Westgate Academy

Learning and Growing Together

Uniform Information


Westgate Academy believes that a consistent school uniform supports the promotion of high expectations, both in teaching and learning, as well as attitude and behaviour.


Uniform is compulsory.


Westgate Academy strongly believes that a uniform contributes to its ethos and sets an appropriate tone by:

  • instilling pride and a true sense of belonging,
  • supporting positive behaviour and discipline,
  • encouraging identity with, and support for our Academy ethos and values: through instilling excellence, respect, teamwork, positivity and self-belief
  • ensuring that pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome
  • protecting pupils from social pressures to dress in particular ways
  • nurturing cohesion and promoting good relations between pupils
  • providing additional security, in that intruders within the Academy can be identified that much easier


School Uniform

The chosen uniform for pupils attending Westgate Academy, on non-PE days, has been identified as;

  • Grey or Black skirt/ trousers/shorts; leggings and cycling shorts are not permitted
  • Red polo shirt, either plain or Westgate logo;
  • Navy blue sweatshirt or jumper, either plain or Westgate logo;
  • Red and white or blue and white gingham summer dress
  • White, grey, or black socks/tights
  • Sensible, low heeled flat black shoes


PE Uniform

The chosen PE uniform for pupils attending Westgate Academy, on PE days, has been identified as;

  • Navy blue hoodie/navy blue fleece; either plain or Westgate logo
  • Navy blue crew neck T-shirt, either plain or Westgate logo;
  • Plain black shorts or black tracksuit bottoms;
  • Trainers.



Having given due consideration to health and safety issues and the possible risks of bullying and harassment due to the wearing of jewellery, children may wear a single ear stud in each ear. A suitable watch may also be worn.


No other jewellery may be worn. No body piercing jewellery is allowed.


Ear studs must be removed or covered by a plaster for health and safety reasons during PE lessons.



Hair must be styled in an appropriate manner that is acceptable to Westgate Academy. The final decision rests with the Head teacher of Westgate Academy over what is considered to be an extreme hairstyle.

Tramlines and Mohicans are not permitted.

Hair must not be partially or fully dyed .


The Academy has a right to expect that long hair can be safely tied back for work in school for PE lessons and Science and DT lessons where appropriate, or in any other areas where health and safety considerations must take priority.



No ‘Make Up’ is allowed.