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Term 5 + 6 - #INSPIRED

Please see below for all our learning, activities and achievements during Term 5 + 6.


Friday 10th June - OUR CLASS STARS!

Tuesday 7th June - Enrichment Day. Meeting some LOCAL heroes!

Tuesday 7th June - Emergency Call

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Acting in role of...
- A patient
- A caller
- A dispatcher
- An Emergency call handler

Friday 13th May - OUR CLASS STARS!

Friday 29th April - Our Class STARS!


We have started Term 5 focusing on diary entries. The children will be writing a diary entry from the perspective of a crowd member at Martin Luther King's famous speech: I have a dream. 

To start with, the children explored a range of diary entries and then as a class found the features by highlighting them in the text. After this, we watched a video clip of the speech and discussed our thoughts, feelings and how Martin Luther King's words impacted us. 



I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King .Jr HD (subtitled)

I Have a Dream" is a public speech that was delivered by American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.

During the following week, we begun by recapping lots of SPAG content including: parenthethis, relative clauses, use of past tense and reported speech. 

Moving on, we have now completed a whole class shared write (please read this below) and planned our own diary entries as a class. We enjoyed orally rehearsing these. 

Look at some of the children's diary entries! They are fantastic!


We have started to focus on a narrative text - Wonder. The children will be writing a third person narrative.

To start with, we read the first few chapters and thought carefully about the emotions of the characters. The children felt much empathy towards the main character: Auggie. 

We added our own thoughts on the feelings of the other main characters too, including: Julian, Charlotte, Jack Will and Auggie's mum. 

Take a look at the work we have produced so far...

English - Information Texts

We are working towards writing our own information texts based on the inspirational people who we have learnt about. First of all, we read, explored and enjoyed a variety of different information texts. Then, we discussed the purpose and audience for each text and then decided on the targeted audience for each. 

We completed a shared write as a whole class. It was great to work in the garden area in the sunshine!


As part of our topic launch, the children were challenged to recreate a photograph taken in 1963 using paints and a stippling effect. The photograph was from The March on Washington where Martin Luther King delivered his famous, 'I have a dream' speech.

Take at look at their fantastic art work! 


The children have enjoyed completing a range of activities which link to our new topic.

First of all, the children thought carefully about what inspirational actually means and then they read the dictionary definition. Moving on, they discussed the different qualities and characteristics of someone/something who is inspirational and created they own wordles to showcase these. 

Check out some of their amazing learning below...  


Inspirational people who we have learnt about so far:

- Marcus Rashford

- Greta Thunberg 

- Tom Holland

- Queen Elizabeth II

Take a look at examples of our learning. 


We are focusing on Frida Kahlo and have explored lots of her paintings. The children enjoyed recreating one of her paintings. These are fantastic! Take a look.


Coding with InfoTech Direct

Week 1+2: The children were introduced to some coding software called Scratch. They listened carefully and learnt many new pieces of coding vocabulary including: sprite, algorithm and stage.

During the lesson, the children focused on making their chosen sprite move, created a band using sound coding blocks and also learnt how to add conversations between their sprites,

Week 3: This week the children created conversations using code. They chose a sprite, background and learnt how to code the blocks to create a conversation between the sprite and themselves. They used if, then and else blocks to do this. Moving on, they added in some 'bugs' and then they had a go at debugging their partners so that the code would work as it should. Finally, they worked hard to apply all of the coding skills which they have learnt and designed their own spirograph inspired images. 

Take a look at them in action below.





We practised our use of POWER and PASSION by performing Martin Luther King's famous 'I have a dream' speech. We hope you enjoy!

I have a dream.mp4

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PE - Athletics

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Term 3 + 4 - The Events that shaped the Americas

Please see below for all our learning, activities and achievements during Term 3 + 4.

Friday 25th March - OUR TEACHER STAR!

Friday 18th March - RED NOSE DAY!

Friday 11th March - OUR CLASS STAR and... SURPRISE STAR!

Thursday 3rd March - WORLD BOOK DAY 2022!

Friday 25th February - OUR TEACHER STAR!


End of Term 3 Reading Rewards go to.... WELL DONE!

Friday 11th February - OUR TEACHER STAR!

Friday 28th January - Our TEACHER STAR!


February 2022 - Children's Mental Health Week - DRESS TO EXPRESS!

Take a look around our learning environment for Term 3/4. 


