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JULY 2021

TERM 6: WEEK 6 and 7


Graduation Photos

We may not have had our Graduation ceremony like other years, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t graduated from Westgate Academy! Take a look at our wonderful photos! 


PSHE: Body Confidence

This week, we have been looking at positive and negative body image. 6H had a wonderful afternoon filled with sensible and mature discussions. We were most shocked by the edited and photoshopped images we saw! Finally, we spent time creating some body positive posters.

PSHE: Healthy Living

One of our lessons in PSHE this week looked at what we can do to stay healthy. We discussed: drinking lots of water; the types of food we should be eating; and how much sleep and exercise we should be getting. We then created our own Healthy Living information booklets. 

PSHE: Transition

This term, we have started to think about our next steps to secondary school. This week, we discussed what was unique about all of us. We completed a Hall of Fame activity by writing kind and positive words about each other. Then, we discussed why it was important to make a first impression, and how we could achieve this. We looked at some different scenarios and discussed if these were good first impressions or bad first impressions. 

Outdoor Games: Zone Ball

This week, we were enhancing our Teamwork and Positivity skills by playing Zone Ball. 



Take a look at the amazing imp designs created by Y6. They are going to be on display in the Waterside from Thursday 8th July!



JUNE 2021



This week, we have been focusing on writing composition. We have watched a clip from the film Jurassic Park and created a piece of writing as a class. We will use this to help us create our own piece of writing later this week!


This week, we looked at how we should successfully pass a baton during a relay race. We worked in pairs to practise this before we worked in teams to complete a relay circuit. We had to work together as a team to make sure we didn't drop the baton!

Online Safety Workshop

All of Y6 have had a lovely visit from Dan this week. He came to talk to us about the amazing possibilities and positives of the internet, as well as the down sides to being online. We learnt about all of the things we can do to keep ourselves safe online. All of Y6 showed so much Respect and Positivity during their workshop. Check out our crazy 'selfie faces' that we had to pull! 

PSHE: Transition to Secondary School

For the next few weeks, we are going to complete some transition learning in PSHE. Today, we looked at what we are going to miss about Westgate, and what we are looking forward to in September (food was mentioned a lot in this session!) We identified some similarities and differences between Westgate and our new secondary schools. Using these ideas, we worked together to create a class Venn diagram.


6H STARS June 2021

Well done to all of 6H for all of their hard work this term! A special mention to Amelia, Freddie, Abi and Jack who are our Stars this week!


This week, we have focused on the triple jump. We practised our technique in pairs before competing with each other on who could triple jump the furthest. 

READING: Songs and Poetry

This week, we have completed different comprehension activities. We have specifically focused on poetry. In one lesson, we listened to Adele's 'Hello' and Kelly Clarkson's 'Breakaway' before answering PC SLIMER questions about the lyrics. 


ART: Moon Reflection


This week, we created our very own Moon reflections by using our sketching and shading skills. Take a look at our amazing creations!

MATHS: Money Problem Solving


This week, we have been solving a range of Measures problems. One task was to calculate and budget the cost of ice creams for a Summer Fayre. We had to work out how much of each ice cream flavour we would need; add in the cost of the cones; and calculate how much profit we would make.

ENGLISH: Science Fiction Stories


This week, we have been writing our amazing Sci Fi stories. First, we looked at different ways we could HOOK our readers. We read a variety of story starts, and grouped them into different categories. After, we used one of these HOOK techniques to start our own stories. 

MAY 2021


Creative Writing

This week, the children in school and online have created some amazing pieces of descriptive writing! We have used images as our inspiration for these pieces. 

Self portraits!

This week, we created our ‘inner self’ and ‘outer self’ portraits. We came up with all of the things that we enjoy and that make us unique. Both the children in school and online completed this task. Take a look at some of our amazing self portraits! 


This week, both the children in school and online completed some oracy and written learning in French. We now know how to ask and say our names as well as say where we are from. Check out our amazing learning! 


Today, we held a class debate to discuss if we should go to Mars or repair the damage humans have caused on Earth. We really enjoyed our debate and came up with lots of excellent points! Would you go to Mars?


