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Join the pupils of 6HS, Mrs Hill, Mrs Swannack and Miss Howlett on our exciting learning journey!

Please take a look at all of our amazing learning so far!



This week, we celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with a day of fun crafts and a picnic. Check out the photos and the amazing video on Facebook! Thank you to Mrs Cross, Mrs Watkinson, Mr PG, Miss Howlett and Miss Fox for organising a great day! 

PE: Doctor Dodgeball

This week, we started the term with a PE lesson focused on TEAMWORK. We had so much fun playing Doctor Dodgeball. It is probably one of our favourite games!



As part of our Topic (Magic, Myths and Mayhem), we are completing Harry Potter-themed writing. So far, we have written: a missing scene from Diagon Alley, an owl information text, a diary entry and a set of Harry Potter potions instructions! Have a look at our amazing writing so far!

SCIENCE: Harry Potter Potions

As part of our Topic (Magic, Myths and Mayhem), we conducted a Harry Potter-themed experiment: making a Bubbling Truth Serum! We then used our English skills to write a set of instructions for our potion. Take a look at our experiment in action!

ART: Picture This

Take a look at our amazing Picture This art for the term!


Today, we had some very special visitors in school! We were treated to a show and talk with some owls and other special birds. Then, we had to dissect some owl pellets- yuck! However, we did find some interesting bones- including some mice skulls. All whilst Bugs the owl was wandering around the classroom! Finally, we were treated to a flying show, where we got to see them perform lots of amazing tricks! We even got to hold an owl each! We had a hoot of a day!


6HS Treat

6HS were set the challenge of filling our class jar full of counters. Each counter earned was because of super learning or exceptional behaviour. As a reward, 6HS decided to have a hot chocolate treat. We certainly did enjoy our hot chocolates and milk shakes with cream, marshmallows and gingerbread men!



As we have been working really hard to prepare for our upcoming SAT tests, 6HS had a little bit of downtime and created their own interpretations of Hogwart's school. Check out our amazing creations!


TERM 4: Week 5 AND Week 6


DT: Making Grabbers

TERM 4: Week 3 and 4

TOPIC: The National Space Centre

Today, we visited The National Space Centre as part of our Topic learning: OUT OF THIS WORLD.

We had lots of fun exploring the different areas: The Rocket Tower, The Universe, Our Solar System, Into Space and Space Oddities.

Finally, we visited the Planetarium, where we watched an amazing show all about the planets in our solar system!


TERM 4: Week 1 and 2

PE: Jump Ball

TOPIC: Should we live on Mars?


Over the past couple of weeks, we have looked at the current and future plans for space travel to Mars.


We completed lots of mini tasks and gathered lots of ideas and facts.

MINI TASK 1: Fact or fiction.

MINI TASK 2: Why Mars?

MINI TASK 3: Mars– the positives and negatives.

MINI TASK 4: Would you live on Mars?

MINI TASK 5: What has happened so far?

Take a look at the display we made!


TOPIC: Space Timeline

In this lesson, we used our TEAMWORK skills to work in pairs to order a range of events of space travel. We then compared our timeline with the chronological ordered timeline and used our ORACY skills to share our part of the timeline with the rest of the class. We used our RESPECT skills to listen carefully to each other. We asked and answered questions about the different events. We then designed our own timeline to put up around the classroom! Take a look at us in action.

TERM 3: WEEK 5 and 6

MATHS: Measures

Today, we have looked at using our multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 skills to covert between different units of length. Check us out in today's active Maths lesson.

SCIENCE: The Beak Investigation

Today, we have looked at how animals have adapted over time. We carried out a beak investigation to observe how the shape of a bird's beak can affect what it eats. 

RE: The Sacred Thread Ceremony

Take a look at our amazing Sacred Thread Ceremony learning!


MATHS: 2D Shapes


This week, we have revised the properties of 2D shapes. We made lots of different 2D shapes by completing an origami task. We recapped lots of different properties including, angles, parallel lines and perpendicular lines. Mrs Hill was really impressed by our paper folding skills!


In PE this week, we practised the FUNDAMENTAL skill of balance before we showed off our TEAMWORK skills with a game of River Crossing. It certainly wasn't as easy as we thought it was going to be!

MATHS: 3D Shapes


This week, we have revised the properties of 3D shapes. Take a look at some of our amazing learning!

TERM 3: WEEK 1 and 2


This week, we started our new REAL PE topic. First, we practised our Dynamic Balance skills before testing our TEAMWORK skills in our River Crossing activity. We showed amazing TEAMWORK skills and had great fun trying to cross the river without falling in the water! 


This week, we have revised how to calculate the area and perimeter of squares and rectangles. When then applied this knowledge to finding the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes.


MATHS: Problem Solving

Over the past two weeks, we have been working really hard with our Ratio learning. Today, we have applied everything we have been learning to help us solve some tricky problems. Check out our amazing Picture Maths learning!

ENGLISH: Discussion and Debate

As part of our Oracy week, we held a discussion about this statement:


The Christmas Truce was a good idea.


