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Renaissance Reading

At Westgate, we use Accelerated Reader to help encourage a love of reading. 


With Accelerated Reader, we can read a book at home, or in school, and then take a quiz to check how much we have understood the text. 


Each child has taken a Star Reader Test which provides a ZPD reading level. Our reading levels start at level 1 and can go up to level 7+. This is a range where children will feel comfortable but also challenged in their reading and will be able to access a variety of different types of texts to read for enjoyment. 



How to find a book?


Click on the search link- AR Book Finder.


You can search for your favourite author, favourite book or a particular style of book! 


If the book is on the AR Book Finder, this means there is a quiz to go with it! There are thousands of books that you can quiz! Sometimes, there might be a book you cannot quiz, but you can still read it and enjoy the story!


When you have read the book to yourself, an adult or the adult has read it to you, come back to school and ask your teacher to quiz. 

You will log into your own account, search for the book and take the quiz. You really need 80% to pass. This shows you have understood the story well! If you score 100% then you will join the 100 Reader Club!


When you have read and quizzed, get yourself to the library and get reading another book and repeat the process! 

When to quiz?


Quiz in school only

Quiz when you have read a book fully

Quiz within 24 hours of finishing your book

Millionaire Word Reader

How many words are you reading?


Take a look on your AR account after you have quizzed a book to see how many words you have actually read!

I am sure you will be surprised.


Can you challenge yourself and read 50,000 words, 100,000 words, 500,000 words...1 million?

Example of what your word count looks like