Westgate Academy

Learning and Growing Together

Class 5D



Here you will be able to join us on our journey through year 5!  


Enjoy! Mrs Dennant, Mrs Turner and all the 5D crew! yeslaugh

Art project - We are linking up with local artist Nadya to help decorate the pieces of wood she is using to make a sculpture at the Lawns. Alongside Stokes coffee too, the project is part of the Lincoln BIG initiative. Our children all got to design a stencil and print onto the wood. Here is a selection.

June - I am so proud of how well the children have tackled learning about fractions. We have found equivalents, added them, subtracted them, found fractions of amounts, changed mixed to improper and back again! Well done 5D!

June - Mod Roc Volcanoes. So today got messy! But how great is that! Step 1: Cover the armature with newspaper to create the form of the volcano. Step 2: Work as a team to soak, squeeze and apply the mod roc. Step 3: Paint base colours. Step 4: Add erupting volcano.

June - Aside from the mod roc volcanoes, the class were very busy with other art projects too of mountain landscapes using a variety of art mediums.

Golden Time - When the children stay on Green everyday for their behaviour and attitude, they earn 30 minutes of Golden Time at the end of the week. They certainly make the most of it. Showing lots of great teamwork and collaborating* together (*ask your year 5 child what this means; it is one of their Weekly Words).⭐️

Music time. This term is drumming on a Wednesday afternoon. Check us out!!

Our science for term 5!! May the force be with you!

Boom and we’re off! First day back after Easter: Topic launch! After identifying their location and their lines of latitude, we discussed the climate of the continents: North and South America. After, we identified the human and physical features of the Amercias. We then moved onto learning about volcanoes. What they are, why the erupt and 4 types: composite, lava dome, shield and cone.

Topic this term is titled: The events that shaped the Americas. This term we focus on natural disasters. We recreated Jules Tavernier’s ‘Volcano at night’ using soft pastels.

Fire! Fire! Volcano and forest fire poetry. Using lots of figurative language, we have all created a fiery hot poem!

Term 4: Persuasive letter writing. Here we wrote as Hiccup to his father Stoick (characters from How to Train Your Dragon) to persuade him not to send him to dragon school anymore, then instead allow him to open a new dragon training school. We even aged them with tea and coffee!

Science - Life cycle of a bird. Here we created a reel of the life cycle of a bird.