The Events that shaped the Americas - Launch Day 1

On Tuesday 4th January, we launched our topic and the children worked in teams to conduct an investigation. They were given a range of different clue packs, along with a prediction table to fill in. As a team, they worked as detectives to solve a mystery. For each clue pack, they needed to consider what the information told them and try and answer the 5Ws.  Take a look at these pictures which were taken during the investigation. 

Eventually, they solve the mystery and managed to piece together all of the information. 


The mystery was:

The 2008 Market Rasen earthquake occurred at 00:56:47.8s GMT on 27 February 2008. According to the British Geological Survey the earthquake registered a reading of 5.2 on the Richter scale, with its epicentre 2.5 miles (4 km) north of Market Rasen and 15 miles (24 km) south-west of Grimsby.

The Events that shaped the Americas - Launch Day 2

During the day, we identified the Equator, the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn on a world map, and talked about what these imaginary lines of latitude mean.

We then: identified where these lines fall on the Americas; discussed how the affect the climate in the Americas; and predicted whether we thought locations were part of North or South America based upon their climate in photos.

We moved on to learning the difference between human and physical features, and then used this knowledge to help us separate some of the geographical features of the Americas. To finish, we used atlases to locate the human and physical features of the Americas.

To compare and analyse 3 earthquakes   

We explored 3 major earthquakes that occurred in the Americas: Chile, 1960; Mexico City, 1985 and San Francisco, 1989.  We discovered the events that unravelled on the days of the earthquakes, and how the size of the earthquake is not the only factor in the impact it can cause.

Other factors such as suitability of land, time of day, rural/urban, being a MEDC or LEDC and size of population were what then helped us to compare the three earthquakes against each other.

We completed a prep sheet to gather the facts about the disasters, then had to justify our thinking by answering questions about them.

Take a look at some photos of us investigating how ground suitability can effect destruction - LIQUEFACTION. LIQUEFACTION means something turns to a liquid. Linking this to what we have been investigating, it is when the very ground we are standing on turns to liquid. 


Hurricane Katrina!

We have learnt all about Hurricane Katrina as part of our topic learning. We watched videos of the impact it had and then conducted some research of our own to answer the questions that we had. 


Thursday 10th February - We had a FULL art day! The children completed a range of different art activities, including: sketching in the style of Hokusai; sketching mountain landscapes, using water colours to create their own mountain landscapes, cutting their own mountain silhouettes and adding these to a water coloured background and finally... in teams create a volcano model using pop-roc. 

Take a look at the slideshow below which showcases all of the children's fantastic artwork. The children are looking forward to erupting their team volcano after half term! 



The children were inspired by their learning about volcanoes and forest fires that they have written some amazing poetry! We hope you enjoy reading them.


Explanation texts

To start this English unit, we explored a variety of explanation texts. At first, we simply explored the texts in small groups. After a while of doing this, we were given some questions to discuss in groups. We thought back to our previous work on discussion texts to make sure that we held successful discussions (using our oracy skills). We then explored these questions as a class:

· What did you think about the texts? Which ones did you like/not like? Why?

· Who do you think the audience of each text is? How can you tell?

· What effect did these texts have on you as a reader? What did they make you think/feel/question?

Moving on, we thought back to our previous learning and considered the explanation texts that we wrote in Year 3 and Year 4. This helped us to remember the features of explanation texts. Once we had done this, we looked back through the texts to help us to identify the features.

Next, we began planning our own explanation texts about volcanoes onto a boxing up format!

After practising this text type together it was time for the REAL THING! We worked as a whole class to plan an explanation text about Earthquakes. The children worked so hard and enjoyed writing them. Take a look at some of our fantastic writing! 


Newspaper Reports

We are learning to write newspaper reports. Our newspaper reports will be based on Hurricane Katrina. We have already completed a SPAG lesson on tenses and then we moved on and planned our reports in groups and then we created a whole class plan.

We moved on to learning about how to write direct and reported speech so that the children could include eye witness accounts in their newpaper reports. The children published their writing and spent time editing their final pieces. We posted 2 of our newspaper reports to the New Orleans City Government in America - we hope they write to us to let us know what they thought to our newspaper reports. 


Eye-witness Account

We have started a new English unit. We are writing an eye-witness account from the perspective of an animal who has lost their habitat due to deforestation. This writing links with our topic learning all about the Native Americans where we have learnt all about how Native Americans viewed our lands and how they respected it. In the words of Chief Seattle, "The Earth is our mother and we are her children". 

