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We are already in Term 3 of our Year 5 journey. In this and next term we are looking at – The Events that shaped the Americas.

We launched our Topic when we started back in January with a mystery to solve. After a great team effort we managed to use the clues to find the solution.

In 2008 there was an earthquake in Market Rasen at 00:56 on the 27th February. It measured 5.2 on the Richter Scale and its effects were felt across the whole of the UK.

We tried to answer the question – Why do they cause more devastation to buildings in some areas than others. We thought it may have something to do with the foundations of the buildings.

So, we tried constructing buildings on different bases – Jelly, Wet Sand and Cocoa Pops.

We also used our own devices to measure the magnitude of earthquakes and find out which direction they originate from.

Finally, what to do if an Earthquake strikes!

In English we are looking at Explanation Texts.

Our Picture This work was based on “Volcano at Night” by the French Artist Jules Tavernier. The class used pastels and chalk to create their own pieces.


Materials and their Properties allow 5AL to conduct lots of practical experiments and further our Teamwork skills.


We’ve discovered materials can be:





Good conductors or insulators (both thermal and electrical)

And can have many other properties.


Our Times Table skills are helping us with our Long Multiplication problems.

Why did the students do their Maths work on the floor?

(If you can answer this Maths joke – Tell Mr. Lanchbury and gain a house point)

Our class stars - 28.1.22

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