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laughWelcome to 6TMlaugh

We hope to share our amazing and wonderful journey through Year 6 on this class page. Our teacher is Mr Marshall and our teaching assistant is Mrs Lewis, who will both be a part of this journey. Check out our class page for frequent updates, photos and examples of our learning.


For Term 1, our learning will be linked to the World Wars, in particular, World War 1! If you have any amazing stories or artefacts to share, please get in touch! 

Outstanding Owls


6TM had a hoot of a time when we had some owls come to visit! The children learnt about: what is inside owl pellets (yuk!); the anatomy and predators/prey for birds; and also observed an outdoor flyover! 


The children certainly enjoyed seeing up to 8 birds and understanding all about them. The best part was certainly the outdoor flyover when they flew just over our heads! Take a look at the photos below of the children enjoying their day with the owls! 

Year 6 trip to the National Space Centre

As an opportunity to expand on our knowledge of space, we decided to go on a trip to the National Space Centre! While we were there, we looked in 5 galleries! These galleries were about: Into Space (Tim Peake’s journey to the ISS); Our Universe – which looked at the Big Bang and stars exploding; Our Solar System (looking at all the planets in detail as well as the chance to drive a rover!); Space Oddities (all the Apollo missions and their badges) as well as the Rocket Tower! For this gallery, we had to walk up 4 flights of stairs! However, we learnt about Britain’s involvement in NASA, Yuri Gagarin’s experience into space and other fun trivia! The best part was when we could go in the planetarium. We got an expert tour of the stars in the night sky, as well as looking at several planets in detail! It was like going to the cinema, but inside a dome! Thank you to all parents who supported us in making this trip happen. All the children loved it! Take a look at our classes in action below.

Investigating, calculating and writing! 


In this installment of class 6TM's class page, we will be discussing: Our Beak investigation lesson, Maths work linked to statistics and our creative writing and newspaper and letters! 


Our first fun learning to share is our Science lesson. We have been studying about Adaption and evolution all term. This time, we head to the Galapagos Islands and the finches! To further understand Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. How to test this? An investigation! The children had to pick a 'beak' of their choice, then had to grab, scoop, pinch and pick a range of 'foods'. They predicted what would be the best beak before they started, recorded their data, then analysed the results after. It was so much fun!! 


 From analysing to calculating, where we move to maths. In 6TM, we have finished our work linked to statistics, in particular line graphs, bar chars and pie charts! The children grasped the work brilliantly and even came up with fun examples of graphs without a title! I hope you can ask your children and they may tell you...


Lastly, our creative writing. Over the last few weeks, we've ended our writing task linked to newspaper reports (linked to COP26) and moved to writing a persuasive letter to sign up to Earth hour. For this letter, the children learnt when Earth hour takes place (26th March from 8:30pm - 9:30pm) and why. The emotive language the children are using would pull on anyone's heart-strings! Do ask your children how it is going as Mr Marshall is super proud of all their learning. For now, it is nearly half-term, so have a wonderful break and rest up: it is a big term coming up! 

Shapes and news reports! 


So far this week, the children have been revising their shapes and properties knowledge - which is in our math's lessons. The children recapped their knowledge of 2d and 3d shapes! We even got practical and held the very shapes we were learning about! As can you see, we were very keen to pick up the cone and pretend to eat some ice-cream! 

During English, we have been starting to look at how to write a news report, in particular about what is happening in the world around us. To start with, we looked at some news reports they looked at last year (hurricane Katrina) and then looked at what is going on today, such  as the importance of COP26! Look at some of the photos below. 

Can you guess the actual nursery rhyme? 


In class, we practiced how to use pace by completing a nursery rhyme! The children listened to the music of a nursery rhyme, then challenged to read some funny lyrics with the same beat! The children loved it! But can you guess what the original nursery rhyme used was? Let us know! 

6TM nursery rhyme!

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Term 3 life in 6TM!


