves using paint and cotton buds. They look fantastic!


For the next 12 weeks, we are very excited to have Mrs Bourne in school to teach us drumming. For our first week of drumming, we started to learn how to play the taiko drums which are drums that originated in Japan. We have learnt some Japanese words for the equipment and commands given to us to help us play the drums effectively. Ask us if we can remember any of these words. We had so much fun and cannot wait until next week to learn some more. 

Week Two

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Mrs Bourne is very impressed with how quickly we are picking up the skills of the Taiko drums. Have a watch and see what you think!


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ICT - Coding

Year Four are very lucky to have Mr T and Mr Carlton teaching us coding through the use of Scratch 3. The children are brilliant at remembering all the algorithms and the names of the different components.

ICT Coding Week 4 - Using Algorithms to draw shapes

Outdoor P.E.

We are learning all about tag rugby. So far, we have learnt how to throw, catch and pass. We are trying really hard to understand the ‘knock on’ rule when passing. It’s proving quite tricky to remember to run forward but pass backwards!

Library Time - Reading Buddies

Every Wednesday morning, we visit the library. This gives us a chance to change our books and listen to a partner read. We have two lovely librarians that help us scan our books in and out.



Welcome to Term 2. We are very excited to be back together for another term full of learning. We will continue with our Terrible Tudors’ topic. This term will see us going on our first fantastic trip to Gainsborough Old Hall, and we can’t wait! This term’s topic will include learning about The Great Spanish Armada, health and medicine, crimes and punishments and how Tudor Christmas compares to ours today. 

A massive congratulations to two members of 4FD who achieved their Platinum Reading award this term. They have been able to choose a book to take home and keep. Happy Reading! 

15th December 2021

This afternoon, we have enjoyed making Christmas cards. We made two cards and used buttons to create a Christmas scene on one card and biro and paint applied with a cotton bud for the other one. They look fantastic! 

We have enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers to school today to raise money for Save the Children. To start the day, we designed our own Christmas jumpers and then we have enjoyed reading Christmas stories and sharing some Christmas jokes in between our lessons. We also did some Christmas Just Dance and Cosmic Yoga and some of us enjoyed a Christmas dinner at lunch time. What a wonderful Christmassy day!

We had the exciting news today that a member of our class won the 'Design a Pudsey Eye Patch' Competition. Congratulations! smiley

Gainsborough Old Hall 15.11.21


We had a fabulous and very informative day at G.O.H. During our visit, we took part in a re-enactment of a Tudor feast. We were all lucky enough to dress up and play an important role in the feast. Take a look at the photos- can you guess what our role was?

Tudor feast re-enactment and role play

English Unit - Non Chronological Reports

We have spent the last three weeks looking at NCRs. We have enjoyed them, explored their features, researched William Shakespeare’s life and times, written our informative paragraphs and then published our finished pieces. You were our target audience, so we hope you like them.


Our second unit of Maths has seen us working on multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. We completed a really fun lesson using ‘graffiti maths’ with our partner. We had a mixture of questions hidden in a bag. We had to close our eyes and play ‘lucky dip’ to see what type of question to complete. Some were fluency and some were reasoning and problem solving.

Graffiti maths strikes again! Today we solved questions demonstrating fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

In Maths, for the last few weeks of this term, we have being focusing on our times tables and the corresponding division facts. We have enjoyed answering a range of questions and playing games to help us practice learning our times tables.

Science - Animals Including Humans

We are learning about Animals including Humans in Science this term. For the first two lessons, we learnt the names of the organs in the digestive system and the function of each organ too. We drew and labelled the organs on aprons in teams to show where we thought each organ was in our bodies.

During our third lesson of the new science topic, we had fun investigating teeth. We looked at our own, found out their names and their functions. We all enjoyed telling stories of our many missing teeth! At the end, we learnt of the importance of looking after our teeth.

Say cheeeeese!

For our fourth lesson in Science, we set up an experiment linked to tooth decay. The question we are investigating is: Which liquid causes the most decay? To investigate this, we have placed an egg in 6 different liquids: coke, water, milk, orange juice, vinegar and Ribena. We made sure we set up a fair test by only changing the one variable and keeping all other variables the same. We also made predictions about which liquid we think will cause the most decay and which will cause the least decay. We are excited to see the results in a weeks time.

Reading Fluency - Passion

This week, we have been learning how to be passionate when reading. We had lots of fun!

Reading Fluency PACE

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Today we continued this term’s Fluency by focusing on PACE. We listened to a poet reading ‘Night Train’, then read it ourselves and practiced reading it aloud to a partner using different paces. We tried hard to make our pace sound like a train struggling uphill and then speeding downhill. There were some very tricky words in the poem so we occasionally needed some help!


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In French, we have been learning how to hold basic conversations. This week, we asked each other how we were feeling. This is something we do every morning during the register. 


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Outdoor P.E. this term is focusing on an invasion game: hockey. So far, we have practiced how to hold a hockey stick and how to dribble through gates and around obstacles.

Children in Need

On Friday 19th November, we enjoyed raising money for Children in Need by wearing non-school uniform, buying merchandise, creating a loose change masterpiece, baking and selling cakes and creating a new eye patch for Pudsey. 


