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Learning and Growing Together



Wow, we are nearly at the end of the school year! We still have lots of lovely things planned for the children with lots of learning and extra activities for fun for our Y6 children!

Keep checking to see what these exciting last few weeks will entail.




This week, the teachers could not decide who could be our Star because everyone has worked so incredibly hard over the last few weeks paying particular attention to their writing! It was decided that we would choose the whole class...the whole year group in fact! Each and every child deserves the recognition of such hard work, positive attitudes and great pieces of writing produced. 


Well done 6HM. You are all amazing!


Harry Potter puppets: The children made a character from Harry Potter and learnt a song together! The worked in small teams to preform the song which was good fun!

SCIENCE- What is the circulatory system?

PHSE-This week we looked at who is in our Relationship Map. These are people we trust, who we can turn to for help and we thought about situations when we might need to use them.

English-letter writing


This week, we have focused on becoming Lucius Malfoy-Draco's dad- from Harry Potter. In the film, Draco is assaulted by Hermione Granger and of course, Draco's dad does not like that! So, he writes a letter of complaint to Cornelius Fudge to order Dumbledore to make changes at Hogwarts and stop Muggle-born (Hermione) attend the school. 


We had to use very formal language, be persuasive and demanding (without insulting) him, and use Harry Potter terminology for the names of the characters-Pure-bloods, Half-bloods and Muggles! 


Lots of fantastic writing was seen. The children are continuing to do so well with their writing!


Next week, we will have some action. The Chimera, three headed animal, has taken over our school hall and Percy Jackson, Annabeth and Grover (from the Percy Jackson series) have to defeat the monster!




This term, we will be learning Coding in our ICT sessions. We started with an introduction to Scratch and created a code for a character to move across the screen. Some children knew already how to use the Scratch programme, whereas some have never seen it. It didn't take long for those to pick it up! It was very interesting! I wonder what we might learn next week. 

In our PHSE sessions, we are beginning to look at what makes a healthy relationship. We considered what positive things you would need as an ingredient to a healthy relationship. Showing maturity, everyone came up with some super ideas. We then had to decide on 9 key ingredients and order them using a diamond 9 showing what is the most important at the top. Great discussions and listening skills were seen by everyone!

Fun Maths! Guess my number and 8 in a row times table challenge!

Term 6 Stars!

PE- Bean bag raid!

PE-Bean bag raid

Still image for this video

Term 5

A busy term for us all where we will work hard, flourish and shine! Keep checking back to see what we get up to!



Term 5 and Term 6 will be all about Magic, Myths and Mayhem! 

We have some exciting opportunities to learn about Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We will be looking at these themes in topic lessons as well as in English! 

Keep a look out for some fantastic writing, art work and themed learning.




Are you telling the truth? We used our science skills in the English lesson last week to create a Bubbling Truth Serum. We added different Harry Potter ingredients together to observe a chemical reaction between them! The class were asked if they 'hated English'. Lots of children said Yes! Well...the truth was told: it bubbled! Therefore all the children secretly LOVE writing and they lied when saying they hated it!


From this, we created our own instructions of what to do if you were planning a children's party! Some super writing in Mrs M's English set-well done!

No children were harmed. Just a stinky classroom was left behind!

3D Clay artwork!


This term, we have used 3D clay to create Harry Potter sorting hats, our very own wands which we had to design from scratch looking carefully at the details we could create and card boxes to keep the wands in!

When the clay was dry, we painted them carefully to give them a wonderful finish! Take a look.

Picture This- take a look at the wonderful sketching and water colour painting the children have completed!


What a hoot of a day! wink

Today, we had furry visitors including different types of owls and birds of prey! We learnt lots of facts about the birds, we were able to hold one and watch them fly in our own flying demonstration on the field in the sunshine! One owl took a liking to Mrs M in the hall after flying quite some distance for a 5 week old owl and then he tried to nibble Mr PG's ear when he was in the classroom but soon settled on his lap! 


As well as this, we looked at owl pellets: a smelly, disgusting but interesting activity where we found small bones inside the pellets from what the birds had eaten. Cool but yuk!


We also started our Picture This art work where we are focusing on an image from Harry Potter and attempting to sketch and paint our own Hedwig! Look at what we have done so far and check back soon for our finished pieces.



