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Welcome to 4MS! 

We are a fantastic Year 4 class and our teacher is Mr Spooner. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Holmes with us on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Cook on a Thursday and Friday.  


Take a look at our class page to see our learning and to find out important information.


In term 1 and 2, we are learning all about the Tudors in our topic  'Terrible Tudors'.


In term 3 and 4, we are learning all about Europe.


Remember to check in every week to see what we have been doing. You can see our current timetable below.


Our Westgate Values

This year we will be working hard to achieve and follow our Westgate Values:

  • Respect
  • Positivity
  • Excellence
  • Self-belief
  • Teamwork

What are we learning about this term? 

Year 4 Stars

Well done to our Year 4 stars! Fantastic work!


In the summer term, our topic is Science based. It is named 'All Creatures Great and Small'. Within our topic we look at many different animals and their habitats whilst linking much of our other learning to this topic.


Discussion Texts

We have spent the first week of English considering a very interesting question. Are zoos a good or bad thing? This question has been hotly debated within the classroom and we still have some children who are not sure which side they agree with. Most children in 4MS believe that overall zoos are a bad thing which is different from their initial thoughts. 

Should animals be kept in zoos?

Over the last few weeks, Year 4 have been writing discussion texts based on the thought-provoking question, 'Should animals be kept in zoos?' They've written some incredibly informative and balanced discussions which are available to read and to show you what wonderful writers we have here at Westgate!


Picture This

To start our Topic we have completed our Picture This. We looked at an amazing painting by Henri Rousseau. It is called 'surprised' or 'Tiger caught in a tropical storm'. We began by answering some questions about the picture before attempting to recreate it using sketching and pencil crayons. 

Clay models

Children did a great job finishing their clay trencadis animals in the final week of Term 5. Here are a selection of the finished structures. Not all of them made it intact unfortunately, but the children loved making them and learnt valuable skills. Some of these projects will displayed around the school as expert pieces of learning.

Bug Lady

On our first day back, we had a visitor in school. Bug lady brought with her 14 different species of invertebrates  or reptiles for us to meet, learn about and interact with. Most of the class were very interested and held most of the animals. A few of us were a little more reserved ,but enjoyed seeing and learning about these fascinating animals. 


We had the best day at Whisby Nature Reserve and learnt so much. We learnt about what makes an insect, an insect. We learnt about compound eyes, head, thorax, abdomen, two-part wings and jointed legs.  We also talked about other types of arthropods (animals with jointed legs), including arachnids and crustaceans.  We were amazed to find out that woodlice have gills!


After that, we went on a minibeast safari. We used a variety of nets to investigate different habitats within Whisby. We caught lots of exciting and interesting bugs and insects. 


Then, we were introduced to the top nine creatures lurking within Whisby lake. We were challenged to find them all using our pond-dipping skills! Not only did we find the top nine, but we found a grand total of 16 different species


Finally, we learnt about den building. We used our skills to work as a team and build a den that would be best suited to all weather conditions.  Each group managed to build a sturdy den, big enough to fit all 7 team members inside





In term 3 and 4 we complete a topic called 'Exploring Europe'. During this topic we learn all about the geography of Europe and lots of different countries. This learning will also be linked within Reading, Art, English and many other subjects. 

Year 4 Knowledge Organiser - Exploring Europe


After a short topic of area, we have now started to learn about fractions. For our first lesson we learnt about unit and non unit fractions. We know a unit fraction has a 1 for the numerator and a non unit fraction has a numerator greater than 1. 


Our first English unit this term is 'Explanation Texts'. For our first lesson we enjoyed reading a variety of different texts. We learnt about a few different things: the digestive system, how bees make honey, the lifecycle of a butterfly and the water cycle. After reading them, we became detectives and worked out what feature we could see. 

Dragons Den 

Over the last few weeks we have been learning how to write persuasively. Our task has been to create a new chocolate bar linked to our focus country 'Italy'. We learnt different techniques to persuade and invented our own creation ' The Colosseum Caramello Crunch'. Today we pitched our idea to the Dragons to attempt to persuade them to invest in our country. We recieved two offers from the Dragons and all the children in 4MS worked very hard to persuade. Here is a snapshot of our pitch.  


