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Class 6L

Welcome to 6L! 😀


We are a wonderful class of Year 6 children. Our adults are Ms Lindsay, Mrs Toynbee and Miss Howlett.


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Term 6



6L - you have been an amazing class. We are so exceptionally proud of you all and we are going to miss you all lots. Good luck for the future - you will all be amazing! Don't forget to come back and visit! 

End of Year 6 Treat


As a well-deserved end of year treat, Year 6 enjoyed an afternoon in the sun with music, games, inflatables and ice creams! 

6L's balloon modelling competition!

Sports Day


For our last ever Westgate Sports Day, we took part in a 'Sports Hall Athletics' competition. Not only did we get to be very active and have great fun, we also got to show all of our Westgate values and we had the opportunity to put our maths skills to use. 

Water Fight


Because the children had worked really hard on their Circle Time value of 'Respect', they were rewarded with a water fight!

Some of our Tingatinga art!

End of Year Celebrations


We are having a fantastic week so far in Year 6! On Monday, we all went to see 'Cruella' at the cinema. Popcorn, treats and a brilliant film made a great start to the week. On Wednesday, the Year 6 staff surprised the children with a bingo treat. With mocktails and snacks at the ready (and Mr Marshall as our bingo caller), it was all eyes down aiming for lines and full houses! A great time was had by all! 

PSHE - Body Image


We have spent some time learning about body image. We learnt about why people might have a negative body image and why this was such a bad thing. We looked at how celebrities use things like filters and Photoshop to alter their images, so we shouldn't trust everything we see online and should never compare ourselves to unrealistic images. At the end of our discussions, we created a class video to promote having a healthy body image. 

6L Body Image Video

Still image for this video



Mrs Dennant has organised for the whole school to be part of an exciting art opportunity. In partnership with Stokes and Nadya (an artist), we have all completed our own stencil artwork to be part of an impressive sculpture. We cannot wait to see how our pieces are incorporated into the final design. 

PSHE - Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds


We have been thinking a lot about how we can keep both our bodies and our minds healthy. In one session, we reminded ourselves about how we can keep healthy by exercising, eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and not spending too much time on devices. In other sessions, we were incredibly mature as we discussed some of the things that people do that are not healthy for their minds and bodies. We had some very grown up and sensible class discussions about drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. We learnt the science behind these areas and then explored different scenarios and discussed how we would react and why.

We virtually welcomed a representative from Kooth to tell us all about their wonderful website that we could turn to if we ever needed help or support.

We know how important it is to stay active in 6L! Here we are during one of our many daily active sessions.

Take a look at the Year 6 imp designs. They are going to be on display for pupil viewing in the Waterside from Thursday 8th July. 

Active Arithmetic


In this lesson, we combined our love of maths and being active. We had to answer questions (applying all of our arithmetic skills) and then find the letters around the room to reveal the hidden sentence. The sentence was: we are amazing and awesome at solving maths. We proved this to be true! 

PE - Hockey


We love 'tackling' PE challenges! It gives us the perfect opportunity to use all of our school values: respect, teamwork, self-belief, positivity and excellence.

Shared Writing - English


In this English lesson, we used our teamwork skills to work as a class to create an AMAZING piece of writing. We had to show respect when listening to other people's ideas and we were striving for excellence by understanding that our first ideas aren't always the best. We watched a film clip and then started building a piece of writing piece by piece - starting with story and then layering on sound, character and speech. We thought about how to hook the reader by using lots of hinting and creating suspense. At the end, we revised the content of our writing (looking for opportunities to add, cut or change) and then we edited for any errors. This is our finished piece! 

PSHE - Transition


In our PSHE lessons, we have started to focus on transition to secondary school. Last week, we started by thinking only about all of the positive things about secondary school and the things that we were looking forward to. We then looked at different scenarios and discussed how we would react in these situations and how we could turn a daunting situation into a positive experience. Today, we talked about making good and bad impressions. Using our oracy skills, we discussed with a partner what makes a good/bad impression and why. We then thought about all the positive things about ourselves and our classmates and created each person a 'Hall of Fame'. This is a sheet filled with positive comments from all members of the class. 

