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laughWelcome to 6TMlaugh

We hope to share our amazing and wonderful journey through Year 6 on this class page. Our teacher is Mr Marshall and our teaching assistant is Mrs Lewis, who will both be a part of this journey. Check out our class page for frequent updates, photos and examples of our learning.


For Term 1, our learning will be linked to the World Wars, in particular, World War 1! If you have any amazing stories or artefacts to share, please get in touch! 

Our Journey Begins! 


In 6TM, we started off our Year 6 journey with some fun tasks involving getting to know Mr Marshall and learning about our new topics! A lot of children were excited to hear we would be learning about the World Wars. 


In Topic, we have learnt about: key dates in the 20th Century (no one knew about Dolly the Sheep or who won Eurovision in 1997); reasons why World War 1 started and recreated a piece of art work from WW1! Mr Marshall was very impressed with the children's artistic skills. 


Moving to English and the children recapped some key SPaG skills taught in previous years (such as possessive apostrophes and contractions) before turning to some new SPaG skills! Mr Marshall's class didn't fail as the pupils' knowledge was superb! 


In Maths, the children started with a very strange problem... 'How many blades of grass are there on the top field?' What a problem to start Year 6! Nonetheless, the children rose to the challenge, found out the best (and worst) pieces of equipment for the job and started counting! Before you ask, no one chose to use a magnifying glass to count each blade... 


For now, Mr Marshall needs to find his pen as he keeps losing it! Any tips on where he could keep his pen in the future?