Wonderful Wellies!

For the last day of Term 1, we wore non-school uniform and our wellies (if we had some!) to help raise money for the Winston's Wish Charity and towards creating a memory garden at our school. We had fun designing our own wellies and seeing the wonderful wellies everyone was wearing! 

As a class, we voted for our favourite welly designs and they both received a prize from Miss Fox! Well done!

Winning designs:

Science - Sound

In Science this term, we are learning about Sound. For our first lesson this week, we learnt that sounds are made by things vibrating together. We looked at how a tuning fork vibrates and makes a quiet sound and we looked at how a drum vibrates to make a sound. We then thought about sounds around the school and how they make a sound.

Science this week saw us moving on from AMPLITUDE and focusing our investigations on PITCH. We used a variety of instruments to see how we could change the pitch. How could we make a high and a low sound? After this, we made our own instruments to demonstrate how to make a high and low pitch. It was lots of fun (and quite noisy too)!

Science in week 6 has seen us exploring sounds and how they travel over a distance. We’ve had fun using the decibel reader and made our own telephones. We talked lots about vibrations, particles and how sound travels.

Talking Telephones

For our final science lesson in this unit, we spent the afternoon investigating the absorption of sound energy and vibrations. A band asked us what would be the best material to cover their studio in because they’d had complaints from the neighbours. Ask us which material was best at absorbing the most sound. Can you predict which one it was?

Investigating sound proofing


Reading - P.C. Slimer and Fluency. We also go to the library once a week to listen to each other read; this is our Reading Buddy time.

In FLUENCY this week, we looked at how punctuation effects the reader and can change the meaning of a story. We had lots of fun making up our own stories using only the word, 'Blah.'

Fluency focus - Pause

Fluency focus - Power!

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Our final Fluency lesson this term was centred around the use of POWER; when to use more and when to ease off to hook the audience in. A few brave people shared their attempts at varying uses of POWER. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


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Topic - The Terrible Tudors

Picture This - Topic Launch. Check out our partial recreations of a famous painting depicting a famous event in Tudor history.

The Battle of Bosworth lesson. We had a great time completing some drama based on the battle for the throne between King Richard III and Henry Tudor. Then we completed our follow up tasks. We did a fab job and learned so much!

Tudor Monarchs lesson. We have learnt all about the order of the Tudor monarchs and how they are all related. Ask us our opinion about Lady Jane Grey; should she be counted as a Tudor monarch? We couldn't all agree (and neither can all historians)!

Art - portraits

In Art this term, we are learning about Portraits and we will be developing our pencil and watercolour painting skills. In this lesson, we practiced 6 different ways of creating texture in our drawings and then used these skills to draw half or all a self portrait. Check them out and keep checking our page for when we draw portraits of Tudor Monarchs.

We have continued to practice our sketching skills in Art this week and the results of our Tudor monarchs are fantastic! Super work everyone!

In Art this week we have developed our Tudor monarch pictures by using watercolours. Watercolour is very difficult to work with. Mrs Farr, Mrs Drew and Miss Mac are super impressed with how well we did!

For the last lesson of our Portraits unit in Art we created our own Tudor Monarch portraits using all the sketching and watercolour painting skills we had learnt over the term. We did a fantastic job and we are so pleased with the results! Can you guess who each Tudor monarch is?

English - Romeo and Juliet

In our second English unit, we are basing all our learning on Shakespeare's, 'Romeo and Juliet.' We have looked at the use of pronouns, expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and verbs to, 'show, not tell' our reader.

Our third English unit is newspaper report writing. We have been looking at the features of reports in real newspapers and mock Tudor ones. In lesson three, we worked on writing a paragraph about Christopher Columbus before contributing to a shared write. Look at what we came up with on our own…

For our forth lesson on newspaper reports, we learnt about The Lincolnshire Uprising that happened during the Tudor times. We each made a protest sign and re-enacted part of the story that occurred in October 1536. Some of us pretended to be the protesters, and some of us pretended to be newspaper reporters asking the angry crowd questions about why they were there. We learnt that this is why we now celebrate Lincolnshire Day on 1st October each year.

For our last week of lessons on newspaper reports, we planned, drafted, edited and revised and then published our newspaper report about The Lincolnshire Uprising. Here are some of our reports:

Maths - Place Value

We have spent the first four weeks learning all about Place Value of numbers. We have recapped Y3 learning and moved on to Y4 learning. We have really impressed Mrs Farr and Mrs Drew. We even had a visit from Mr Kelwick and Mrs Cross.

Our last lesson of this unit was on Roman Numerals. The Bronze and Gold challenges in this lesson, needed us to make Roman Numerals using lollipop sticks. Here are some of the ones we made:

P.E. - outdoor games on Mondays

P.E. on the field - CRICKET skills

R.E. Hinduism

This week we have continued to look at Hinduism. This week we have looked specifically at the festival of Diwali. We looked at how Hindus prepare for the festival and why it is so important to them. To celebrate, we made our own bright Rangoli patterns and our own paper lanterns.


Look who's come home to stay! And he's right next to our classroom - lucky us!