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Learning and Growing Together

Class 3R

In our class, Miss Robinson is the class teacher and Mrs Swannack is our teaching assistant. We hope that you enjoy looking at our learning and photographs of some of the exciting things we have been getting up to in class. 


Thank you for taking the time to look at our class page! 

Here is our timetable for this term:





Term 6 - Week 6

In our DT lessons this term, we have been designing a moving mythical creature. We use a pneumatic system to create the movement and we came up with the design based on our learning about myths. See our finished creatures below:

Term 6 - Week 5

In today’s lesson, we did a range of activities to apply our knowledge of angles, drawing accurately and turns, which we have learnt over the last week.


Activity one – Create a Picture

We had to use a ruler to draw accurate straight lines to discover what pictures they created.

Activity two – Pirate Paraphernalia

We started with a treasure map and a set of directions. We had to use our knowledge of turns and angles to follow the instructions, which led us to find all of the pirate’s lost items.

Activity three – Line Hunt

Using 2 paper straws, we had to go on a line hunt around the classroom to find perpendicular and parallel lines.


Have a look at the photos from our lesson:

Term 6 - Week 4

We have been investigating the scientific question: What do plants need to thrive? Last week, we set up an experiment, where we placed planted seeds in different locations. Here were our results: 

We then imagined that a television channel had asked us to create a gardening programme called, 'The Good Plant Growing Guide' and we had to present our findings and give advice. See our videos below:


Science Video 1

Still image for this video

Science Video 2

Still image for this video

Science Video 3

Still image for this video

Science Video 4

Still image for this video

Science Video 5

Still image for this video

Science Video 6

Still image for this video

Term 6 - Week 3

In Maths, we have been learning about measure. Today we got to use our knowledge of measuring to find out the lengths of different items in and out of the classroom. Some of the things we measured included: the lockers, the classroom, a chair, a pencil and so much more! Take a look at some of us in action! 

Term 6 - Week 2

In our topic lessons, we learnt about the journey of Amelia Earhart and found out about her life. Our task was to then present everything we had learnt about her, in which ever way we wanted. Some of us wrote a diary entry, some created posters, whilst others made fact files. See some of our amazing work below:

Term 5 - Week 6

This term, we have been lucky enough to have tennis coaching for our outdoor PE! Take a look at us in action...

In maths, we have been learning all about fractions! In today's lesson, we were investigating equivalent fractions by using some hands on equipment to find fractions that had the same value. We then had a go at tackling some problem solving in pairs and applying our knowledge of equivalent fractions. Take a look at some photos from the lesson below: 

Term 5 - Week 5

We were very excited to visit the school's library for the first time this week! Our librarians learnt how to scan books out for the children and the rest of the class got to find lots of exciting, new books to read and enjoy! 

Term 5 - Week 4

For our PC SLIMER reading lessons, we have started a new book called 'Hom':

In today's lesson, we predicted what the story may be about from the front cover and then we worked in pairs to find evidence of how the author including the reader in on the secret of Hom! After this, we had a class discussion and shared the examples we found, as well as thinking about why the author chose to write in this way. See photos of our lesson below, as well as the completed class sheet we created. 

Our competed class sheet, including our discussion points.

Term 5 - Week 3

For outdoor PE this term, we have been testing our athletic skills by practicing our throwing, catching, running, balancing and jumping. We went round different stations and kept score to see if we could then improve on our score next time round. Have a look at us in action below:

In science this week, we carried on exploring rocks and their properties. We tested a variety of rocks to investigation:


  • How hard the rock was
  • How waterproof the rock was
  • Whether the rock would float
  • Whether the rock reacted with acid 
  • Whether the rock was made of layers


Look at the photos below of our investigation...

Term 5 - Week 2

We started our new art unit this week on painting. Today, we explored different paint brushes to see the effects we could create and to decide which brush was best for certain jobs. After this, we then tested our skills by using the variety of brushes to create a tree silhouette. See pictures from our lesson below, as well as our final paintings. 

We have been continuing our work on 'Shackleton's Journey' this week by creating a wanted poster that coud have been used to recruit crew members for the expedition.

Take a look at some of our amazing posters below: 

Term 5 - Week 1

We have created some amazing art work, linked to our topic. Take a look at our impressive Picture This display below.

Can you spot your art work? 


It has been a very busy and exciting first week back! We launched our new topic: Journey to the Island of Stories, where we have begun learning about a journey from the past. We became detectives on Wednesday, which meant we had clues to solve and make predictions about. From our investigation, we discovered that our first focus for this term would be about Shackleton's Journey. See the photos of us investigating below...