Online Safety


This week, we were delighted to welcome Dan from the Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership in to talk to our Year 6 children about online safety. We discussed the good side of the internet, the bad side of the internet and how to keep ourselves safe online. Thanks, Dan! 

Well done to our 6L stars! smiley

Excellence - Art


As part of an art mindfulness session, we created amazing pieces of art! Wow!

Science Fiction Writing


Over the last few weeks, we have been building up to writing our own science fiction stories. The adults in 6L have been incredibly impressed (and very proud) to see the amount of hard work and effort we have put into our writing. It has been worth it: our finished stories are INCREDIBLE! 



In our class maths lessons, we have been using our teamwork skills lots this week. We have been revising some key aspects of maths and using our reasoning and problem solving skills to answer different questions. This has given us the opportunity to further develop our oracy skills as there have been lots of opportunities to 'Let's Talk Maths' in each lesson.

16th June - PE and SPAG


On this beautifully sunny day, 6L have been hard at work and having fun. In maths, we completed some challenging percentages work. In our reading session, we were looking at improving our poetry comprehension skills through songs. In our SPAG work, we looked at words that could be used as both nouns and verbs. Then, for our last lesson of the day, we had a wonderful hockey PE lesson with Hurricane Sports. 



A huge well done to our Year 6 children who played a part in designing and painting our very own Westgate imp! 



Here are a few photos of us enjoying a game of kickball rounders in PE. 

Book Fair


Today, we loved being given time to explore the books from the Book Fair. Thank you to Mrs Marshall for organising! smiley



We have been incredibly proud of how mature the children in 6L have been during our PSHE sessions. We have been learning about keeping ourselves safe and making sure that we have healthy and happy relationships. This week, we looked at the issues that can arise when someone posts an image online. We used our oracy, respect and teamwork skills to help us to sort advice cards from the best advice to the worst advice.

Monday 7th June - Maths and English


We had a fantastic first day back at school! In our maths lesson, we looked at some challenging questions involving money. We had to show our school values of self-belief and positivity to tackle the challenging problems and we showed brilliant teamwork as we worked with a friend to find the answer. We also used our teamwork skills in our English lesson. We were given different hooks to sort. We had to use our oracy skills to discuss our ideas with a partner/group. We discussed the importance of keeping a reader interested and wanting to read on and we considered how we might start our stories in our next lesson.

Monday 7th June - Art


Linked to our Topic learning, we followed a step-by-step sketching guide to create an amazing image of the Moon reflected in water. We took our time and made sure to strive for excellence (which Ms Lindsay thinks we achieved). Take a look at us at work and at some of our finished pieces.

Take a look at our learning overview for terms 4 and 5.

Term 5

Creative Writing - 27th May 


In this lesson, 6L and 6L maths set were inspired by an image from the film 'The Incredibles 2'. It featured the hero of the story - Bob - facing off against a strange, spider-like, robotic creature next to a pit of boiling lava. The children were aiming to create tension and suspense for this action-packed scene.



6L and 6L maths set were challenged to create a self-portrait in a way of their choosing. We even had some made out of food! Very creative!



Creative Writing - The Goblin Chase


6L and 6L maths group created some wonderful pieces of writing online inspired by an image called 'The Goblin Chase'. We started by collecting ideas together using SCEM grids. 

Writing - 20th and 21st May


​​The children have been completing some amazing writing online for the past two days. They were inspired by an action-packed Literacy Shed clip and an interesting image from Once Upon a Picture. Take a read and you are sure to be impressed! 

Science Fiction Writing - May 2021


After our amazing recount writing, we started a brand new unit of science fiction writing. We started by exploring the genre and finding out more about this type of text by reading and enjoying a variety of science fiction texts. We then started to design our characters and plot for our own science fiction stories (written for an upper KS2 audience). 