This term will be a busy one for the children who will be sitting their KS2 Sats in May. The children have worked incredibly hard and I am sure, they will continue to do so and be able to achieve what they deserve! Attitudes, learning and behaviour has been wonderful since the children have returned and I commend them on this! Keep it up.





We have successfully completed the English SATs testing and on the home straight with our Maths tests over the next few days!


We are all working hard and trying our best!!


Keep going 6HM. You're all amazing! 

Well-being time! The children sketched their own Hogwarts Castle this week-don't they look fantastic!?

T5 Week 2 STARS!

Term 4 

Can you believe we are in Term 4 already? The children are working hard so make sure you check back regularly to see what we are doing in class!

ENGLISH- Science Fiction stories


The last 2 weeks, we have been investigating Sci-fi stories!

We have found out what makes something Sci-fi, what films and characters we all know already and different settings that you would find in films and books.


We have read different stories to give us ideas for our own. We have created 2 characters that will be in our stories and have drawn what our settings will look like. We completed a 'Box up' version of our stories using a well-known story (Hansel and Gretel) to help guide our ideas. This way of working can help us follow a structure which is a skill when you are writing stories.


We have all been excited about our plans and cannot wait to begin writing them next week! Watch this space.





We are revising all areas of Maths and working so well and enthusiastically in Mrs Marshall's set!


We have solved many problems over the last few weeks including: area and perimeter, measures, volume, money, algebra, time and statistics! Wow, we have done so much and Mrs Marshall is super proud of you all.





This week, we have researched who Sir David Attenborough is! We all knew who he was from watching many of the programmes he has created. We looked at different facts about his early life, his personal life and his career. 

We had 12 questions to answers with facts about his life. We moved around the room to gather this information and recorded on the activity sheet. 


Next week, we will be choosing an animal to research and then create a presentation of facts using what we have learnt this term and then we will present to the class in the style of David Attenborough. I wonder if anyone will be able to demonstrate their best Attenborough voice?


Term 4-TOPIC


A mystery box was delivered to school with some interesting finds inside! With many exhibits to look at including a strange piece of metal, some shell which could have been from an unexplained egg, lots of images that could have been left behind from an alien and many sightings and evidence of possible alien visits to Earth.


We investigated the exhibits and debated whether aliens are real. Many of us had our own weird stories to tell but at the end, we chose 'aliens are real', 'aliens are not real' or 'I am unsure'. 


Do you believe in aliens?

TOPIC- Would you travel to Mars?


Over the last couple of weeks, we have researched what has happened so far with space exploration and what Nasa's plans are for colonising Mars in the near future. 


To begin with, we discussed would we move to Mars? Lots of children said yes!


Then we investigated what life would be like there and how long it would take to get there. We found out that once you are there, there is no coming back! This made a few of us change our minds.


We looked at the different Rovers that have been sent to Mars to identify what it might be like there. We also looked at what Elon Musk is planning for the future with Space X.


At the end of the lesson, we made a decision, would we travel to Mars? Some children's feelings had changed from the start to the end of the lesson!


World Book Day 2022

This year, we have had fun engaging in different activities during our day! Some children were dressed up like a book character or in their comfy clothes! We shared a picture book: Flotsam and used our retrieval and inference skills to discuss the text together. We completed a number of quizzes: MC Grammar's World Book Day song/quiz, Mrs Cross' BIG quiz, Teachers' Shelvies and a World Book Day quiz. We made our own Bookmark which we hope to use when we read our own books. 



Term 4 PE-Jump ball!

SCIENCE-Classifying characteristics of different animals.

TOPIC-What has happened in the history of Space Exploration? The children ordered events that have happened previously and created a class timeline together of the key events that have led to space exploration today!



In English this week, we have focused on writing a recount from the perspective of Neil Armstrong and the moon landing in 1969. We worked as a class to gather lots of vocabulary to describe the moon and how he must have felt making this monumental achievement for the whole world. We used our reading skills and read WABOLLS (What a bad one looks like). This helped us to see what we should avoid doing and how our word choices can really impact our audience. We then read WAGOLLS (What a good one looks like) and created ideas together to then help us in our own independent writing. We are all working hard on using the SPAG skills we have learnt in our SPAG sessions whilst remembering to engage with our audience with interesting vocabulary. Come back soon to see our published writing! 


