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Class 3SM

Welcome to 3SM's class page!

We are a class of 22 children who love learning! smiley

Miss Mottram is our teacher and Miss Bryan and Mr Hindle are our Teaching Assistants.  We try to work our hardest each and every day and one of our best qualities is our positivity!  Together, as a 3SM team, we support and encourage each other, looking out for the special things that each of us contributes. We help each other to solve problems of all kinds and celebrate the wonderful things that each of us achieves!  

We hope that you will enjoy some of our learning which we are going to share with you.   



We love to earn house stars and, for incredibly impressive learning, we might earn a certificate from a Star Bear or the Maths Magician!  

If you would like to know what we are hoping to cover during this term, please open the pdf document.

Do you recognise the characters from The Wizard of Oz?

Fantasy Stories:  Term 6, Week 1

We began Term 6 with an exciting day of finding out about fantasy stories.  We worked out what a fantasy story meant and then enjoyed watching and reading parts from three very famous ones!

First, we watched clips from The Wizard of Oz and made puppets of one of the characters.  We then pretended to be the character, imagining the words that they said.

Then we watched as Harry Potter went into the wand shop...  We used the wand directory to design our own wand, choosing the wood and core materials with care.

Finally, we read about the Inventing Room from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We tasted a range of tremendously delicious sweets and then designed one of our own.




Which wizard's wand would you like to try out?

Which tasty treat would you prefer?

Investigating Soil!:  Term 3, Week 6

This week, we were using our Teamwork skills to learn about soil!  We found out lots of fascinating facts – then we got our hands dirty, looking closely at pieces of turf and the soil beneath them!  Did you know that soil is a very precious home to lots of species?

Did you know that it takes about 500 years to make 2cm of soil?

Did you know that roughly half of soil is made up of air and water?


We thought about our breakfast…  We couldn’t think of anything

that did not need soil to make it!  E.g. an egg needs a chicken to lay

it.  The chicken eats grain which is grown in soil.  Why don’t you

try to think of something that you have for breakfast that does not rely on soil to make it?

Wild Thing Watercolour Painting:  Term 3, Week 5

This week, we enjoyed reading about what happened to Max ... unusually, being sent to his room for his silly behaviour became a surprising adventure!  The story was called 'Where the Wild Things are' and the author was Maurice Sendak.  We enjoyed the illustrations and created our own wild thing characters!  Here are some of them!  

Tennis in the sunshine!  Term 3, Week 4

We were so lucky to have a beautiful sunny afternoon for our first tennis lesson with our two coaches!  Sam and Simon taught us how to hold our rackets correctly and then we worked with great enthusiasm hitting the ball, serving the ball and trying to return it over the net.  Some of our teams earned several thousand points!  We can't wait for next Thursday afternoon! 


Problems and Resolutions:  Term 3, Week 4

Soon, in English, we will be writing exciting adventure stories so we have been practising lots of skills in preparation for this.  We had a great time this week thinking about the story mountain idea as a way of planning a well-structured story.  Each team was given a problem and had to prepare a freeze frame to show the class.  Then they had to act out a resolution.  We had to think carefully about using expression on our faces and our teamwork skills were absolutely wonderful!


Creating colour washes Term 3, Week 4

We were so eager to produce the best possible colour washes, our classroom was almost silent in Art this week!  We learned how to paint with watercolours, wet-on-wet, to make a semi-transparent background.  We learned about flat, graded and variegated washes.  We were all impressed with everyone's self-belief whilst doing this activity!

Super Scientists! - Term 3, Week 3

This week, we were very excited to learn all about the appearance and properties of a range of rock samples!  We had lots of fun getting to know our special rock and comparing it with others.  We classified rocks according to their colours, sizes, textures and shapes.  In our second lesson of the week, we became hands-on scientists!  We had to remember to test in a fair way!

Some new vocabulary that we used:  buoyancy, permeable, acid, slate, granite and pumice. 

Our values of Teamwork and Respect were really important!  


Persuasive Posters - Term 3, Week 2

We enjoyed designing persuasive posters to tempt men with a range of skills to join Shackleton on the Endurance.  We tried to give lots of positive reasons why the expedition was a chance of a lifetime!  Take a look and see if you would have volunteered!

Incredible Lincoln Imps! - Term 3, Week 1

We were set a challenge of designing an imp to be displayed in the Waterside Centre in the city centre.  We each chose a theme and tried to make our imp special...

Please take a look...Are you impressed with them?  Miss Mottram was!  Everyone tried so hard to be neat and to have their own unique designs. Which is your favourite?

Topic and English - Term 3, Week 1

Only four days into term, and we have learned so much about the incredible explorer, Ernest Shackleton!  We have been fascinated to learn from film clips, a beautifully illustrated book and other pieces of evidence and can already recall lots of facts about his life and journey to Antarctica.  Please ask us if you would like to know more!

We are learning about 'Discussion Texts' in English.  We began by thinking of whether Shackleton was wise to plan his Antarctic expedition.  

Picture This - Term 3, Week 1

We had lots of fun at the beginning of term by investigating a very colourful picture!  We thought very carefully, using Teamwork skills, about the answers to questions such as:

What words do you think of when you see this picture?

When was it made?

What would you like to find out about it?

We then found out that it was from a book by a talented artist and writer named Colin Thompson.  The book was called 'The Tower to the Sun'.  

We enjoyed trying to recreate his picture using printing, collage and drawing techniques.  Do you like our display?  The photographs below show some of us in action and some of our fantastic finished pieces!  

Easter Fun Day!

Our last day at school was an Easter fun day!  Look at our delicious Easter cakes, our Easter lamb crafts and some of the pictures of our Easter egg hunt!  No-one was allowed to search for Easter eggs until they had shown respect for the Easter Bunny - by wiggling their bunny ears!  


You might notice that we are not wearing our school uniforms on the pictures.  We were allowed to wear a choice of clothing that reflected 'This is me' as a way of celebrating National Autism Awareness Week.