Maths: Pie Charts


Over the past few lessons, we have looked pie charts. At first, we interpreted pie charts before moving on to constructing them. Finally, we used our problem solving skills to complete a pie chart Picture Maths activity.

Line Graph Murder Mystery


Today, we had to carry out an investigation by using our line graph drawing and reading skills. We had to plot the pulse rates- of each of the suspects- to work out who committed the crime!

Our Science Fiction Settings


In this lesson, we used our EXCELLENCE and POSITIVITY values to design and create a setting for our Science Fiction stories.


We had to consider the plans we created last week and how we could paint a picture in our reader’s minds. We also thought about:

- The 5 senses.

- The atmosphere we wanted to create.

- Precise description we could use.


Once we had drawn our settings, we collected vocabulary and began to write some descriptive sentences.


Take a look at some of our designs!



In our class, we understand that everyone's wellbeing is incredibly important. We have created a new Check In area and provided resources to help our class with their wellbeing!


This week, we have launched our brand new English topic: Science Fiction.

By the end of the unit, we will have written our very own Sci-Fi short story. 

Today, we started to look at different Sci-Fi books, films and TV shows. We unpicked the common themes, plots, settings and characters. Take a look at our mind maps!

Science Fiction Reading


This week, we have read lots of different examples of Science Fiction writing. We worked in pairs to discuss which story starts were our favourites and why.

We also answered these questions and gathered ideas for our learning wall:

- What is the evidence to show that this is a science fiction text?

- How does this text impact on a reader? How has the writer achieved this?

- What words/phrases do you like? Why?

- What tips/techniques can you use in your writing? Why do you like these?


Moon Landing.


This week, we drafted and published our Moon Landing recounts. We pretended to be Neil Armstrong recounting his experience after landing on the Moon in 1969. Please take a look at some of our amazing writing!

APRIL 2021


Moon Landing Information Texts

In preparation for our Neil Armstrong recounts, we have been learning about the 1969 Moon landing. We have all created an information text to show what we have learnt. Take a look at our amazing learning!

Space Exploration...So Far!

This week, we have been learning about the history of space exploration. We had to predict the order of events we were given. We learnt about the Space Race, the Cold War and more recent events.

Did you know: When Neil Armstrong landed the lunar module, there was only 30 seconds of fuel left! surprise

What impact are humans having on our planet?

This week, we recapped our learning from last term by looking at how humans are having an impact on our planet. In pairs, we focused on one particular aspect and created our puzzle piece. We then put all of our pieces together to show the whole picture.

Term 5 Week 1: Class Maths

This week, we have been recapping our arithmetic skills and developing our Metacognition skills.

Tuesday: Spot the Errors.

Today, we looked at some arithmetic questions that had already been solved. We had to discuss and explain where mistakes had been made. We then had to correct each of the questions.


Wednesday: Maths Hunt.

Today, we worked in pairs to solve a range of arithmetic problems. We then had to find the answers, which were hidden around the classroom (each with a corresponding letter). We found the hidden message: Well done Y6! You are a Y6 Maths superstar!



Thursday: Metacognition Day.

Today, we completed a problem solving task. As well as trying our best to solve the problem, we had to THINK about our THINKING. We had to Plan, Monitor, Evaluate and Regulate our approaches. We found that there were multiple ways to solve the problem.

6H's Plastic Stories

6H created and published their own stories based on plastic pollution. We have created a display so everyone can enjoy reading them!

6H's Deforestation Advert

As part of our 'Out of this World' Topic, we have been learning about the impact humans are having on our planet. Recently, we have been learning about the impact of Deforestation and Palm Oil. We created a persuasive video about our learning. We hope you enjoy!


Still image for this video

Autism Awareness Week

As part of Autism Awareness week, Y6 created two new rules for an Autism-friendly school. We discussed how these rules would actually help everyone! Well done, Y6!

Autism Awareness Week

Still image for this video

6H Easter Scavenger Hunt

MARCH 2021

In March, we welcomed back all of our amazing children. Take a look at some of our learning from this month!


This term, we have recreated a piece of art based on our topic: 'Out of this World'. 

Take a look at our amazing display!

Our NHS Vaccination Posters!

Our Global Warming Leaflets