Term 3 brings us a new topic to study, space and the study of our planet! Firstly, the children recapped their prior knowledge of the planets! Then, the children worked together to create their own poster about a specific planet! 


After this, the children focused their attention on learning all about the issues (environmental ones...) our planet is facing! Stay tuned to find out how that goes. 


In English, we are writing a story for Year 1 children all about how to recycle! The children have made some super characters and wicked powers! 


In Maths, we are focusing on measurement, such as area and perimeter, area of parallelograms ('rectangles slanted' according to some children) as well as volume! The children needed to use cubes, the calculate the volume of a shape and why we have to write a '3' after a certain measurement (cm, m, mm). 


Take a look at some of our photos and work to see how we are getting on! 

Shadow Puppets and Ratio! 

Our recent learning has taken us down a spooky, dark route.... Making Puppets! Our children understand how Puppets create shadows. From here, we learnt that certain materials make better shadows and even understood what happens when we get closer/further away from a light source. Check out some our children's puppet designs and mid-way through the experiment. 


Moreover, our children in Maths are now understanding about ratio and proportion. To do this, the children had to work out the ratio of: the colours of skittles, our school books, boys and girls and even through images of animals! The children were most pleased when they had to sound out their best cow impression.... 


Our images from all this work is below, enjoy!

International Bomber Command School Trip!


After waiting nearly two years, the children could finally go on a trip! We went to the IBCC centre - which is located right next to Canwick hill. From here, we had the important task to understand just how important the Bomber Command Regiment were. To do this, we did the following: toured the site (including looking at the 31m tall spire, names of fallen comrades and stories from around the world); visited the exhibition - which included being a part of a crew on a bombing mission; as well as looking at actual outfits people wore and medals they received. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were spoke of highly by the volunteer team at the IBCC. Take a look at how our investigation got on!  

Children In Need!


After a week of learning and understanding how to be kind due to anti-bullying week (lots of odd socks!), we turned our attention to supporting the brilliant Children In Need activities! Firstly, the children turned in some wonderful bright or spotty clothing. Then, we watched a presentation all about the work Children In Need does for children that need some help. To support this, we did the following: baked cakes, brought in spare change for art work and donated £1 for non-uniform. Check us out sorting out the spare change art work! 

Periscope Preparations! 


Within our History and Science lessons, we have been learning about inventions used during the war and how this helped save lives. We also used this information to help us with writing up our explanation texts of what is a periscope and how to use one. Firstly, we had to make a periscope and use it ourselves! Once we completed this, we then planned out all the key information needed for our writing work. Lastly, we designed our periscopes with camouflage (so no one could see us!). Check out some photos of us in action using our periscopes!

Remembrance Day at Westgate


To remember all the brave men, women, children and all civilians who were doing their bit for the war, Year 6 spent a whole remembering all that they have done! The children learnt through making their own art silhouette work about the meaning of the poppy. Moreover, in their history lessons, the children understood the sacrifices and challenges that faced all the men who had to go to war. On top of this, the children used this knowledge to write an emotive poem about how to remember them. Best of all, on the day of Remembrance day, the children listened to an assembly all about the war, armistice day and how the local women, children and men did their bit. We learnt so many names and heroes that sacrificed their lives for us. Of course, at 11am precisely, when the cathedral bells rang, all the children fell silent to honour the fallen. Have a look at some photos taken of: their art silhouette work, English poems, historical assembly and other brilliant remembrance day work. 

Anderson Shelter building! 

As part of our history and D&T work this week, the children learnt all about the Blitz vs the Bombing of Dresden, as well as air raid shelters that were used! For this, the children learnt about Anderson Shelters through designing and building their own! The children had to design and build the following: A curved roof, a flat roof and a pointed roof. How would we test the design specification works? By dropping something on it....A BALL! Mr Marshall very much enjoyed taking the lead on testing whether the children's designs worked. Check out some of the children's work! 

World War 2 launch day! 


