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We are taught by Mrs Stafford and Miss Wright helps us too! laugh

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We hope you enjoy watching this.

Every 4 weeks, we celebrate the Year 4 stars. 

Congratulations to our class STARS! We celebrated your achievements in our classroom and enjoyed a virtual STARS assembly.

We enjoyed seeing the STARS in the other Year 4 classes too! Well done!laugh

Friday 18th June - Our Class Stars

Friday 14th May - Our Class Stars

Friday 30th April - Our Class Stars

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK! Another Platinum Reading Award for this young lady! Well done!


In our classroom, learning sign language is something we really enjoy to do. We have learnt the alphabet, numbers, basic greetings, colours, emotions and other simple phrases. We love learning how to sign songs and at Christmas time we learnt 'Merry Christmas Everybody' too!
As part of Autism Awareness Week, we learnt the song 'This Is Me' in sign language. It made us think all about ourselves and being confident with who we are!
We hope you enjoy!

4S Sign Language Cover of 'This Is Me'

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Our positivity posters have been put up in our local vaccine centre!


Term 6


During the start of Term 6, our focus has been on SPEECH. We have been busy learning all about dialogue. As pairs, we worked together to read dialogue taken from the story 'The Balaclava Boys'. We talked about the importance of expression and practised showing off the Westgate 6 Ps of reading! 

Moving on, we learnt all about speech punctuation and practised writing speech down.

Here are our TOP TIPS:

1. Open speech marks

2. Write out the speech (what is being said) 

3. Add a punctuation mark 

4. Close speech marks

5. Include a verb

6. Add the name of who is talking


Term 5 


Over the next 3 weeks, we are learning all about Sir David Attenborough. His work will help to inspire our writing. 

We will be writing 3 different texts:

- Animal/habitat descriptions

- Short narratives

- Animal poetry


First, we spent a lesson learning all about Sir David Attenborough and created our own thought showers to showcase this. Then, we used drama and narration to recreate scenes taken from some of his most famous documentaries. After this, we spent time thinking carefully about his narrating style and we listed these. Finally, we have worked together to write an animal description as a whole class.

Check out our drama videos, photos of our learning and our whole class animal description below. 

A bear needs an itch!

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Term 5

We started this term focusing on a new English unit: Discussion.

To begin, we talked about what discussions are and shared our first thoughts on our discussion point: Should animals be kept in captivity? The children shared their own experiences of going to a zoo and we noticed that these were all positive experiences.

We then looked at a selection of photos and watched a video. Children begun to notice some of the issues relating to animals being kept in captivity.

We worked in pairs and then together to identify the features of a discussion text. 


Emotive language is key to getting the reader to really feel what you are saying! We talked about ways in which animals may feel if they are not properly looked after in zoos and learnt about the word 'zoochosis'. Zoochosis is a term used to explain the stereotypical behaviour of animals in captivity. This may result in them showing stress and depression through swaying, walking up and down or by showing unusual behaviour. See below for examples of our emotive language!


Our debate!

We enjoyed getting involved in a whole class debate. Half of the class were arguing FOR zoos and the other half were arguing AGAINST. Some fantastic discussions had. The children showed great use of opposing conjunctions. Check out some photos taken from our debate below! 



Our English learning journey in photos...

We are going to be writing our own opinion blog about whether animals should be kept in captivity. To begin, we spent time planning our own discussion texts.  

Check out some of our plans and get ready to be impressed by reading the start of our blogs.


Term 4

In English, we have been learning all about persuasion. We are working towards creating our very own European chocolate bar to pitch to the Dragons!

So far we have:
- Developed our understanding of different persuasive techniques

-  Analysed existing products by tasting and looking closely at the packaging

- Practised our use of emotive language

- Designed our own packaging based on our European country: France

- Created a jingle

- Written a clear pitch 

We looked at a range of advertising campaigns and evaluated these.

We have now spent time in our teams completing many elements of our pitch ready so that we can practise and then film it for the Dragons. From advertising to costing - we really do have everything we need to make our pitch fantastic and very persuasive. We thoroughly enjoyed making our chocolate too - yummy!

