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Welcome to 4SA! laugh


We are taught by Mr Aisthorpe and Mrs Turner.


Please explore our class page to see our amazing learning.


Our values are behind everything we do at Westgate. Check them out below...

Term 3!


Our focus in term 3 is Europe! We will be focusing on the geography of Europe and immersing ourselves in the European environment. 


Exciting DT Project


Our DT this term links in with our Science. We are building up our knowledge of materials and electricity over the term. At the end of the term, we will create our own European monuments. Children are encouraged to bring any suitable recyclable materials in to school in order for us to use in school. We will recycle anything that we don't use. Thank you to those children who have already brought in some materials. We are happy for old cartons, kitchen rolls, plastic etc. If you are unsure, bring it in as we can always dispose of what we don't need.



WOW Days


In our first two days of term 3, we have been looking in detail at 4 European countries. These countries are Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Spain. We have tasted food, listened to music, embraced festival life, played with lego and made maps with pasta. Take a look below at some of the work we have been completing:

Knowledge Organisers


We use knowledge organisers in Topic and Science as a reference for children to check all the learning objectives and coverage for the term. Take a look below...

New Displays


Our displays have been changed to fit in with our European theme.

Our Library System:


Our library system is up and running. Renaissance Reading is an online system where children are tested and their comprehension skills evaluated. The children are then given specific reading targets and a reading range. Children select reading books from their reading range. Children can still progress through to higher ranges. After each book, children are quizzed through the system to ascertain their understanding of what they have read. The link is unique to our school and must be clicked before logging in. Logins are held within school and can be given at child or parent's request.



As our topic is Europe, we learn some of the French language in term 3. We are learning about French greetings. Follow the link to see how we teach and learn about the subject...



Our PSHE topic at the moment looks at Money. PSHE links with our Westgate Values. Our values are always displayed for children to see and we focus on one value in every lesson.

Let's Get Active


In 4SA we have regular activity breaks. Getting up off our chairs and being active for two minutes has been proven to increase long and short term memory. Below the children are enjoying rock, paper scissors.



In RE, we learn about lots of different religions. RE takes place on Thursdays. Here is an example of some excellent learning.



In spelling we choose words from the National Curriculum for Year 4, statutory spelling lists, exemption words and common words. We use a variety of methods to help us remember spellings. Look at some examples below.


In Outdoor PE, we are learning about Rugby. We have been throwing, catching and learning the basic rules. We are building up towards a game of Tag Rugby at the end of term. In the hall we do Real PE. Real PE teaches the skills and techniques behind sports rather than a given sport itself. Have a look at our skills boards below.

Our Morning Routine


In the mornings we start with mindfulness activities and sometimes silent reading.

What we looked at in Terms 1 and 2



Take a look at our timetable if you would like to see what we do each day.



If children need to find learning, for isolation or any other purposes, this can now be accessed from the Remote Learning section of the website under Year 4.


Terrible Tudors!


Our Topic focuses on the Tudor period for terms 1 and 2. The children immerse themselves in all things to do with Tudors during these two terms. Our classroom is Tudor themed and our topic runs through all of our other subjects. See our displays and work exemplars below.






You can follow what we learn each week in maths and all other subjects on the curriculum pages of our website. There are also individual learning objectives within the documents.


Our maths display is bordered to represent Tudor housing. There is a vocabulary list that the children update and refer to in order to expand their technical mathematical vocabulary. We also have a section called 'Let's talk maths' which encourages the children to use verbal and written reasoning to explain their answers. The children are shown how to relate their mathematical concepts to real life situations.

Children have been doing a great job checking their own work with purple pencil.

Maths Diamond Challenge


Oh no! Mr Aisthorpe's Tudor brother has been let loose in the classroom. Diamond Mathematicians, can you complete the questions he has set? 


Remember for an extra challenge to check out these websites and focus on times tables, multiplication and division facts:


The children have been amazing engaging in Times Table Rock Stars. Keep it up and ask if you need your login.



Super Shakespeare! Here are our Non-Chronological Reports that 4SA have done about the wonderful William Shakespeare.


English Challenge


Check out the website curriculum pages to see what we are learning about.


If you want a challenge to help improve your SPAG skills, try these:

Below, children are attempting a grapple group challenge to deepen their understanding.

Children have been working individually, in pairs and in groups to complete learning in English. The English is always linked to our Tudor topic. 


In reading we focus on PC SLIMER.






Infer with evidence





We also use the Westgate 6 P's:









We do lots of paired work in reading. We have at least 5 lessons per week including: fluency, PC SLIMER, comprehension, library time, vocabulary and reading buddies.



Our Science this term is about sound. Here is some work and examples of children exploring with pitch.


A Tudor rose. In Art, we started by creating our own Tudor roses. The roses display part of our hobbies, interests and personalities. We have recreated a popular image from Tudor times and looked at typical Tudor drawing styles.


Our Music this term is provided by Lincolnshire Music Service and the expert music teacher, Mrs Bourne. The children are learning all about drums from around the world and are getting to try out lots of different drums and drumming patterns. Our sessions take place on Wednesday afternoons 1.45pm in the hall.