This term, we have revisited reflection, translation and coordinates! We have worked hard to solve problems and practise our skills to become super confident. This week, we have focused on arithmetic by revising long multiplication, long division and fractions! We have practised adding and subtracting fractions and multiplying and dividing fractions. In Mrs Marshall's set, the children have been showing a great understanding of all areas! Well done all smiley


Home learning and Pre Learning

Remember to complete your Home learning on Teams each week and to make some notes and highlight the pre learning sheets you get each week. It is very important you make an effort with this so you are ready for Secondary School!


Keep a look out for all the fun things we will get up to this term.


Still image for this video
We have learnt about what deforestation is and how this impacts the environment. We found out information about Palm Oil and how it is farmed and what damage it can do if not farmed correctly. We found out that the loss of forests has increased over the years in line with the expansion of palm oil and how many companies decide to only use sustainable palm oil in their products or even only promote and sell palm oil free products. We worked as a class to create this short video!


We have looked at how plants and animals adapt to their surroundings in order to survive and be able to reproduce. We researched how plants can adapt to living in mountains, in deserts and in rainforests and grouped them in different ways according to their features. We found out that some plants have a defensive mechanism to prevent predators from eating them, how they store water and how they keep safe and warm or how to prevent getting burnt from the sun! 


We then focused on animals and how they adapt and evolve over time. We found out about Charles Darwin's finch theory and investigated how the finches had different beaks on each Galapagos Island which enabled them to feed on different types of food sources. Then, we became the finch! We had our own 'beak' (a spoon, a peg, scissors or binder clip), a stomach (a cup) and many different foods which consisted of: marbles, dried peas, rubber bands, marshmallows and macaroni pasta). We planned our own investigation and imitated being a finch and ate the food for 30seconds! We soon realised, in order to survive, we needed to adapt to gain our food, so we used our beaks in different ways. We found out which beak was the best, which food was the best and could identify which island and which beak we would choose if we could! Great fun was had by all but no food was consumed by humans!

ENGLISH-Persuasive Writing


This week, we have learnt about EARTH HOUR and are working towards creating our own letters to persuade local businesses, famous landmarks and celebrities to take part in it this year. Earth Hour is an event that is supported all around the world to raise awareness of Climate Change and the damage it is causing on our planet. Earth Hour is where people are encouraged to turn off their lights for an hour to make a stand in support for this global movement. 


We have created persuasive posters that we will put around the school and on social media to promote this opportunity of trying to do our own bit to help the planet! We have looked at example letters to find the different features so we can magpie them in our own letters!


Ask your child who they might write to next week! 

ICT-Microsoft Excel. We have been using the laptops to learn how to input a formula into an excel grid to change the data given. This was tricky, but we got there! We even learnt some easy ways to change the data quickly which surprised us!

English-Newspaper Reports

Last week, we began a new unit and will be working towards writing our own newspaper reports about the world around us. 

Firstly, we looked at and read different types of newspaper reports and recapped the features we would find in them. We learnt about an event that occurred recently- COP 26 and how world leaders came together to discuss the plan and agree what countries can do to help reduce Climate Change. 


In SPAG, we focused on different tenses that we may use within the reports. 


We began to plan our own Newspaper report in small teams. We created Headlines, standfirst ideas and ideas for the reorientation. Together, we created ideas for the main body of the report.


Keep a look out for our final reports! 


This term we have been busy already! We have revised perimeter and area of shapes; we have recapped 2D and 3D shape properties and and have now moved onto angles!


Last week, we began by measuring angles with a protractor. We realised we need to be accurate which is quite tricky. Surprisingly, we found drawing our own angles easier! 





In PE, we have been focusing on the fundamental skills to help us balance. We have put these skills into practise in a social skills team game of River Crossing. We have used good communication to help one another to cross the river which often had electric eels in! The aim is not to be the fastest, but to be the safest to cross and protect the things you may have to carry to safety. Lots of fun was had.