Here it is... our pitch to the Dragons.

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Can you spot all of our persuasive techniques and language? 


Friday 28th May

Today, we enjoyed showcasing all of our fraction knowledge using GRAFFITI MATHS!

Take a look at our creations below...


Term 5

We are now learning all about fractions.

So far, we have learnt about what fractions are and linked our learning to real-life (pizzas, chocolate bars and cakes). We have explored tenths too as well as enjoy a practical activity investigating equivalent fractions. 


We have been thinking about all 'Metacognition'. This is when we think about thinking. We thought of the different ways we can work out one single multiplication calculation. As a class, we managed to come up with 9 different ways to solve 6 x 8. We then solved 7 x 3 using these different methods. Check out the pictures below...

Multiplication and Division


We have been learning how to use the formal methods for multiplication and division. 


Check out our examples below...

Term 4

We have been focusing on learning to tell the time and have all shown great self belief! 

We have completed a variety of activities and enjoyed our practical lesson where we played a range of games related to both analogue and digital time. 




We have moved onto recapping our place value knowledge.

First up - Rounding. 

We recapped the method and then the children raced to write down the nearest 10, nearest 100 or nearest 1000 on their whiteboards. 



Term 5

This term we are reading 'How to Train Your Dragon'.

We have begun by reading chapter one and we were introduce to the character 'Gobber the Belch'. Using the descriptions from the text, the children had to draw what they think Gobber looked like. Can you spot his bulging muscles and bright red face?


As we have continued the book, we used our COMPARING skills to compare two of the characters: Snotlout and Fishlegs. 

Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon: Prologue

The Prologue of How to Train Your Dragon. Follow every chapter of the story on YouTube at: celeb...


Term 4

We are reading 'Rooftoppers'. It is all about a young girl who was found in a cello case floating across the English Channel. It has us gripped and we are thoroughly enjoying it! We even had a go at drawing our very own cellos.

We completed jigsaw pieces as we found out more about Sophie's mother. 


Our Rainforest Biomes in a box!

Term 5 - All Creatures Great and Small

Our Topic this term links all of our Science learning in too.

We started of by learning all about the seven life processes. We use the acronym: MRS GREN to help us remember all of them. 








We then moved on to developing our own classification keys so that we could sort livings things. 

Check out some of the amazing examples below...


Term 4 - Exploring Europe

We have focused on three different European countries: Italy, Sweden and France. 

We completed fact files and enjoyed tasting some Italian and French foods. 


Look at our awesome work!

The River Challenge. We spent time learning about rivers. We talked about the journey a river takes and where they end. We learnt some new vocabulary too and then the children were challenged to make a whole class river system. They showed great TEAMWORK! Take a look...


Online Safety

Click the links below to view a range of Online Safety videos and learn a little bit more about it. 


Over the last 3 weeks, we have been using Purple Mash to design and create our own coding programs. We have learnt how to use timers, if/else blocks and variables. As well as this, we have used the designing tool to create backgrounds, sound effects and text inputs. 

Take a look at one child's coding!

Coding example

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One member from our class has worked incredibly hard all week on our topic learning. He has planned, baked and decorated his own under the sea themed cake. He showed kindness by sharing this with our whole class to enjoy during Golden Time. 

Monday 10th May: PE

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We have been chasing balls this week to practise our speed and balance.

Drumming - In Term 4, we learnt how to play Djembe drums.

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Thank you to 'The Music Service' who are coming in each week to teach us how to play these brilliant instruments.

We love 'Art For Kids Hub!'

During remote learning, we enjoyed drawing together. We followed along together and created some fantastic pieces of art work. Now that we are back at school we are drawing different things which link to our learning.

Thursday 24th June - Check out our superb shark drawings!

We hope you enjoy this showcase of our lion drawings.

We followed 'Art For Kids Hub' and had a fantastic time drawing a dragon inspired by our new book - How to Train Your Dragon.

We followed 'Art For Kids Hub' and enjoyed drawing Leprechauns on St Patrick's Day.

Take a look around our classroom...