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Hello and welcome to our class page. 


Here you will be able to join us on our journey through Year 5! 


Mrs Watkinson, Mrs Spokes, Mrs Lewis and the wonderful 5WS children. 


Term 6

Art Day!

We had an incredible Art Day this term!  In small groups, we started with a large wire cage in the shape of a cone.  We then screwed up bits of newspaper and taped them to the cage in various places to create our volcano's shape.  Next, we used mod rock bandages and placed them over the wire cages (a messy but extremely fun task!) and then left it to dry.  Finally, we painted our masterpieces!!!  We showed amazing TEAMWORK and now have these superb volcanoes to show for it...

In music this term, we are using the djembe drums! We got off to a great start in week one and impressed Mrs Bourne (our drumming teacher) with how much we had remembered from Year 4. 


Still image for this video

When 5WS met the Westgate Imp

The Imp is looking fantastic! Competition winners from across the school have done an incredible job decorating our school Imp. The children in 5WS enjoyed trying to find the patch they created in their house colour. Look out for the Imp at the Waterside shopping centre over the summer. 

Term 5 . . . 

English - Newspaper Reports

In English, we have been learning all about the features of newspaper reports.  This exciting topic has culminated in us writing our very own reports, based on Hurricane Katrina, the devastating natural disaster that hit New Orleans in August 2005. 

Here are our amazing reports for you to read...

Science - Forces

We have been learning all about FORCES this term.  We started with an experiment on GRAVITY.  We investigated the size of craters caused by different sized meteors using trays of flour and various balls dropped from height.

Then we looked at AIR RESISTANCE and how parachute size affects the speed at which it falls to the ground.  Take a look at us in action...


In English we have been writing newspaper reports about Hurricane Katrina. As a creative link to this topic, we did an Authorfy challenge, set by Alyssa Hollingsworth, author of ‘The Invisible Boy’. She challenged us to design our own newspaper front pages based on a superhero! Have a look at a selection of our super creations below...

English - Explanation Texts

In English lessons, we have been looking at the features of explanation texts, before writing our own based on volcanoes! The children have absolutely loved learning about this natural disaster and as such, the outcomes have been amazing! Just take a look at a few examples below...


In Topic this week, we have started to learn about earthquakes. What they are, how and why they occur.

Why don't you ask your child what they know so far?

Can they tell you the three types?

We used a chocolate bar and our classroom tables to help us remember!

Chocolate Tectonic Plates!

Table Tectonic Plates!

Music 🎶 

Ukulele Week 2!

This week, we learnt to play C and F major chords.

Look at the photos to see some of the children demonstrating this.

We then put this into practice by strumming in time to 'Frere Jacques', changing between the two keys. We enjoyed the alternative lyrics!

See the file attached if you would like to practise at home!


Our Amazing Imp Designs

We have been working really hard to produce some incredible designs. I wonder if you are looking at any winners?!

In music this term we

are learning to play the


We really enjoyed our first lesson with the ukuleles on Wednesday afternoon! First, we were shown what the parts are called, how to hold the instrument and we even learnt some notes! Next, we managed some strumming in time to create a rhythm. Mrs Watkinson was very proud of the respect shown by all children to our visiting teacher!

We can’t wait to show you more next Wednesday. 🎶🤩

Picture This

For our Topic this term, ‘Events that shaped the Americas'  we are focusing on natural disasters. To introduce our Topic, we recreated Jules Tavernier’s ‘Volcano at night’ using soft pastels. We are delighted with the artwork, which we are sure you will agree, looks very atmospheric! 

Term 4 . . .

Science Week Activity: Robobugs!


For Science week, we investigated how insects and other bugs have been used to influence technology for things like ‘Search and Rescue’ operations and space exploration.


After learning about this, we designed our own Robobugs and made scale models.  There was ‘FBI Dragonfly’, ‘Butter-spy’ and many more fantastic ideas – just have a look at the photos below to see for yourself!