We started by comparing the land and treatment of animals. We enjoyed a drama activity to get ourselves in the mindset of the animals who lost their habitats. 




Our love for reading is still high in 5CS! Check out the video below to see how we showcase our use of PACE and PITCH. 

Strict by Michael Rosen

Still image for this video


Audio 1: Listen to us take on the roles of Neville and Mrs Weasley!


Audio 2: Listen to us take on the roles of Draco Malfoy and Filch


Audio 3: Listen to Hermione, Harry and Ron share their surprise. It can't be Hagrid!


Audio 4: Listen as Ron shares his love for spiders!


Audio 5: Tom Riddle - I am Lord Voldemort! He has Ginny!


We have been learning more about multiplication and division. By the end of this term, we would have cracked how to do long multiplication. 5CS are showing some great SELF-BELIEF and POSITIVITY to learn this method of multiplication!

Take a look at us using our knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000 to complete some problem solving activities. 

After a week of learning how to do long multiplication, we enjoyed using the method to challenge our partners! Mrs Stafford vs India!


We have started to recap our fraction knowledge from Year 4 - the children had remembered how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator and how to order them. We used our multiplication knowledge to find fractions of amounts and spent time learning more about equivalent fractions. 


Picture this

As part of our topic launch this week, the children have learnt about Jules Tavernier who was a famous artist. Jules's artwork was inspired by volcanoes and during his life he created over 100 oil and pastel paintings.

The children were set the challenge to recreate his painting, 'Volcano at night'. They did a fantastic job and showcased their eye for detail!

Take a look at our amazing artwork! 

Design and technology - We made our own suspension bridges.


This term we are learning all about Microsoft Publisher. The children have been set the challenge to complete an information text based on natural disasters using this piece of computer software. To begin, the children have been given their own skill maps which include all of the Microsoft Publisher skills they will be learning. The aim is for the children to showcase these skills in their completed information texts. Take at look at some examples of our skill blocks which showcase how many skills we have learnt!



Properties and Changes in Materials

We have started our Science learning by thinking about the properties of materials and comparing materials according to their properties. 

We completed a mini activity where the children worked in groups to pop their hands into mystery bags to feel materials and describe the properties to the other children in their group. The children were able to identify confidently what the objects were made of. 

After this, the children began testing different materials to find out their properties. We discussed the definitions of each property and tested them for the following properties:

magnetism, hardness, transparency, flexibility and permeability. 

Which solids are soluble? Does the temperature of the water make a difference? Experiment time!


We have had great fun this term during indoor PE practising our fundamental movement skills: dynamic and counter balance. We put our skills into play and enjoyed working in teams to complete river crossing challenges. Moving on, we enjoyed playing kabadi! Take a look at some of us in action!

Kabadi - Video 1

Still image for this video

Kabadi - Video 2

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Term 1 + 2 - Vicious Victorians

Please see below for all our learning, activities and achievements during Term 1 + 2. 





 Times table ROCKSTARS! November 2021

Well done to Darians for being the highest scoring player for our class!

 November 2021 - Road Safety Workshop - Helmet Safety

We enjoyed learning all about the importance of wearing helmets when we are out riding our bikes/scooters. We shared our own thoughts and ideas as to why children/adults might not wear a helmet. Miss Garfoot showcased the importance when we experimented on an egg and placed it into a mini helmet. The egg didn't crack when wearing the helmet, but when it didn't have the helmet on it cracked completely. Some of us got to try on some helmets too!

15th - 19th November 2021: ANTI-BULLYING WEEK 

This year, the theme for Anti-bullying week was... ONE KIND WORD! 

We all enjoyed showcasing our odd socks and even took time to design our own pair of odd socks. We talked lots about kindness, explored the CBBC anti-bullying webpage and watched some videos of people explaining their experiences.


Thursday 11th November 2021 - Remembrance Day


At the 11th minute,

Of the 11th hour,

Of the 11th day,

Of the 11th month together we held a two minute silence to remember those who we lost in war and those who bravely returned too. We thanked them. We learnt how some of those brave soldiers were ex Westgate pupils.

The children enjoyed completing a range of remembrance activities, including poppy art work, designing their own remembrance spaces and enjoyed listening to an assembly.

Lest we forget!



September 2021 - An exciting start!