We discussed why some people may agree or disagree with this statement. Finally, we held our own debate and cast our own votes. Super Oracy skills 6HS! 

TOPIC: Life after WWII

To complete our wonderful topic learning, we looked at the after effects and life after WWII. We completed a Jigsaw activity where we all had to become experts in our particular area and pass on information to our team. 


Did you know... rationing didn't end until 1945! That's 15 years after is first started! 



MATHS: Ratio

This week, we have started our tricky ratio learning. All of the children in 6HS have been working so hard with this topic. Take a look at some of our amazing learning so far!


ENGLISH: Feature Finding

As part of our Recount unit, we have looked at some WAGOLLs. In preparation for our writing later this week, we identified the key features and found examples of FORFEIT? (First person, order, reactions/reflections, emotions, informal, tense and rhetorical questions). Keep an eye out for our amazing writing later this week!


SCIENCE: Shadow Puppets!

As part of our Light topic, we looked at how shadows are formed. We carried out investigations by creating shadow puppets out of opaque, translucent and transparent materials!

PE: Benchball

This week, we have used all of our fundamental skills and applied them to a game of benchball. We showed super TEAMWORK skills- even if we were quite competitive!


International Bomber Command Centre: 6HS School Trip

We were so excited to finally go on our first school trip in two years! Today, we visited the IBC centre, where we learnt about the importance of the Bomber Command Regiment. We were lucky enough to have a tour of the site, visit the exhibition and look at artefacts from WWII. We had an amazing day, and can't thank the staff and volunteers at the IBCC enough. Please take a look at the photos from our day!

REAL PE: Seated Balance and Scorpion Handball.

This week, our FUNDAMENTAL skills focused on floor work: seated balance. We then put these skills into practice by playing a game of Scorpion Handball!


SCIENCE: Periscopes

This week, we have linked our Science and History learning together by learning about periscopes. We first learnt about their importance in WWI and how they are still used today. Then, we created our own periscopes before learning about how they worked.  

MATHS: Multiplying Fractions

It has been fraction week this week! We have been learning how to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers. Today, we have looked at how to multiply fractions and mixed numbers. Take a look at some of our fluency, reasoning and problem solving learning! 

REAL PE: Static Balance and Seated Volleyball.

This week, our FUNDAMENTAL skills focused on floor work: static balance. We then put these skills into practice by playing a game of seated volleyball. Check us out in action!


DT: Anderson Shelters

This week, we planned, built, tested and evaluated our own Anderson shelters. We had to use our History and Maths skills to be able to create our own shelters. We made Anderson shelters of different shapes and tested them to see which was the most effective. 


Linking with our current topic, we discussed the significance of the poppy in WWI. All of the Y6 pupils have created a piece of poppy art and remembrance poetry, and we wanted to share these with our local community. We would love for you to take a look at some of our learning, that can be found on display at the front of school.


TOPIC: WWII Workshop Day


To launch the next part of our topic- World War Two- we had a brilliant workshop day. We had an amazing day with Leigh the historian. He talked to us in detail about the key events of WWII and what life would have been like. Throughout the day, we took part in the following activities: a Blitz art activity (inspired by a WWII fireman named Wilfred Stanley Haines); a first aid exercise, where we learnt how to lift stretchers and bandage the injured; exploring WWII artefacts- where we learnt lots of interesting information from Leigh; and bomb disposal and fire fighting exercises. 


We had some much fun learning lots about WWII. We also had to show many of our school values throughout the day: Respect and Positivity, when looking at the artefacts and listening to Leigh, and Teamwork- when completing each of the activities. 







MATHS: Fractions Flashback

This week, we have started our new topic: FRACTIONS. Today, we have FLASHBACKED to our Y3, 4 and 5 fractions learning. First, we completed a Brain Download to see how much we could remember about our new topic. Then, we completed another retrieval task by listing the real-life links to fractions. Finally, we had fun calculating the fractions of Skittles... before we ate them all! Who knew Maths could be so tasty! 

ENGLISH: Remembrance Poetry

In Reading and Writing this week, we are focusing on Remembrance Poetry. As a class, we have used our TEAMWORK skills and worked together to create our own emotive poem. We FLASHBACKED to our Y5 learning and recapped the key features of poetry and Figurative Language. Take a look at the amazing poem we have created!


COMPUTING: Privacy and Security

This week in Computing, we have looked at how we can keep safe when using our favourite apps. We listed all of the apps we use and the settings they have that help us to stay safe when using them. Take a look at the posters we made about our favourite apps!

PE: Dodgeball

This week, we have revisited our Real PE fundamental skills and applied them to a game of Dodgeball... and we LOVE Dodgeball! You can really see how our agility and coordination skills have developed over the term!

ENGLISH: Trench Diaries

This week, we have carried on with our new English unit. Before we start to write, we have looked at a brand new SPaG skill: the active and passive voice. Check out our amazing active and passive sentences!


COMPUTING: Persuasive Design

This week in Computing, we have focused on how games and apps use Persuasive Design to encourage us to continue playing/watching. We were really surprised with all of the different ways games and apps try to encourage us!

