Westgate Academy

Learning and Growing Together

Year 5 Remote Learning Tasks

If you open the attached document, you will find a selection of English, Maths and Other Curriculum subjects.


 We ask that you complete:

1 daily Maths lesson

1 daily English lesson

1 afternoon being active

Afternoon exploring/researching something related to our topic.


Make sure that you take frequent brain breaks, active breaks and breaks from your screen throughout the day. It is important to keep active and not stare at a screen for too long. If you are feeling poorly, you might not be able to complete any work that day and this is ABSOLUTELY FINE! If you find that you cannot complete all of the learning on one day, please do not worry! The priorities are English, Maths and something active each day.


Please note: there is no requirement to print out any worksheets. Please just complete the learning on paper/in a notebook and bring it in to school upon your return.

Maths 1 - Compare and order decimals

Maths 3 - Understanding percentages