We are having a great time with Hockey this term. We are working on hitting the ball (and not our legs!) and passing to our team mates. We put our passing skills into practise and had a small game on Friday. Lots of fantastic control and accurate passing was seen, but more importantly, lots of smiles were seen!



TOPIC-Map skills


We have learnt some new vocabulary today in Topic. We located different parts of the Earth including the Equator, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. 

We found out that 80% of the world's land is in the Northern Hemisphere and located different countries on our maps using atlases. 


Picture This

At the start of this term , we started our topic learning with a picture. We answered key questions about the image and then recreated it as a sketch and then using oil pastels and soft pastels, created our own creation of the picture. 

What do we know about Planets?


We started our new topic with learning about the Solar System! We selected a planet to research and we worked in teams to create a fact-file poster about that planet! We answered questions including: how many moons does it have, where is it in the solar system, what it is like there, what does it look like and any interesting facts we found out with the research materials and use of the internet. 

These look wonderful!

Welcome to Term 2!

Keep looking to see what we get up to this term.

Our trip to the International Bomber Command Centre


Wow, what a wonderful day we have had. We had our very own Tour guide who showed us around the site, taught us lots of facts and told us stories of the fallen comrades and the amazing stories of the survivors. We visited their exhibition and found out more interesting facts; looked at many different artefacts (the dressing up in the actual outfits were clearly a hit with us) and finally we worked as a team to be part of a crew who helped fly a war plane on a bombing mission on the interactive table. We also walked around the gardens, had the fantastic opportunity to stand inside an Anderson Shelter and stood underneath the famous spire which was incredible when looking up at the height of the structure.


It was a wonderful day and the class did Westgate proud which was commented on by our guide! Well done all!


Our next unit in English is RECOUNTS-informal letters


In our Topic, we have learnt about why children were evacuated during WW2. We listened to lots of information about what life was like for the children, we thought about how they must have felt leaving their loved ones behind and going to the countryside and what experiences they may have had whilst they were away from the cities and their families. 


We created a piece of learning to show our understanding of the evacuation process. Over the rest of the week, we will be looking at the features of recounts and putting ourselves into the character of a child who has been evacuated. 


To consider thoughts and feelings of an evacuee 


We have thought about what children would have gone through during the evacuation process. We broke it down into smaller steps: Leaving the city behind, packing the suitcase, saying goodbye to family, the train journey, getting picked by the adults and how they would settle into countryside living. 


We worked in teams to gather lots of words, phrases and sentences to help with our letter writing later in the week.



We sorted our focus words into groups today depending on the sound it made. We found 'ough' makes several different sounds!




This year, we celebrated Children in Need with all things yellow, spotty, donating loose change, making and eating lots of cake and lots of smiles all round for a good cause! 

Science, DT and English



We have learnt what a periscope is, what it was used for in WW1 and WW2 and the science behind how it works. In Science, we learnt how light travels in straight lines and how it enters the periscope, hits the mirrors inside and then travels to the viewing hole for the human eye to see the object. We learnt about the history of the device and created mind-maps to help us with our English learning. In DT, we made our own Periscopes and we were able to use them in real life spying on what was happening along the street outside school! 


From this learning, we created our own explanation texts in English. We worked really hard to include the features of explanation texts as well as the science of how they work. Take a look at some finished texts.


PE-Seated Volleyball

6HM have been enjoying using different stomach muscles when completing the Fun Stations-these are the fundamental skills needed to be successful in the main games that we play. We have enjoyed played seated volley ball. It is quite challenging but we are coming up with new rules each time. We don't focus on the winning, but we focus on the School Values during each session. Lots of laughter was had during this session!

Reading Fluency


This term, we have been focusing on The Wizard of Oz in our Fluency sessions. We read a poem taking a line each and then performed it as a class. We focused on PACE and thought about when to speed up and slow down. We also showed lots of expression when we read it! Some children were happy to read a short stanza and be filmed! Take a look!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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6HM STARS 12th November 2021

 D was chosen for the Teacher star as she is such a wonderful young lady who tries her best in all that she does. Sometimes she lacks confidence in herself, but believe me, she shouldn't- she is amazing! She is kind to all, she is helpful, she is hardworking and such a super star. A valued member of our class and a deserving star this time. Well done!