What a great start to a new school year we have had! Thank you to BBC Radio Lincolnshire for popping to visit our school as we reopened the gates after the Summer holidays. They even visited our classroom to interview some of the children to see what they had been up to over the Summer. It was fantastic that members of the Lincoln City Football team were able to come along and meet us too! 

Click on the link to watch the video: 


Listen to the broadcast here:

Topic - Term 1 +2

Vicious Victorians!

We worked together to make our own class 'WORLD HISTORY' timeline so that we could learn about when the Victorian Era started and ended. Take a look at the timeline on display!

We have also enjoyed making our own silhouettes to go with the autobiographies we had written - please see photos of these below. 

More recently, we have been learning all about the differences and similarities between Victorian schools and schools today. The children completed sorting and matching activities and also spent some time on our classroom laptops researching the key dates of when official laws were introduced.

We all had a go at drawing our very own steam train! They are all fantastic!

Our trip to Perlethorpe Environmental Education Centre on Friday 19th November 2021


We had a fantastic time visiting Perlethorpe for a Victorian themed day. 

The children were immersed in a day in the lives of Victorian school children. Firstly, they were greeted by Mr Rider who clearly stated the rules and separated them into boys and girls. The children were then given the chance to explore the church and complete a range of activities. We viewed some gravestones dating back to the Victorian era and completed some rubbings.

After this, we enjoyed a woodland walk up to Thoresby Hall which was once a lavish Victorian manor. Although, we were not allowed to go too close as nowadays it is luxury hotel and spa owned by the Warner Brothers. 

During lunch time, Mr Rider even tried to banish our chocolate snacks, as such snacks would not have been allowed in the Victorian times.

In the afternoon, we spent time in the Victorian classroom with Mr Rider. All of the children were given Victorian inspired names! We completed lessons using slate and chalk, but we got the chance to use ink too. It was clear that the boys were viewed as being better than girls. Mr Rider wasn't impressed with the girls' work and made things much harder. He talked us through the range of Victorian punishments and we realised how KIND Mrs Stafford was! After surviving the Victorian school afternoon, we were given the chance to play with some Victorian toys. 

Take a look at all of the photos from the day and the videos! BEST TRIP EVER!

Lincoln Castle Trip - Victorian themed

September 2021 - Retrieval Practice

This year, we are going to be focusing on trying to get more of our learning to STICK! We discussed our answers to two questions: What is learning? What is memory? We talked about short-term memory and long-term memory. We had a go at a few retrieval based activities and enjoyed finding out how much we had remembered after two days back at school! We will be completing more retrieval based activities during the year in order for our learning to STICK! 


This term, we have been inspired by our learning all about STEAMPUNK to design and create our own moving mechanisms. Check out the photos below to see the process:



Sewing in the style of William Morris

We enjoyed having an ART day exploring William Morris and his work. We appreciated his floral designs and worked hard to produce our own hand sewn Christmas tree decoration. Take a look at the photos below to see the whole arty process! 



ART - Term 1

 Picture This

We have worked incredibly hard this week learning all about perspective drawing. We practised the skills we needed and completed a whole class draw of a cityscape. 

To showcase our skills we recreated our own version of our Picture This image which was by painter John Atkinson-Grimshaw. He was a popular, self-taught painter who lived during the Victorian era. 

Take a look at our perspective drawing, our Picture This image and our own versions of this fantastic painting (Glasgow - Saturday Night) below. 


 Term 1 - English

For our first English unit we are completing a 'TAKE ONE BOOK' unit. The book we have chosen is the fantastic novel 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. We begun by looking closely at the front cover and discussed what we thought the book was about. Why was the boy running? What do the words street child mean to us? 

We then enjoyed listening to the first 3 chapters. 

Chapter 4 was titled 'The Workhouse'. We read the chapter and the children enjoyed learning all about the Victorian workhouses. The children worked in pairs to sort different information sources so they could learn even more about the workhouses. To finish, we enjoyed a class debate about whether of not the workhouses were 'Prisons for the poor!'. 

We have been continuing to use 'Street Child' to inspire our writing. We have completed a shared write and begun planning our own diary entry based on what life was like for Jim in the workhouse up until the point where he ESCAPED! 


For our second English unit we are learning how to write non-chronological reports. We have learnt all about The Industrial Revolution and will be focusing our reports on this topic. Our reports have been handwritten and some typed up using the laptops for local historians including the experts who we will meet at Perlethorpe Education Centre when we go on our trip next term. 

Check out the learning journey in photos below to see what how our fantastic learning.

