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Class 6M

Welcome to 6M!


In 6M, we pride ourselves on working well as a team, showing support and kindness to all, working hard in everything we do but most of all, enjoying each day with a smile on our faces! 


We have a wonderful team of children supported by Mrs Marshall and Mrs Cook. 


On this page, you will find exciting images, videos and work that will be shared to show how hard we are all working! 


Enjoy and visit regularly 


Graduation Photos



End of Year 6 Treats!


As we come to the end of the school year and the end of Primary education for our delightful Year 6 children, we have many different things planned to celebrate together! 


Today, the children visited the Odeon Cinema to watch Cruella. It was a wonderful film- great music, great acting and some yummy treats thrown in too! 

It was fabulous taking the children out for the morning-something they all deserved after their assessments and certainly after this year! 


Great fun was had by all. Thank you to all parents for allowing them to go!

Water Fight fun

Something the children have wanted to do for a long time is have a class water fight. Well as it is the end of the term and the class have worked hard on their Teamwork and Respect with one another, they were rewarded with the water fight! I must say, it was probably one of the best days of the year and I am sure the children would agree with me. 

The children had water guns, water balloons and so much fun. This is the only time the children are allowed to throw a water balloon and squirt their teachers! I think they enjoyed it a little too much...but I soon got them back!

Bingo Time

The children were surprised with Bingo and mocktails on Wednesday to celebrate being together and coming to the end of Westgate! We had fruity mocktails, snacks and prizes for the winning line and house for each game! 

Mr Marshall was the Bingo caller and did a fabulous job with all the catchy number sayings!

Great fun yet again!


The children played Battleships on Thursday which was great fun. The children had to concentrate carefully to try and find their opponents ships! It was very competitive!

English-emotion poetry

We discussed what different emotions might smell like, what they taste like, how they make you feel, what colours they make you think of and what sounds it might sound like.  

The children created their own poem or worked with a partner, presented it beautifully and read it out loud which was a lovely activity to share together. 

PE- Mini Olympics

In PE last week, we put all the skills we have been learning this term to good use and carried out a mini Olympics. Lots of fun was had with smiles and laughter filling the field!



Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video



Mrs Dennant organised for every child in the school to take part in an art project with a local artist-Nadya. In partnership with Stokes, Nadya is creating a sculpture to be placed in the Lawn which will allow people to sit around it. The children created stencils and painted onto pieces of wood which will form part of the sculpture. Keep a look out for the final design in the coming months. 



We had a great time getting creative and designing posters to be sent to the local vaccine center. We wanted to give positive thoughts and well wishes to the people getting their vaccines! Hopefully these will put a smile on their faces laugh


Welcome back to Term 6


Where has this school year gone!?


A final term at Westgate for our lovely 6M class and the rest of the amazing Year 6 team. This term is always a busy one with different transition days and meetings planned in. As well as that though, we have lots of things planned for the children to enjoy in their final weeks with us! 


We all need to work hard still, as we have lots of learning to do before the Summer!


Keep an eye out here for what we get up to this term!


Keeping Healthy 


We have learnt how to keep our bodies and mind healthy. We found out about what exercise can do for you-not just the physical sides but the mental sides too. We discussed about having a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and how much sugar is in different drinks which surprised us! We also found out what the benefits of the right amount of sleep each night does for us and what impact it has on us when we don't get the recommended amount. The children have challenged Mrs Marshall to get more sleep than she is doing! 


Take a look at the different examples of our Zig Zag books with lots of information about being healthy.

Secondary School excitement!

The children created posters about what they are excited about Secondary School. Some super posters created for everyone to take home to help with their transition to new schools!

Well-being drawing time


It is always lovely to sit and draw quietly. The class are producing some beautiful examples of art work. Take a look at these scenes and flowers! Well done 6M


Today, the children solved arithmetic questions and hunted around the room for the answers which revealed a mystery message! The children enjoyed this and there was a great buzz about the room!

Online Safety Workshop

We had a visitor in class today to talk about staying safe online! Dan Hawbrook, from Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership, discussed the different social media platforms that the children often use and how to stay safe on them. We discussed what to do if we needed help with an online problem. We know speaking to adults who can help us is so important. We all really enjoyed this workshop and learnt the Internet has its pros and cons but if used correctly, it can be really good! 


Last term, we were working on our School values in PHSE. In particular, we wanted to improve our Teamwork and Respect with one another after having a class discussion. We planned how we could improve these skills and were working towards an end of term treat if we successfully achieved them. Unfortunately, due to bubble closures, some of 6M were not in school so we decided to continue with these targets to work on in the first few weeks of Term 6.


Well, after lots of positivity and hard work, we achieved our targets! We were rewarded with some yummy ice-lollies and more golden time on Friday afternoon! We will continue to work on these skills as they are extremely important!  


Online Safety and Getting Help


This week, the children have been thinking about 'Best advice and Worst advice' when dealing with things online. We discussed different scenarios of what could happen and how we would deal with them. 


We also discussed where children can get help and who can give it! We decided on the main people who could help in situations where we might need it as we grow up. We also took a look at the 'Childline' website and discussed how this could be used if we ever needed it.


Really wonderful discussions, advice and mature behaviour! Well done 6M

English Week 1

This week in English, the children have been revisiting their Sci-fi stories! They recapped what they planned in T5, revised how to use speech punctuation properly and looked at how we can hook the reader in! The children then began to write their opening paragraphs.