In this lesson, we used our ORACY and TEAMWORK skills to retell our stories verbally to another person. We were then challenged with creating our settings by drawing them and bringing them to life with vocabulary. Take a look at us in action and explore some of our settings. Ms Lindsay cannot wait to read our finished stories! 

English - Recounts - The Moon Landing


WOW! Ms Lindsay, Mrs Toynbee and Miss Howlett are so proud of the AMAZING writing that the children in 6L have produced over the last two weeks. The Moon Landing recounts that the children have produced are simply 'Out of this World'. Have a read of just some of the brilliant pieces that the children have created. What talented writers we have! smiley

28th April - English


In our current English unit, we are writing recounts inspired by our Topic learning. To help with our writing, we collected ideas that we would be able to use in our recounts. We thought about the emotions that Neil Armstrong would have felt at different points and we collected exciting vocabulary to describe what he would have seen. 

26th April - Topic/English


In this lesson, we learnt all about a very significant event: The Moon Landing. We found out all of the facts and we created information texts. We will be using this to inspire our writing in our English lessons for the rest of the week. 


Topic Reflection


Before we started our Topic learning about 'Space', we decided to FLASHBACK to all that we had covered so far, including: deforestation, global warming and plastic pollution. We used our TEAMWORK skills to work in pairs to create puzzle pieces to show what we had learnt. Take a look to see all of the new knowledge we have gained so far! 

Science Investigation - April 2021


As part of our science topic on 'Evolution and Inheritance', we took part in an exciting investigation linked to animal adaptation. Using different 'beaks' (like scissors, pegs and spoons), we had to 'eat' different 'foods' (like marbles, paper clips and rubber bands). This experiment helped us to understand how different birds have different beaks based on their diet (what they eat). We also learnt about different animals and how they are adapted to live in different environments. We gained new knowledge, developed our scientific enquiry skills and had lots of fun! smiley

Science Investigation

Maths - 23rd April 2021


In this maths lesson, we developed our metacognition skills. This means that we were thinking about our thinking. We were presented with a really challenging maths problem. In order to try to solve the problem, we had to work in small groups and really discuss what we thought we would have to do.  We stopped at regular points to reflect on our thinking and to see if we could try any other methods or improve our current method. This was a tough lesson and most of us didn't solve the problem, but we learnt a lot about different problem solving strategies and what to do when faced with obstacles. The lesson also gave us the chance to use and improve our TEAMWORK, SELF-BELIEF and POSITIVITY skills.

Metacognition Maths Lesson

Maths - 21st April 2021


In this maths lesson, we used our TEAMWORK skills to work in pairs to find errors within an arithmetic paper. We had to work out why the person got the questions wrong. This allowed us to 'talk maths' and use our maths vocabulary as we discussed the questions and the errors with our partners.

Westgate are so excited to have their own Imp to design. Check out some design ideas from 6L below. 

Take a look at the photos below for some updates about our panda adoption! smiley

Panda Adpotion Update

Click on the link below and it will take you to 6TM's class page. This will show you all of the wonderful eco-friendly work Westgate are currently doing! smiley

Term 4

Topic Learning - April 2021


As part of our 'Out of this World' Topic, we have been learning about the damage that we are doing to our planet. So far, we have learnt about plastic pollution, global warming and deforestation.


Check out our video below!

6L's Deforestation and Palm Oil Video

Still image for this video
This is the video that we made after learning about palm oil and deforestation. We wanted to make an emotive and persuasive video that would show people the importance of checking product labels and only buying products that use sustainable palm oil.

April 2021 - English


For our final term 4 English unit, we wrote plastic narratives to inspire KS1 children to help fight the problem of plastic pollution. 

Plastic narratives

April 2021 - Easter Fun


In order to celebrate the end of our first term back in school after lockdown, we had a day full of Easter fun! We started with a morning full of Easter and spring crafts and then we had an Easter Scavenger Hunt. This allowed us to get active, use our teamwork skills and - most importantly - HAVE FUN! 

April 2021 - Easter and spring arts and craft!

April 2021 - Easter Scavenger Hunt!