Firstly, it is lovely to welcome everyone back to term 2! To start us off, we have given the children a launch day linked to our historical topic - World War 2! Throughout the day, the children learnt about the following: First aid tasks, artefacts from WW2, ARP techniques and recreate famous Blitz art work! Moreover, our local historian gave us some fascinating assemblies linked to how World War 2 started, some key events and the big numbers about the War! We certainly loved the maps and statistics to help us understand the gravity of the war.

Check out all the children in action completing these activities! 

Lincolnshire Day and Reading Fluency 


In class 6TM this week, we have caught up with Lincolnshire day! To showcase this, the children watched a video of how Lincoln contributed to the war...TANKS! Using our prior knowledge about the Battle of the Somme, we understood quickly that the tanks came to force around 1916! Despite unreliable, the children all agreed that tanks changed battle warfare, so Lincoln heavily impacted on the war! 


In Maths, we have revised short division and understood how to work out long division questions! It certainly took a 'long' time! 


In English, the children have finished their persuasive speech writing and moved onto learning how to write a diary entry linked to life in the trenches! To start, we learnt about the awful conditions in the trenches. Afterwards, we have begun to learn about the 5 senses the soldiers had to endure in the trenches! 


Last subject to discuss is our reading! In daily fluency, the children learnt all about how to use pause effectively in a piece of work. We practiced this by reading a story about a monster! It. Certainly. Was. Very.... INTENSE! Check out some of our work in action below. 

Reading Fluency Funanza! 


In today's reading lesson, we learnt about the importance of punctuation when reading and how it impacts the text! To show this, Mr Marshall gave the children a sheet with 20 'bla' words out (inspired by watching Newsround and Greta Thunberg's thoughts on Boris Johnson) and the children inserted punctuation within the text to change how to say it! 


Once completed, we rehearsed our work with our partner and practiced our oracy skills. To showcase our brilliance, here is a live example of our work! Bla? Bla..... BLA! Hope you enjoy.

Fluency lesson - punctuation T1

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6TM: The Return of the Children


With a brief period away from school, our second coming has arrived! To start with, we recapped our history knowledge by reminding ourselves of how World War 1 started and who was involved!


After this, we moved on to start our Science topic, learning about Electricity. It was important to learn about what we have covered in Year 4 before we looked at our Year 6 coverage! 


In Maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction, especially when moving into decimals and inverse operations. All the children excelled in every lesson! 


For English, we could finally start our persuasive speech writing to get young men to join the war! This week has been looking at the positive and negative reasons for joining/not joining and some crucial SPaG skills, such as: Question tags, modal verbs and soon, relative clauses! It was a great lesson, wasn't it? It must be important! 


We also got to finally go swimming! All the children showed superb respect and positivity when sitting on the bus, getting changed and doing their best in the pool! 


For now, Mr Marshall needs to go on a run after watching all the marathon runners this weekend! 

Our Journey Begins! 


In 6TM, we started off our Year 6 journey with some fun tasks involving getting to know Mr Marshall and learning about our new topics! A lot of children were excited to hear we would be learning about the World Wars. 


In Topic, we have learnt about: key dates in the 20th Century (no one knew about Dolly the Sheep or who won Eurovision in 1997); reasons why World War 1 started and recreated a piece of art work from WW1! Mr Marshall was very impressed with the children's artistic skills. 


Moving to English and the children recapped some key SPaG skills taught in previous years (such as possessive apostrophes and contractions) before turning to some new SPaG skills! Mr Marshall's class didn't fail as the pupils' knowledge was superb! 


In Maths, the children started with a very strange problem... 'How many blades of grass are there on the top field?' What a problem to start Year 6! Nonetheless, the children rose to the challenge, found out the best (and worst) pieces of equipment for the job and started counting! Before you ask, no one chose to use a magnifying glass to count each blade... 


For now, Mr Marshall needs to find his pen as he keeps losing it! Any tips on where he could keep his pen in the future?