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This term we have been reading a new book called 'Rooftoppers' by Katerine Rundell. We have enjoyed the story so far and we can't wait to find out what happens to Sophie in the rest of the story.


To launch our new topic 'Exploring Europe' we had two fantastic days looking at four different countries. We learnt about Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Spain. We completed some exciting tasks for each country. For Italy, we created some maps of Italy out of pasta. For Denmark, we created some Lego inspired by Denmark. For Sweden, we tasted some delicious food and finally for Spain we learnt about some Spanish festivals. Look below to see a range of photos of our work! 

UK Jigsaw

As part of our Topic we recapped from Year 3. We spent the lesson looking at Great Britain and some of its cities. As a group task we tried to make a jigsaw of the UK. It was very tricky ,but we showed teamwork and perseverance. 

Physical Geography 

This week in 'Topic' we learnt what the difference is between human and physical geography. We then worked as a team to sort two piles of European places of interest into either category. We then looked really closely at Italy, which is our class focus, and created a factfile about the physical geography about the country. 

The water cycle

We learnt all about the water cycle and the 3 key words. We now know what evaporation, precipitation and condensation are. We did three activities. We filled in a picture, created a water cycle in a bag and a water cycle wheel.


We learnt all about the course of a river last week. We looked at all the different features like: meanders, mouth, source, oxbow lake. Our task was then to create and draw a river journy. Some children also had the chance to create their river using plastercine. 

Picture This 

For 'Picture This' this term, we looked at an amazing painting by Georges Seurat of the Eiffel Tower. We discussed the picture and answered some questions about it before painting it or some of it ourselves. He used pointillism to create his masterpiece. This means he used many small dots to create the piece of art. We used cotton buds to recreate it.  


In term 4, we are using technology to take and edit photographs. To start our unit we used a photograph of a European monument and then we cut it into pieces before changing the orientation or leaving a gap. We based this on the style of David Hockney, a very famous British artist. Here is a montage of our excellent work. 


We have started a new Science topic this term - electricity. For our lesson this week we learnt how to create an electrical circuit. First, we created a simple circuit before predicting which circuits were complete and incomplete. 

Science week 

For Science week, we looked at the topic of 'GROWTH'. We discussed how many things in the world grow. For example the population, giant redwoods and technology. We then learnt about Mars and how our understanding of the planet has grown. Our activity was to create an animal capable of living in the Martian envrionnment. 


For our second activity we learnt about the Gentoo penguin. After some discussion about them we looked at their nests. We had to build a nest out of either: stones, pebbles, hay, sticks or feathers and then test which was the best to withstand wind (a fan) and rain (a watering can). 4MS thoroughly enjoyed both activities. 


Over term 3 we have been very lucky to recieve some expert teaching from Infotech. We learnt how to use Scratch on the laptops and we learnt some very interesting skills. In Year 5 we will use this to develop our skills even further. 


Over term 3 and 4 4MS are very lucky to have a music expert teach us 'drumming'. We have been using Japanese drums called 'Taiko' and drumsticks named 'Bachi'.  


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Design and Technology

We finally created our European monument in DT. We used a net to create a designed 3D shape before decorating it. We then created a simple circuit inside with an LED light. 

World Book Day

For this year's World Book Day, we spent the morning completing several different activities, whilst wearing our fantastic costumes as a variety of our favourite characters. We did Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R), a book quiz, looked and discussed a picture book called Flotsam, listened to a chapter of 'Rooftoppers' and then we did some creative writing. In our writing we answered the question: What would I do if I ruled the world for a day? Well done 4MS, you worked really well and did some fantastic writing. We were even lucky enough to get a visit from Dobby, the house elf!


Tudor Rose

This week we have started our new topic about the Tudors. As a nice introduction we coloured or designed our own individual rose. They looked fantastic and are now up around our classroom. They certainly brighten up the classroom. 


