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We are already in Term 5 of our Year 5 journey, fast approaching life in year 6. In this and next term our Topic  is #INSPIRED.

 Where we are looking at people who are inspirational.

Term 5 and 6 5AL Timetable

The inspirational people we have selected are:

Marcus Rashford

Greta Thurnberg

Tom Holland

Queen Elizabeth the second

Frida Kahlo

Presently, we are basing our English around the book Wonder written by R J Palacio. A text about a child born with facial disfigurement. A very moving story as he goes to school for the first time.

Our Picture This work was based on a photograph taken  when Martin Luther King Jr gave his inspirational, "I have a Dream Speech." The class used water colours to create their own pieces.


Living Things and their environment allow 5AL to conduct lots of practical experiments and further our Teamwork skills.


We’ve found out about sexual and asexual reproduction and the different ways seeds are dispersed.


We've been looking at - fractions, decimals and percentages. Some of the class refuse to believe that working with decimals is easier than working with fractions. I think they are missing the point!

Our Class Star of the Term.

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