Horrible History style!

Still image for this video

English - Term 2

We have started this term focusing on 'The Highwayman' poem which we read last term. In English, we have compared the poem to a book which is around the same theme but targeted at a younger audience - The Highway Rat. We enjoyed listening to Mrs Stafford read us the story and we also watched the film too. After this, we had a go at creating our own poem targeted at a younger audience. We performed these to the class.

Term 2 - Discussion Texts


We are learning to write discussion texts. To begin, we learnt lots about Victorian crime and punishments by looking through a range a sources. This learning will form the main question to our discussion texts - Should we bring back the Victorian justice system? We had great fun debating this question! 

 We then enjoyed reading a range of different discussion texts, rearranged a discussion text into the correct layout and identified its features.

Moving on... we wrote our own discussion texts focused around the question: Should be re-introduce the Victorian justice system? Some of us typed up our texts and others hand wrote them. Our final versions are going to be sent to the Ministry of Justice. 

Maths - Term 1

In Maths, we begun by focusing on 'Place Value' and recapped our understanding of what we had already learnt in Year 4. We have now moved on from this and have been practising our use of formal written methods for both addition and subtraction. The children have shown excellent POSITIVITY and the presentation of their written methods is fantastic! Take a look at our Maths display and some examples of our learning. 

Check out our problem solving skills! We enjoyed being active by moving around the classroom in pairs to solve as many problems as we could. The children were fantastic at applying all of the skills they had learnt. 

At the start of Term 2, we have focused our attention on statistics and have been learning how to understand a range of different graphs. We have looked at pictograms, bar charts and line graphs. We have learnt how to interpret line graphs by answering questions about the data. We have then used our learning to support us to draw our own line graphs. Take a look at the photos below. 

Maths - Term 2

Check out our multiplication and division learning. We have worked so hard to practise the formal written methods for both multiplication and division. 

We LOVE reading during our Library time!

Reading - Term 1

We have been focusing on a famous poem by Alfred Noyes - The Highwayman. 

Over the last few weeks, we have been working hard to develop our reading fluency by practising the Westgate 6 Ps: Passion, Power, Punctuation, Pace, Pitch and Pause. 

Watch us perform part of 'The Highwayman'. 



The Highwayman - Stanza 2

Still image for this video

The Highwayman - Stanza 3

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The Highwayman - Stanza 5

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The Highwayman - Stanza 6

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The Westgate 6 Ps of Reading Fluency - Term 2

We have been practising our use of PITCH. Take a look at us in action...



Hurrah the 19th century!

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We are learning to play the Ukuleles during Term 1 and 2

Term 2 - PE


We have been exploring how we send and receive balls as well as work on improving our core balance through playing seated volleyball. 

Exploring how to send and receive balls.

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Term 1 - PE 

Check out our ball skills! We are working on our fundamental movement skills: Agility, Balance and C-ordination. 

Excellent determination!

Still image for this video

Fantastic effort!

Still image for this video

Brilliant concentration!

Still image for this video


Term 1 - Online Safety


This term, we have focused on Online Safety. We have had some fantastic discussions and learnt lots. We talked about the importance of secure passwords. We discussed our thoughts and suggested ways to make sure our passwords were strong. The children used a password generator flow chart to remind them of the different elements that a strong password needs, including, use of letters and numbers; use of symbols; use of upper/lower case letters and its length. All of the children then used the flow chart to create their own passwords. We used a password checker to see how safe the passwords were.

We moved on to thinking about searching for content online. We talked about ways to do this and how we could identify whether content was safe and accurate for us to use. The children then followed the ‘advanced search tool’ through google and learnt how they could filter different content out of their searches including explicit words/images.

Finally, we talked about in-app purchases and the importance of remembering that gaming money is still REAL money. The children understood the ways in which advertising companies try and filter content to try and persuade you to click and then buy! The children created their own loot boxes. 


Science - Term 2

We are really enjoying our new unit all about forces. Recently, we have investigated water resistance by designing our own streamlined boats and completed a mini experiment based on exploring different streamline shapes.

We have learnt all about pulleys, levers and gears. We sorted the statements and created our own marvellous machines which used either pulleys, gears, levers or all of them to move. 


Golden Time FUN!

Still image for this video
The children work hard all week to earn Golden Time and.... extra Golden Time - take a look at how much fun we have!

Friday 10th December 2021 - HAPPY CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY!