Westgate Academy

Learning and Growing Together


Term 1



In English, we watched a short film clip called the 'Dream Giver' to create a short piece of writing.


We worked in teams to think about one aspect of the film- Story, Setting, Character, Sound and Colour. We shared ideas as a team and then joined them together to create one sentence for each main part of the film clip. We joined all our ideas together to create a great piece of writing with super descriptions.


We had to listen to one another, work well together and respect each others ideas. We focused on teamwork, excellence and respect values.






This term we are learning about World War One


In our first Topic lesson, we worked as a team to help identify significant events in history.


1) We ordered key events from world history in chronological order. We were very good at this in our groups!


2) We then discussed what the 20th Century means and looked at different events that have happened during this century. We looked at the events and tried our best to place them in the correct decade we thought they happened in. We then shared the answers and were surprised by some and others we knew already from previous learning! 


3) We then created our own time line of significant events to be displayed in the classroom.



Rock Paper Scissors


The class showed their competitive side with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors! Lots of smiles, cheers and fun was had.


The children are sharing new ideas for games to play to help our new class get to know one another! 


This term we will be focusing on Tag Rugby.


We enjoyed a game of Stuck in the Mud with the Tags. Lots of laughter and running about was needed for everyone at the end of a tiring but great first week!


Great catching and throwing in small teams-superb effort 6HM!