MATHS: Division

This week, we have FLASHBACKED to Year 4 and 5 by revising the short division method. We have then used this, our times tables skills and multiples learning to solve problems using the long division method. Check out some of our fluency learning so far!

MATHS: Short Division

This week, Miss Howlett's group have been consolidating their understanding of the short division method using some hands on equipment. Check out their amazing learning!

ENGLISH: Tenses Revision

In preparation for our trench diary writing, we revised the different tenses: simple past, past progressive, simple present, present progressive and future. We sorted different sentences into categories as well as creating our own!

TOPIC: The End of WWI

This week, we discussed how and why WWI ended. We looked at the key factors and decided which of these was the most influential in bringing the war to an end. 

ENGLISH: Collecting Vocabulary

This week, we have launched our new English unit: Diary Writing from the Trenches. To help us with our writing, we have collected useful words and phrases based on the five senses. We then identified the Steps to Success in our WAGOLL.



We had a very special visit from Mrs Marshall this week! She came to bring us a lovely gift- a new class book to read! We were given... Alex Rider! We were so excited, we had to start reading it straight away! We can't wait to carry on reading it this term!

ENGLISH: Persuasive Writing

This week, we have continued to draft our persuasive speeches. Take a look at some more of our amazing writing! Keep a look out for some of our performances later this week!

SCIENCE: Circuits Investigation

This week, we have continued our circuits learning by carrying out an investigation. We looked at how different voltages can affect bulbs, motors and buzzers. We had lots of fun building the different circuits!



This week, we celebrated Lincolnshire Day by learning about the creation of the first tank: Little Willie. Did you know, Lincoln is the birthplace of the tank? Take a look at our amazing self-initiated learning!

ENGLISH: Persuasive Writing

This week, we started to draft our persuasive speeches. We are trying to persuade men to join the Western Front. Take a look at some of our amazing writing so far!

MATHS: Addition and Subtraction

This week, we have flashbacked to our Y5 learning by revising how to use the formal methods for addition and subtraction. To help us with our understanding, we have used Bar Models, Part Whole Models and Place Value Charts. We then used the formal methods to add and subtract numbers with more than 4 digits, decimal numbers and complete Reasoning and Problem Solving tasks. 

SCIENCE: Repairing Circuits

This week, we worked in pairs to assemble different circuits. We had to decide if the circuits we were given would work or not. Then, we tested them by constructing the circuits. If they didn't work, we had to explain how we would fix them.


TOPIC: Battle of the Somme

Our topic lesson this week was about the Battle of the Somme. We looked at different sources of information (photos, diary extracts, recounts and letters). We had to decide whether we thought the Battle of the Somme was a success or not. Well done 6HS for showing lots of RESPECT and empathy!

PSHE: Peer Pressure

This week in PSHE, we demonstrated our TEAMWORK skills by discussing a set of scenarios. We had to decide on the advice we would give to people in these situations. Well done 6HS for some very mature discussions! 

COMPUTING: Online Personalities

This week, we have discussed what an online personality is and how this can influence people's perception of us. The children in 6HS were very honest in sharing their thoughts about their own online personality and how this compares to their actual personality. Take a look at some of our learning!


This week, we started our lesson with 'High Baby' before focusing on our agility skills. Finally, we played a very competitive game of Throw Tennis!


Very exciting news this week... we are able to use our school library again! Thank you to Mrs Marshall and Mrs Turner for organising all of our amazing books! IT'S GREAT TO BE BACK!


This week, we have started our Persuasive Writing unit. First, we have looked at all of the reasons why men should 'join up' to help the war effort in WWI. By the end of the unit, we will have planned, written and edited our own persuasive speeches. 


This week, we have continued with our Place Value learning. We have revised rounding whole numbers and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.



This week, we started our first Maths topic: Place Value. We have completed lots of hands on learning. Some of us even got to take part in some active Maths!

MATHS: Outdoor Learning

Today, we worked in teams to answer the question:




We had to plan our investigation and choose appropriate equipment before going outside to conduct our plan. Finally, we used our Metacognition skills to evaluate our approach to solving this problem.


SCIENCE: Launch Lesson

Today, we started our new Science Topic: Electricity. We completed lots of mini activities to recap our prior learning from Y4 as well as focusing on the key vocabulary for the term. 

ART: Picture This

For our Picture This focus this term, we have used a piece of WWI and WWII propaganda. Check out the amazing display we have created!


ENGLISH: Composition Writing

Today, we watched the film clip 'The Dream Giver'. We collected ideas for the story, setting, character, sounds, colour and speech. Using our Oracy skills, we created a super piece of writing as a class!


This week, we have launched in to our brand new History topic: THE WORLD AT WAR. We first recapped some of the significant periods in history (linking back to our previous learning) as well as the significant events of the 20th Century. We can't wait to learn more about WWI and WWII!


Wow! What a first day back at school. We started off our day by meeting the captain of Lincoln City FC! If only all days could start this way!

TERM 6: JULY 2021


Well done to 6HS for a wonderful transition morning! We can't wait to see you again in September! We hope you have a wonderful summer break!