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Welcome to 4MS! smiley

We are a fantastic Year 4 class and our teacher is Mr Spooner. Our current TA is Miss Jillings. 


Take a look at our class page to see our learning and to find out important information.



In term 4, we finished exploring Europe and we are looking forward to our new topic 'All creatures great and small'. 


Remember to check in every week to see what we have been doing. You can see our current timetable below.

4MS Timetable Term 5

4MS Timetable Term 6

Year 4 Stars

Every 4 weeks, we celebrate the Year 4 stars. 

Congratulations to our class STARS! We celebrated your achievements in our classroom and enjoyed a virtual STARS assembly.We enjoyed seeing the STARS in the other Year 4 classes too! Well done!


Multiplication and Division 

This term so far we have been learning all about Multiplication and Division. We have used lots of different methods and strategies. We have also become much more confident at using mental methods to multiply our numbers. Look below for a selection of our wonderful learning.  


We have moved on to Fractions in Maths. Today we started to investigate and learn about equivalent fractions. We used fraction walls to help us spot them. Next week we will continue to learn about equivalent fractions and become experts. 

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

This week we have been adding and subtracting fractions. As a class we have demonstrated all the Westgate values. We showed Excellence, Teamwork, Positivity, Self belief and Respect. We learnt that we needed to add or subtract the numerator but keep the denominator the same. 

We have now moved onto decimals. To begin our new topic we used a hundred grid to find a fraction of it, and colour it in a specific amount. We had to carefully think about how much we had coloured in, and we also tried to be creative with our patterns. 


Discussion Texts

We have spent the first three weeks of English considering a very interesting question. Are zoos a good or bad thing? This question has been hotly debated within the classroom and we still have some children who are not sure which side they agree with. Most children in 4MS believe that overall zoos are a bad thing. Take a look at some of our learning below. 

David Attenborough 

Over the previous three weeks we have used Sir David Attenborough as our inspiration to write. We have used his unique narration of many brilliant documentaries to help us. We considered how he narrates and then applied his style to our writing. We then wrote about the rainforest and then finally in our 'Writing Journey' book. In this piece we told the story of the marine iguana and its perilous journey avoiding hungry racer snakes.

Issues and Dilemmas

To start of term 6 we had to give some important advice. A letter was found from a pupil asking for help. We decided to write back and give some respectful, thoughtful advice to their dilemma. We gave them an idea of how to help with their problem and wrote a letter back. Look below to see some WAGOLL examples. 

Stories with imaginary settings

This week we are starting to plan for our own story with an imaginary setting. To start, we created our own imaginary world. Here are some of our creations. 


This term we are reading ' How To Train Your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell. To start our unit of work we used our retrieval skills to draw the interesting character Gobber the Belch. Take a look at some of our pictures. 

The Fight

We have continued reading and enjoying 'How to train your dragon'. This week we had to make a prediction. We had to decided who would win the fight between Hiccup and Snotlout. Hiccup is rather 'average' but Snotlout is strong and a bit of a bully. Most of 4MS predicted Hiccup to be victorious and we are excited to see who wins. 


In science this week we have started to learn about 'electricity'. We thought about how different appliances use either mains, battery or both. We then made three different circuits using a diagram to guide us before exploring and adapting our circuits. 


Picture This

To start our Topic we have completed our Picture This. We looked at an amazing painting by Henri Rousseau. It is called 'surprised' or 'Tiger caught in a tropical storm'. We began by answering some questions about the picture before attempting to recreate it using oil pastels.  


In Art we are going to create a clay model of an animal. We are going to design it using Trecandis. This is a type of mosaic made especially famous by Gaudi. To start our topic we coloured in an animal using this technique. 

The Arctic

For our Topic lesson we studied the Arctic. We worked through several mini tasks trying to understand the region. We looked at the people, animals, environment and the future of the region. First, we looked at some photographs and decided if they were taken in the Arctic or not.... to our surprise they all were. We then tried to make the Arctic using a puzzle before learning about the wonderful animals and people. What can you remember to tell somebody at home?   


In term 6, we are continuing with our topic. This week we looked at the deserts and a variety of animals that call it their home. We learnt about how they have adapted to their harsh, dry environments and then worked in a small group to present to the class. Camels, vipers and scorpions were some of the animals we learnt about. 



Still image for this video


Over the last two weeks we have learnt about rainforests. We learnt about the different layers and about some of the animals that call it their home. We then had to recreate our own small rainforest in a box. We thought about the colours, vegetation and some animals to include. Below are some picture of us making them and then our final creations. 


We have been very lucky this week as we had a visit from an artist. Nadia, who is creating a sculpture in conjunction with Stokes coffee. The children are helping to create this. They first learnt about the origin of coffee before creating a stencil linked to this. There were some brilliant beans, ships and trees. Finally, they painting the stencil onto a canvas. It will be brilliant to see the final result!