Z was chosen as the Class star as he is such a great character in our class. he is honest, reliable and helpful to all. Z is often one to sort out problems in a polite and mature way. This is something that we thank him for. Z, you are a pleasure to teach, a hardworking boy and a worthy star! Well done!

Remembrance Day

The children have been thinking about all those soldiers who died fighting for our country. We created some beautiful art work that is displayed in the classroom and outside on the school gates. We hope you managed to see it over the weekend! 



This week, we have looked at why Anderson Shelters were used during WW2. We discussed who, where and why they were used. We looked at the shape of an Anderson Shelter and then designed two more different shapes and investigated if they were fit for purpose. We needed to ensure the structure would remain strong and secure and protect everything inside of it when hit by a bomb! 


We planned and predicted which shape would be best and gave reasons why. We then got to the making part! Now this was quite challenging. We learnt a new skill of creating tabs to secure the sides and the roof together when we assembled all the pieces. This was fiddly but with our Teamwork value, we were all successful in creating 3 different shelters. We used our math skills of measuring accurately and put our cutting skills to good use to ensure we were as straight as could be!


Words in bold =  vocabulary words of the week


English-Poetry Unit


Reading time

This week, we have started our poetry unit by investigating different historical poems written by and for soldiers in WW1 and WW2. We have read the poems and picked apart the language and the messages it gives the reader. We identified key words and phrases that we liked, to help us when we write our own poems this week. We then answered lots of PC SLIMER questions about the text to show our understanding.


English time

We flashbacked to our poetry unit in Y5 to try and retrieve key aspects that poets often use to create an image in the reader's mind. We recapped alliteration, personification, metaphors, similes and hyperbole. 

This week, we are going to write our own poems for Remembrance day. Today, we begun by creating stanzas in small teams to create our own group poem about life in the trenches. We thought about the feelings soldiers would have gone through before the battle, during the fighting and the aftermath of the battle. We included different features to create an image in the reader's mind. We contributed ideas to create a class poem. 


Keep a look out for our own poems over the coming days!






Today, we launched our new topic of fractions by flashbacking to previous learning in Y3,Y4 and Y5. We completed different retrieval activities like Brain download and Picture Stimulus to get us talking and remembering things from previous learning. We shared ideas, we recapped what we knew and then were surprised with a packet of Skittles! With these, we identified the colours and worked out the fractions for each colour and created a bar model to show our fractions.


At the end, we were told to put them in the bin...(our mouths were the bin!)wink

To launch the start of our World War Two topic, we had an incredible workshop day.


Over the course of the day, we were fortunate to have a historian (Leigh) talk to us in detail about key events during World War Two and explain to us what it may have been like. We took part in the following activities: first aid- which was hard work carrying people on a stretcher and tying bandages; discovering and exploring key artefacts (where we were fascinated in what Leigh had to tell us about them); learning about the timeline of key events; undertaking bomb disposal and acting as fire fighters as part of an ARP session; and creating a Blitz piece of artwork inspired by the artist Wilfred Stanley Haines (who was a fireman who sadly died during a bomb attack).


A fantastic day was had by all! Well done Y6!

Timeline of events in WW2

First Aid in WW2

Air Raid Precaution (ARP) Wardens!

Art work-Wilfred Stanley Haines inspired

ARP Siren Warning

Still image for this video

Air Raid Siren

Still image for this video

Reading Fluency-6Ps

Today, the children have been super busy! We practised our Reading Fluency focusing on POWER when we read a section from a story! We did lots of sharing to show different ways we could create suspense and excitement when we raised, lowered, sped up, and slowed down our voices. 



English: Diary Entries


In our writing unit this week, we have learnt how to use the Active and Passive voice. Passive is a vocabulary word of the week that we are focusing on too! Ask your 6HM child to show you the action for passive! 


We all understood how to change between the two and attempted to write our own ready to use in our diary entries this week.




In Maths today, most of the class got their answers wrong! Mrs Marshall was pleased with this...I know, this isn't normal! But we soon realised why and that we were meant to get it wrong to start with! 

We have learnt a new Y6 skill using BODMAS/BIDMAS. We have to use the orders of operations to solve the problems.



