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Learning and Growing Together


smileyWelcome to 6KLsmiley

We are a wonderful class of Year 6 children. Our teacher is Ms Lindsay and our wonderful teaching assistant is Mrs Pervez. Join us on our exciting learning journey this year. Check out our class page for frequent updates, photos and examples of our learning.

Term 1

This term, we will be learning all about World War One.

Maths - Week 2

We have had a great week of maths! 

This is our class reader for the term: an exciting blend of myths, adventure and modern times. One of Ms Lindsay's favourite book series! 

Retrieval Practice


This year, we are going to be focusing on trying to get more of our learning to STICK! We discussed our answers to two questions: What is learning? What is memory? We talked about short-term memory and long-term memory. We had a go at a few retrieval based activities and enjoyed finding out how much we had remembered about our first topic lesson and our Year 5 topic about the Victorians. We will be completing more retrieval based activities during the year in order for our learning to STICK! 

Picture This


Take a look at our incredible final pieces of art. smiley

Science: Electricity

This term, our science unit will be all about electricity. Take a look at our learning journey to find out more.

In our first science lesson, we completed a variety of activities to activate our prior learning from Year 4. 

Metacognition in Maths


We started our Y6 maths learning journey by focusing on Metacognition. We linked this to our outdoor learning by investigating the question:


First, we discussed all the possible ways we could solve this problem and the equipment that would be useful to help us. We then worked as a team to create a plan for our investigation. Next, we conducted our investigation on the field and monitored the effectiveness of our initial plan before adapting it. Finally, we evaluated our approach to the investigation. We thought about what this challenge has taught us about our approach to any maths challenges. 


Computing: Online Safety


In our first online safety lesson of the year, we started by looking at self-image and identity. We discussed online content relating to gender, race, religion, disability, culture and other groups, and explained why it is important to challenge and reject inappropriate representations online. We discussed stereotyping and why it is harmful and unfair and thought about ways that we could challenge stereotypes. We were very positive, reflective and mature throughout our discussions. In the second part of the lesson, we thought about healthy and unhealthy online relationships. We discussed the importance of showing respect online and considering how actions can impact on other people.


Topic: History - Launch Lesson


In our first Topic lesson, we used our TEAMWORK skills to help us to identify significant events in history.

In our groups, we completed two tasks:

1) Ordering key events and eras from world history in chronological order.

2) Ordering key events from the 20th Century and creating a class timeline. We each made a timeline card and then worked as a class to place them in the decade we thought they happened in. We then looked at the answers and discussed as a class.



Picture This


After being history detectives and asking and answering questions about an image, we recreated the image using sketching pencils and water colours. Take a look at us in action and check back soon for photos of our finished pieces.



In our first two English sessions, we worked together using our TEAMWORK and RESPECT skills to work as a class to create a piece of writing linked to a film clip. First, we watched the clip and discussed. Then, each group was given a specific focus, like 'character' or 'setting'. We had to work together in our groups to write sentences that we could combine in the next lesson. For this, we were given the sentences one focus at a time and chose where to place them. We then had the tricky (but fun) task of revising the content in order to make it the most captivating piece of writing possible. This helped us to achieve EXCELLENCE.

Term 1