Westgate Academy

Learning and Growing Together

Class 5B

smileyWelcome to 5Bsmiley


We are a wonderful class of Year 5 children. Our teacher is Mr Breakell and our TA is Mrs Russell.


Take a look at our class page to see our learning and to find out important information.

Term 6

We enjoyed creating watercolour sunsets with Mrs Russell! Check back soon to see our artwork :)

Our Amazing Volcano Sculptures!

Art - Sculpture

For art this term, we are going to be building our own model volcanoes! 


Before we can do this, we have been learning about the different types of sculpture that can be seen in the art world.

Geography - The Americas

We have been learning about the difference between human geography and physical geography.


After learning about the difference between the two types, we explored lots of landmarks and significant places in the Americas, and decided whether they were examples of human or physical geography.


Following this, we tried to find the different places using an atlas!

Real Leaders

This term, we have been working on our leadership skills in P.E. We have done a mixture of classroom based and practical activities.


Here is us deciding on the 6 most important things that a leader should be!

So far, we have read the first four books from Cressida Cowell!

Term 4 - Our Class Reader 


In term 4, we have really enjoyed reading the 'How to Train Your Dragon' series of books by Cressida Cowell. We have currently finished the first two books and we have almost finished the third! We are looking forward to continuing reading the books in term 5. smiley

Why not try the 10 minute challenge set by Cressida Cowell?

Why not follow the link below to explore the website of the author of the 'How to Train Your Dragon' book series (Cressida Cowell)?