Watch this space for some brilliant writing to be uploaded!

Maths Week 1

A busy week in Maths! The children were solving money problems, including a Summer Fayre plan of buying and making 300 ice-creams, at the start of the week and they finished the week with measurements.


They recapped how to find the perimeter, area and volume of shapes. As well as that, they looked at converting between measures too!

Everyone is working super hard!

Week 1 Games Session

Scatter Kick Ball Rounders


Well this was fun! 6M love football, add in rounders and kicking a ball as far as you can, they were in their element!


At one point in the game, two teachers were inside the conifer trees attempting to retrieve the ball back thanks to one young man! laugh


Great teamwork, enthusiasm and skill seen! Made even better with the beautiful sunny morning!



This term, we have continued with our PHSE learning from last term about keeping ourselves safe and making sure that we have happy and healthy relationships.


We were focusing on being safe this week and in particular safe and unsafe touch. 

All the children were able to use their oracy skills to respond to scenarios and provide mature responses of how to deal with these. They had to decide whether it was safe, unsafe or it would depend. The class were great in providing 'If' scenarios. The phrase the children often used was, 'If it was a particular situation, then...' 

A great maturity and effort was seen by all. Well done

Travelling Book Fair is in school!


Wow, it felt amazing to see the children visiting the Book Fair on Friday! It felt normal, exciting and the children were so enthusiastic to be able to handle the books in person.

Lots of the class have spotted some books they would love to buy.


*If you would like to purchase a book, please use the order form sent home/emailed to follow instructions to order online, return the order form to school and wait for your goodies to arrive! Last orders: Wednesday 16th June!



History of Space Exploration

6M learnt about events that happened in the history of space exploration. The children had to make predictions of the order of the events happening and then they found out the actual years they occurred!

6M were great and managed to get most of the events in the right order! From this, they created their own timeline to hang in the classroom! 

Fun FRIYAY Maths


Today we had great fun completing lots of mini Maths games using dice, counters and number cards!

We worked with different people, read the rules and played with a competitive streak to win! Fun was had by all-even Mrs Marshall and Mrs Cook played along but did they win?

English - Science Fiction settings


We have shared lots of examples of Science Fiction stories focusing on the plot, human characters, the alien characters and settings! 

We came up with ideas for a setting for our own stories and had fun drawing them! Take a look!

English and Topic Learning

This week, we learnt about the first ever human to land on the Moon. We found out lots of information about who, when, why, where, and what actually happened! We even watched the footage of Neil Armstrong stepping foot on the moon.


We gathered what we had learnt and created some wonderful posters with all our facts on! Take a look as they are wonderful! 



This week, we have recapped how humans have impacted on our planet. We then looked at one key aspect of this. From here, we looked at what work we had already done in our topic lessons, some  extra information linked to our key piece of information then summarised our key findings on a jigsaw piece!

See our jigsaw below!




This week (20/4/21) we have continued our science theme of 'Evolution and Inheritance' with a science investigation. We learnt about Darwin's Finches and how each type of finch had a different type of beak. Each bird lived on the different Galapagos islands and had adapted to survive by eating the food source that was available and being able to reproduce.


This was the fun part! Each child had a different 'beak' and 'ate' the different 'foods'. We used pegs, scissors, spoons and binder clips as our beaks. We predicted which beak would be best to eat the different food items. The food items were: marbles, macaroni, marshmallows, toothpicks, rubber bands, paper clips and dried peas. Each food resembling some kind of insect that might be on the islands! 

Although no food was consumed, the class did show their competitive side and instincts to try and survive! 


We collected our own data, class data and then turned this into a graph! From this, we discussed the results and wrote our conclusions! 


In order to survive, we realised we might have to adapt!


Check out our investigation!


Easter celebrations

We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter together with the 'Great Westgate Easter Hunt' and lots of different craft ideas. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the end of term and all the hard work everyone has put into school since returning in Term 4.


We worked in teams to gather things that could be placed on our giant eggs. The items had to be earnt by scavenging for them in the school grounds or by answering tricky riddles set by the teachers! 


We made Easter cards, baskets, wreaths, pictures and tiny chick decorations. A super end to the term with a little chocolate treat thrown in for good measure smiley

Easter Hunt Time!



In term 4, we focused on what impact humans are having on Earth. We learnt about Global Warming and produced some wonderful work explaining what it is, what it is doing to our world and what we can do to prevent it.


We have looked at the huge problem of plastic waste and how that is impacting our environment and the animals who are suffering because of the choices humans are making. In English, we even wrote our own short stories linked to the plastic problem-keep a look out for these!


We then learnt about Deforestation and what this means for our wonderful planet. We were introduced to the term Palm Oil which is in lots of different products that you can buy-some of the products surprised us! We found out how palm oil is farmed and how if not farmed correctly, it is very bad for the environment and the people who farm it. We now know, we need to be mindful of products that contain palm oil and raise awareness of only buying products that use sustainable palm oil. 


We gathered lots of facts, researched products, identified how if farmed illegally, what that means to the farmers and consumers and the impact deforestation is having on our planet.



Still image for this video
This is 6M's video that was created after we learnt about palm oil and deforestation. We used our facts to create an emotive and persuasive video that will hopefully encourage people to check product labels to ensure they only buy products that use palm oil in a sustainable way.