D- division

M- multiplication

A- addition

S- subtraction


At the end of the lesson, we were whizzing through the questions and felt confident! Tomorrow we will do more which everyone seemed excited for!

PE-End ball


Last week in PE, the children worked in small teams to play End Ball. They really enjoyed this game and after talking about how we could make improvements, adding in rules and ensuring all team mates were participating well, we decided this week to play on a larger scale.


The children worked in 3 different teams and had to focus on TEAMWORK and RESPECT. All children agreed at the end, they were successful in achieving these values. Lots of goals were scored, however, the class did not focus on this, nor discuss how many and who won...the only focus was the values and of course having a great time! 


One child commented, ' I feel like I have had a right workout as I am that sweaty!' 

Sweaty and smiley children is a good sign of a good session! smiley

Well done 6HM


Science: Electricity


Maths: Four operations

Today the children have learnt a new skill: long division!

It is a very tricky skill but with positivity and self-belief, we know we will be successful with this new method. You use long division when dividing by 2 digits. We listened to a song and learnt Mrs Marshall's (legendary) long division dance moves to help learn the steps to solving the problem. We found we used division, multiplication and subtraction methods in just one sum! We will continue to focus on this over the coming days and see who can crack it! 

Some children were so eager to have a go, they continued to do it sat on a bench at breaktime...dedication that!

TOPIC-History and Geography

In our topic session this week, we used atlases and maps to locate the different countries that were involved during WW1. We worked in small groups to locate a list of countries. We used Teamwork to work together to locate the countries and then found them on our class world map.

Maths: Short division 


This week we have recapped the short division method. We have realised we must know our times tables to be confident with this method. 

We have solved division problems with remainders in the answers and written them as a remainder and as a fraction. 


All of the class have shown determination and confidence with this method! Well done!



English: Diary Entries

In our third lesson of the topic, we focused on different tenses. We started with a flashback to previous learning about past, present and future tenses. We wrote sentences in different tenses on whiteboards to gather ideas together. We then worked in teams to identify the correct tense the  different sentences were written in. We gathered lots of ideas that we will use in our own diary writing.

English: Diary Entries

In this lesson, we had a flashback to the previous day to recap the information about life in the trenches. We also recapped different types of figurative language to help give ideas of descriptive phrases that could be used in the diary entries. We watched video clips, looked at different images and read quotes from soldiers to help us collect ideas about life in the trenches. We also read a WAGOLL of a diary entry and found the different features that we need to include in our own diaries next week! 

English: Recounts - Diary Entries

We have started a new writing unit this week and will be building up to writing our own diary entries in role of a soldier living in the trenches. 

In our first session, we found out about what life was like living in the trenches. We created some information texts which showed the daily jobs soldiers completed, what the trenches were like to live, sleep and eat in and what dangers they faced on a daily basis. 

6HM Class Stars


This week, Thomas and Luca were our lucky winners and were chosen to be the stars.


Thomas won the class vote for being a great friend and for being really funny. Children said he is amazing at listening to Mrs Marshall and produces great work. He has an infectious smile, he is kind and he always does his best. He also does some fantastic impressions so maybe we will see him on stage in the future. Well done!


Luca was awarded the Teacher star for always being a reliable, helpful, hardworking member of our class. He gets on with everything Mrs Marshall asks of him and he tries his best to be successful in every lesson. His mature attitude stands out and we know that he will be amazing this year if he continues with this positive approach to school. A deserving star, keep it up Luca!

6HM goes swimming!


After a few ups and downs this term, we finally went swimming! Although the bus 'forgot' to collect us, we finally made it to the pool and had an amazing time! And the bus delivered us safely back to school!


There were many smiles, few nervous faces but lots of eager children desperate to get in the pool and have a lesson...and a playtime at the end! 


Mrs Marshall was the proudest teacher to see children overcome their fears and have fun. Swimming is a hard task and is not for everyone, but the first session is done and we cannot wait for the next one! Well done guys!

What a week of Maths!


The children have been super busy with their Four Operations focus!


Previously, the children have focused on addition and subtraction methods which they were confident with! This week, the children have recapped multiples, factors, prime numbers, short multiplication and long multiplication! They have been amazing!


