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Year 6 Remote Learning Tasks- Term 5

Remote Learning – Year 6 – 2021/2022 Term 5

Dear parents,

Please find below a selection of English, Maths and Other Curriculum subjects. If well enough and able, we ask that your child completes:

  • 1 daily Maths lesson
  • 1 daily English lesson
  • 3 other curriculum subjects a week
  • 1 afternoon being active
  • 1 afternoon exploring/researching an interest of their choice
  • Regular reading

For each lesson, your child will simply need to watch the explanation/teaching video and complete the learning explained in the video.

Please note: there is no requirement to print out any worksheets. Please just complete the learning on paper/in a notebook and bring it in to school upon your child’s return.

Open the Word document to click the links for the videos.

English – Grammar Focus

Click on the link and choose an area of weakness to practice. Please complete one session a day.


Maths – Arithmetic

The videos can be found by clicking on this link:

Select: FRACTIONS. Work through a video a day.

We work through the lessons day by day following the same objectives as covered in these videos. Please click on the PDF links for corresponding worksheets. These can be printed or completed on paper/a workbook.

Other Curriculum Subjects:


Science – History of Science

Music- Harmony


French- C’est moi!


Reading - Holes


Other Activities:

  • Spend time being active
  • Research / explore an area of your own choice / interest
  • Read daily
  • Be creative – draw, paint, sing, dance, play a musical instrument or make a model with Lego/building bricks.