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Class 5L

Welcome to class 5L

This is where you will be able to accompany us on our year 5 journey.

We hope you enjoy -  Mr Lanchbury, Mrs Everitt and class 5L.

We started our Topic (Events that shaped the Americas) by looking at the maps of North and South America and identifying where the Equator and Tropics are situated.

Next we started looking at some of the Physical Features found there. Number one on our list – Volcanoes! We discovered that there are 4 types and what causes them to erupt.

Our picture this focus was inspired by Jules Tavenier’s “Volcano at Night.” We used soft pastels and produced some great pieces.

In Science we will be looking at Forces and conducting some practical experiments.

Currently we are studying Explanation texts in English and will be following this up with Newspaper reporting. I’m sure we have some budding Journalists in our class.