One thing we all realised is, we definitely need to know and be confident with our Times Tables!




This term, we are focusing on the story Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo. We are listening to the audio of the story and getting hooked on the excitement, the anticipation and the great story line that we all want to find out more each time we listen to it! 

We are focusing on our PC SLIMER skills making predictions, explaining words, summarising chapters, and comparing relationships between the main characters. The children are loving this story so far!






Last year, Westgate held a Book Fair in the Summer Term and because lots of orders were made, the school were given some book tokens. Mrs Marshall decided to treat each class with their own surprise book. It came wrapped up like a present for us to open! 


We cannot wait to get stuck into our class book and read it together for fun! 


LO: To understand why WW1 started

The children found out what triggered the start of WW1, when it started and when it finished, why other countries joined the war and why Britain declared war on Germany.


They also learnt key vocabulary: assassination, triggered, cause, Heir and alliance.


LO: To locate the countries involved in WW1.

The children learnt more reasons for the WW1 starting-it wasn't just the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand. They learnt the acronym- MAIN to remember some more reasons for the start of WW1. 

For one of the tasks, the children used the atlases to locate the main countries involved. Looking at atlases is very interesting indeed!

ICT: Online Reputation

We discussed what an online personality is and how this can influence what people think of us. The class created their own poster of what their online personality looks like compared to their actual personality.

Picture This

All the children tried really hard to create their own painting of this propaganda poster.

Take a look at some super drawing and painting skills.

Lincolnshire Day


Topic Home Learning

Some of our class have spent time at home researching and getting creative for their topic learning. Well done-we enjoyed celebrating these in class!


This term we will be focusing on Electricity. Take a look at the learning journey to find out what we will be doing!

Science: Lesson 1

We have launched our new topic in Science by having a Flashback to prior learning from Y4. We completed lots of mini activities to recap our learning.


We are focusing revising different areas of number in Maths. We showed are excellent understanding and confidence with multiplying by 10,100 and 1000. Super effort by everyone challenging themselves.

The children will be focusing on these key areas on their learning journey in Maths. Take a look to see how you can support them at home.

English: Persuasive Speech

In our first unit in English, we will be creating our own persuasive speeches trying to encourage young British men to join the army in World War One which is linked to our Topic learning.


In Lesson 1, we began by finding out why men were needed to join up. We looked at the positive reasons for joining the army and the negative impact if the men didn't join. 


We then used our drama skills and created a 'conscience corridor' where we shared our reasons to try and persuade a young soldier (Mrs Marshall) to join up. Soldiers had a hard task in deciding what to do!


Take a look at our English learning journey which will help us to create our Persuasive Speech.



A huge well done to all of 6HM is needed! Each and every one of you have tried your best since we have been doing our remote teaching. You have impressed me with attending meetings, showing learning and making the most of a hard situation. 


I cannot wait to be back in school with you all and finally getting our learning underway!


Sending best wishes to all in our class.


Well done 6HM!

Term 1



In English, we watched a short film clip called the 'Dream Giver' to create a short piece of writing.


We worked in teams to think about one aspect of the film- Story, Setting, Character, Sound and Colour. We shared ideas as a team and then joined them together to create one sentence for each main part of the film clip. We joined all our ideas together to create a great piece of writing with super descriptions.


We had to listen to one another, work well together and respect each others ideas. We focused on teamwork, excellence and respect values.






This term we are learning about World War One


In our first Topic lesson, we worked as a team to help identify significant events in history.


1) We ordered key events from world history in chronological order. We were very good at this in our groups!


2) We then discussed what the 20th Century means and looked at different events that have happened during this century. We looked at the events and tried our best to place them in the correct decade we thought they happened in. We then shared the answers and were surprised by some and others we knew already from previous learning! 


3) We then created our own time line of significant events to be displayed in the classroom.



Rock Paper Scissors


The class showed their competitive side with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors! Lots of smiles, cheers and fun was had.


The children are sharing new ideas for games to play to help our new class get to know one another! 


This term we will be focusing on Tag Rugby.


We enjoyed a game of Stuck in the Mud with the Tags. Lots of laughter and running about was needed for everyone at the end of a tiring but great first week!


Great catching and throwing in small teams-superb effort 6HM!