For the first four weeks of term we learnt all about Place Value. This included lots of objectives we have done before in Year 1,2 and 3, but also some new concepts. We learnt about negative numbers, Roman Numerals, counting in 25s and many more things. Take a look below to see some of our learning!


We have been working extremely hard on addition and subtraction over the last couple of weeks. We have also become amazing at exchanging for both methods. As a class, we have also been working hard on our presentation to make sure our work is clearly set out. See some of our latest work below.


Today in Maths, we set out our work in an unusual way. We used sugar paper and felt tips to show our understanding of cm and mm. We called this 'Graffiti Maths'. We enjoyed our learning and worked excellently as a small team. 


Over two weeks we have learnt all about perimeter. We learnt some new vocabulary and developed our ability to add. When adding we used a range of mental and written methods. Here are some examples of our learning. 

7 Times tables 

We spent some today working on our 7 times table. After working in pairs to answer some questions we played some board games to help us practise our skills. 


In English we have used the Tudors to inspire our writing. We have looked at a famous play 'Romeo and Juliet' to help us learn new skills. We have learnt how to use pronouns, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials. Our work has been building up to writing an diary entry in role as Romeo. 4MS have completed some excellent work. Well done!

William Shakespeare

In English we learnt all about William Shakespeare and also practised some SPaG skills along the way. Our final work was to create a non -chronological report all about his life. Some of the paragraphs we did as a class but some we worked on independently.  Below is our final work that is in our Topic book. 


This week in Reading we looked at our 'pace'. This is one of the 6 P's of Westgate. We worked in groups of 3 and read a poem using the appropriate pace throughout. It was brilliant to see so many members of 4MS read with such confidence, passion and of course super pace! Well done 4MS!

Class Book

We have been enjoying our class book and finding out what happens to 'Murph' in his new school. We have met lots of interesting characters so far and can't wait to find out what happens in the rest of the book. 


In our Reading lesson we had to carefully think about punctuation. We had a page full of the word 'blah' and had to add punctuation. We then had to read the text using the punctuation to guide us. We included full stops, exclamation marks and questions marks among a few other things.

DSCF0037.AVI (1).mp4

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Gainsborough Old Hall 

We had a fabulous and very informative day at G.O.H. During our visit, we took part in a re-enactment of a Tudor feast. We were all lucky enough to dress up and play an important role in the feast. Take a look at the photos- can you guess what our role was?

Picture This

Our Picture This in Year 4 is a portrait from the Tudor era. It showed Henry VIII on his deathbed, who was pointing at his son, Edward VI to appoint him as the new king. We spent some time discussing the picture, how it was made, what was happening and what it reminded us of. After that, we had a go at recreating the picture or a part of it. 


As part of our Art lessons we have been sketching and shading. In our first few lessons we practiced hatching and then sketched a self- portrait. This week we sketched half of a Tudor monarch. We had a choice between Mary I, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Edward VI. I am sure 4MS can tell you all about each of them. Take a look at our work below.

Tudor Monarchs

This week we have used watercolours. We had a choice of four Tudor monarchs to sketch and then paint. The monarch was chopped in half and then we sketched then missing half before using the watercolours to complete him or her. After we finished, we spent some time appreciating our work by looking at each others. 

Tudor Monarch- The final Piece

After nearly two terms we have completed our last piece of Art. We sketched a monarch and then used wartercolours to paint them. We tried to make it an original pieces using our own imagination. 

Design and Technology

This week we are completing our DT project. When we visited Gainsborough Old Hall we learnt all about feasts. The Tudors would have huge, extravagant feasts and in the centre a 'centrepiece'. These would be elaborate and to show of the host's wealth. We have had a go to create our own centrepiece. We first did it with playdough and then our final piece was with marzipan. 


In Science we have been learning all about sound. We have learnt about how sound travels through the air and that all sounds are created by vibrations. This week we use cups and string to show that sound travels better through a tightly packed solid than air.