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Nurture @ Westgate

Nurture at Westgate forms a fundamental part of our values and beliefs.

The Nurture Room, known as The Nest, is a place within the school where children can be given freedom to express themselves and the tools to become more resilient, more adaptable and able to manage their experiences and emotions successfully.

Miss Fox delivers The main Nurture groups where children’s learning styles, social and emotional needs and emotional literacy are assessed.  Children are given the necessary help to remove barriers to learning and enable them to embrace and enjoy their school day. Nurture in our school places great emphasis on language development and communication. Our nurturing approach recognizes that positive relationships are central to both learning and well-being. Children may attend sessions in a Nurture Group for specific reasons, such as: Social communication difficulties – maintaining friendships in a positive manner, managing big emotions or improving behaviour for learning. Children are taught emotional literacy and then feel more empowered to communicate how they are thinking and feeling. Bespoke sessions are available for children with specific areas of difficulty such as: Trauma or Attachment difficulties, Anxiety, Managing Anger or Self-Esteem.  Children who have been identified for support may attend sessions for 6-8 weeks, a whole term or longer.  All of our Nurture provision is carefully assessed by our SEN, Nurture and Pastoral staff.

Our nurturing approach has a key focus on the school environment and emphasizes the balance between care and challenge which incorporates warmth and connection alongside structure, high expectations and a focus on achievement and attainment.

Miss Pearce is our Behaviour and Pastoral Mentor. She provides daily guidance and a safe space for pupils who need regular support. Miss Pearce works in the Zone where pupils can have Time out, reflect, re-set and then re-join their learning successfully. Pupils may also access the Zone for specific support such as Friendship worries, bereavement support or require daily check-ins to assist their mental health and well-being. Children and their families may be supported by school alone or with other multi-agency professionals. 

Miss Bell is our Family Support Officer, who provides a link between school and home. This enables carers and families to share concerns which are then managed by our STAN Team or signposted to the correct agency

All our Nurture staff work alongside the School SENDCO, Teaching Team and with other external agencies, such as Early Help, Social Care, Healthy Minds, CAMHS and the Educational Psychology Team. 

Here is what some of our pupils said about their Nurture sessions at Westgate.


Girl in Year 3: "Wednesday is now the most fun day for me as I have my Nurture session."

Girl in Year 4: "I am so happy when I get up on a Thursday as I know later I will go to Miss Fox for our session."

Girl in Year 4: "Miss Fox is cheerful and happy all the time, she's a nice person and super fun."

Boy in Year 5: "I can come and talk to you and you help me make sense of my thoughts."

Girl in Year 5: " Thank you, the things you tell me are really helpful and you give me lots of ideas to help keep me calm and focused. I try out lots of the things you suggest at home which help me manage my anxiety."

Boy in Year 4: "You always make me feel calm."

Girl in Year 3: "I love spending time with you."

Boy in Year 5: "I can talk to you about everything and that helps a lot."

Boy in Year 5: "I think I am getting much better at regulating and managing my emotions."

Girl in Year 5: " I am very stubborn but do you remember my last meltdown? Well I haven't had one since and I feel I learned a lot about myself that afternoon."

Year 4 girls group: "It's so calm, you can chat about your worries, sometimes it's 1:1, sometimes we are in a group."

Year 4 girl: You get to do things that take your mind off all your worries and thoughts and distract you."


With some of the boys groups we have been looking at Dinosaurs and how they all have different strengths. We have discussed how sometimes those strengths can hinder them or make things trickier for them at times. The boys have also reflected on their own strengths,  physical attributes and characters. Some discussions included whether they are quick and energetic like Raptors or slow and steady like a lot of the Herbivores. We have also discussed how being the biggest and strongest doesn't always make you the best.

The groups have participated in various sensory dinosaur related activities which have included: making fossils from salt dough, painting dinosaurs and using play dough to show the different markings, horns and plates on dinosaurs. 

The Year 6 girls have been making wall art using positive daily affirmations.

The Year 6 girls understand and realise the value of positive self talk and how this can help shape their day. How you talk to yourself really matters!


 A child in Year 5 often struggles to stay positive and believe in himself. This then affects how he feels and his behaviour. Today, he has made his own Positivity Jar which he is going to fill with positive words, comments and affirmations. Adults who work with him may also add positive comments and statements into the jar or highlight his special qualities too. We hope that he will feel happy when he looks at his jar and be reminded of all the great things he has achieved when he reads the slips. 

Positivity jars can be a great way to boost children's self esteem. Reading back positive comments can be a great tool to remind children of wonderful things they have achieved or what special comments people have written about them.

Try making one at home? 

You will need:

An old jar



Wasi Tape


Slips of paper or card