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Class 6TM

Welcome to 6TM!laugh


Welcome to the 6TM group page and the brilliant Year 6 children in 6TM. Our adults are Mr Marshall and Mrs Pervez. We can't wait to get started! 


Check out our class page for important reminders and examples of our learning! Watch this space... 

Class 6TM have graduated from Primary School! 


What a year it has been for the children in class 6TM! Each and everyone has shown an excellent attitude towards all their learning and respect towards their peers, despite the worries of lockdowns and bubble closure! 


We have laughed, cried, sighed, cheered, boo'd (more at Mr B), grumbled and laughed some more this year. It has truly been a pleasure to watch these fantastic children grow to become the mature, bright, hard-working, inquisitive, well-mannered and lovely young boys and girls they have become. 


Every child is welcome to return at any point as you will be missed! Please drop by any time you like. For now, Mr Marshall needs a long summer break to catch up on some running! I also need to wash my shirt and trousers after my delightful children gave me the nicest farewell ever..... they drenched me with many buckets of water! 


Keep in touch and enjoy what lies ahead for you, it will be an exciting one! 

Orienteering style Maths! 


Over the next two days, the children will be given an exciting challenge! Working in pairs, the children will work out the answers to around 30 questions, then run into the garden and the find the letter to the corresponding answer! 

Why do this you ask? 

Well, the reason is the 30 questions make a mystery sentence that the children had to figure out! If you would like to know what the sentence is, feel free to ask your child and see if they can remember! Check us out in action in the photos from the first day of orienteering...

Lincolnshire Show Reuse and Grow Project


As part of a competition to reuse plastic and grow plants, we took the challenge on! We were graded on the following points: research, innovation, presentation, teamwork, understanding and reflection. 


Our research team looked at best growing conditions, alternative uses for plastics and identifying the shocking statistics around plastic pollution. 


Our innovation team designed and create a range of garden creations out of plastic! These include: rainwater harvesting, bird bath, bird feeder and minibeast homes. 


Our art team created the four seasons around the planter. This is because plastic decays slowly, so the season never matters! Check out some of our in action photos and the final product! Filming is on Friday, so lets hope we win! 

Eco updates from our children


When we returned from a lovely half term, we were presented with all the hard work that has gone into revamping the garden! We noticed the mounds have now gone (replaced with grass seeds and soon, benches); weeds have been removed, many new plants and a lovely arbour! 


The job Mr Marshall has given us is simple, water the plants thoroughly and maintain the garden! Check out the photos below of what the garden looks like and what we need to look after. 


Our next project? We need to persuade Mr Kelwick to buy us some garden benches and a plastic bag competition. Will you help us with both these tasks? Get in touch if you can! Watch this space. 

Eco update! 

With a little time on our hands, 6TM decided to take to the garden! Our focus was clearing as many weeds as we could, as well start to plant to vegetables we have been growing in school. 


Over the last 5 days, we have made a terrific start on clearing many areas of the garden, as well plant: tomatoes, runner beans, peppers, cucumbers, herbs and some sunflowers! Check us out in action with some awesome before and after photos! 


All of this is to help the lovely people at the Waterside shopping centre and First Cut Gardens- who will clear up even more weeds and soil for us! 

Writing bonanza! 

For the last 2 weeks, all children have been working on creating their very own science fiction story! Over the weeks, we've looked at some examples of Science fiction movies and stories (Mr Marshall very much liked this lesson) and took inspiration from these ideas. Moreover, we looked in particular at how we could use show not tell techniques to advance our writing. To do this, we drew our own settings! 

Due to the unfortunate isolation period for several of our children (we miss you!) we have used the time to practice our creative writing using several images. Mr Marshall loved looking at all the work completed, whether at home or in school. 


To end the week in style, the children chose to play a PE target game - which had to be decided with a sudden death round! Mr Marshall had to referee (yes, it was that serious). Check us out in action! 

What is going on in 6TM? 


This week in 6TM, we have been starting our Science Fiction story writing. This work will all set up nicely for our English writing at the end of term. To support us with this writing, we looked at a range of Science Fiction texts, as well as debated whether we believe in aliens! There were some interesting conspiracy theories being mentioned...


Moreover, Mr Marshall's Maths set have been looking at co-ordiantes, reflection and translation of a shape! We learnt that translation means 'move' on a grid. To help us, we played Snakes and Ladders! This helped us understand how a point moves on a grid, but the shape stays the same! Check us out in action below. You may notice some children were very excited to play a board game! 

A week in 6TM's shoes

In English this week, we have looked at 'The Moon Landing' with a view to writing a narrative in the view point of Neil Armstrong! To support this, our Topic lesson was all about space and completing an information text about Apollo 11. Stay tuned next week to see some examples of our writing. 


In our reading and Geography lessons, the class have looked in detail at deforestation and the issue of Palm oil production. In reading, we watched a video of the banned 'Rang-tan' advert that Iceland wanted to post, as well as a range of texts about Palm Oil. In Geography, we looked at where these issues are and the statistics. This is so we could make our own advert about deforestation! Take a look at us in action below. 

Lastly, we brought out our Inner Jonathan Edwards by practising the Triple Jump! Some children were enthused by the activity, but we may need some work on our landing? Take a look at how we got on below... 

See you all next week!


Science Beak Investigation 

This week, our class completed an investigation about what diets a bird has and how its beak adapts to certain foods. We used the following household equipment items as our beaks: spoons, pegs, binder clips and scissors. In 1 minute, we had to pick up as much food as possible using these items. The items we had to pick up were: marshmallows, marbles, elastic bands, peas, macaroni, paper clips and toothpicks. After 1 minute of collecting items, we then had to count up and record our results into a chart, ready for analysis! 

In hypothesis, we predicted that the spoons would be the best type of beak because we could scoop the food. Luckily, after testing and writing up our results, we concluded the spoon was still the best beak! Take a look at us in action below. 


Eco Garden Reconstruction!


The Westgate garden is getting old and needs a revamp! We have already planted 4 fruit trees (apple, cherry, pear and plum) and prepared four planters for veg growing, but we need your help! 


We need some gardening equipment to get started in our journey! Please donate any spare or unused gardening equipment to Mr Marshall. Any help will be much appreciated! 


Take a look at some of the work we have already done! 

Class 6TM. 



Click this link to see how our Panda adoption scheme is progressing. Lots of information and a cool photo to look at! 

Reuse and Grow Eco Competition

Want to support Westgate in an Eco Competition? 

Do you have lots of plastic bottles to recycle? 



As part of a competition set up by the Lincolnshire show, Westgate have signed up to show how we can grow plants using recycled materials (plastic bottles and milk cartons). 


Send in your plastic bottles to Mr Marshall as soon as possible! Posts will be put out to show our progress. Enjoy Recycling !